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An EMF meter can measure AC electromagnetic fields, which are usually emitted from manmade sources such as electrical wiring, while gaussmeters or magnetometers measure DC fields, which occur naturally in Earth’s geomagnetic field and are emitted from other sources where direct current is present.
Introduction This is a small bench power supply that is powered by two lithium-ion batteries. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. EMF pumps are devices which are popularly used for the purpose of identifying paranormal activities or entities by generating rapidly rotating magnetic fluxes in the ether.
The explained circuit is a solid state version of the above, more reliable with its operations and very effective with the forbidden tasks. It is said that paranormal entities become more energetic in the presence of strong electromagnetic zones, especially when the magnetic fluxes are rapidly varying in nature.
The magnetic fluxes enriches the existence of a paranormal being such that its presence becomes aggravated and quickly traceable using ordinary equipment like RF detector or EMF sniffers. The presence of the paranormal being enhanced in such a manner makes animals particularly very uneasy, especially animals like dogs would instantly get hyper under such conditions. The circuit can prove to be an excellent EMF pump device for immediately tracking ghosts and other supernatural activities.

The figure shows a circuit design built around the versatile IC 4017 which is a divide by 10 Johnsons decade counter IC.
You can learn more about this IC and its pin outs in one of my earlier posts, comprehensively explained about its installations in a circuit. Basically a clock pulse fed at the clock input of the IC activates its outputs to go "high" in a sequencing manner from the first to its last pin out in the order. The oscillator IC 4060 is configured as a clock generator and supplies the required clocks to the IC 4017. Here we have used only three of the outputs because only three electromagnets have been involved.
In response to the applied clock pulses, the output from the IC move sequentially across the three outputs rapidly, cycling around as long as the clocks are being fed.
The outputs are applied to power transistors which in turn are connected with strong electromagnet assemblies. When the outputs of the IC sequence, the transistors also switch sequentially, triggering the electromagnets in a cyclic motion. The rapid switching of the electromagnets in a rotational motion generates a high power magnetic influx sufficient to invite the "uninvited" in the zone.

For tracking paranormal activities, you can use this circuit in conjunction with the ghost detector circuit explained in one of earlier posts, together the devices will produce pin point results.
The three electromagnets should be fixed over a wooden board in the manner shown below, and the wires terminated to the relevant points of the assembled circuit. The following images of the built prototype were sent to me by one of  the active readers of this blog, Mr. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. The conventional devices use a spinning magnet fixed over a motor spindle, however these are mechanical types and are prone to wear and tear.

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