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Historically, steam saunas seem to have been first invented and most thoroughly studied by the Finnish. Typically operates at higher temperatures (185-200F) and the humidity ranges between 12% (dry) to 30-40% when water is used on the rocks.
Operates at lower temperature (110-130F) with ambient humidity levels, which can be easier to endure for occupants with more fragile constitutions. There is no warm-up time when compared to steam sauna heaters, so you can be bathing as soon as you are ready to step inside. Possible closer proximity to the far-infrared elements and electronics being housed under the seat. Hybrid Saunas have both types of heating systems inside allowing the user to use one element at a time or both depending on the preference of the individual(s) using the sauna at the time. Electric fields are present when there is an electric potential present (Voltage) however these are easily controlled with proper grounding and assembly of appliances (in this case, the heater or far-infrared element). Magnetic fields are present when an electrical appliance is active and using electrical current.
RF radiation is present with many of modern day conveniences as Wifi, Bluetooth, wireless speakers and other such devices for work or entertainment.
The traditional Finlandia sauna that was tested had moderate to high concern levels of MF within 2’ of the heater. Sauna Works has several stand-alone models that are prefabricated, though they can work with homeowners, designers and contractors to make custom room arrangements and sizes.
While the wood selection of the traditional Finlandia sauna was wider, the Clearlight FIR sauna did use FSC certified grade “A” Canadian Western Red Cedar that seemed of good quality and they do have a Nordic Spruce option.
Far-Infrared Saunas have been found to provide the benefits of traditional saunas and, unlike traditional saunas, because of their mild heat and humidity have been shown to be beneficial to those people with asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease and more.
Our research and experience with chemically sensitive people has shown that Poplar wood or Basswood are the least-resinous woods available and work best in Saunas for these folks. Who is Healthy Building Science?We are a group of scientists working to make your indoor spaces healthier. Yes, I want to receive the quarterly Healthy Building Science newsletter with helpful information on how I can create a healthier building. Sign up for our Quarterly newsletterSubscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive helpful updates and articles from Healthy Building Science.
Or click the button below, tell us a little about your project and let our environmental consultants help you create a healthier building.
More than a decade later, the research activities of IT’IS still reflect its vision of making a tangible difference in people’s lives through the safe and beneficial application of electromagnetic energy in health and information technologies. The IT’IS Foundation was founded on November 17, 1999 and established as a non-profit, independent research institute through the initiative and support of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), the global wireless communication industry, and several government agencies.
By 2005, IT’IS had become an emerging competence center in the field of bioelectromagnetics. Although concern about EMF exposure on human health originated decades ago, the advent of mobile phones ignited new interest among the public, industry, and government sectors to identify potential adverse effects. The Foundation actively initiated confirmation studies on the positive ELF findings of the University of Basel.
Our growing expertise and proven competencies were further recognized when the prestigious US National Institutes of Health (NIH) selected the IT’IS Foundation to develop the world’s largest facility for RF animal exposures as part of a US$ 25 million long-term study to evaluate the potential toxicity and carcinogenicity of cell phone RF signals in laboratory animals.
The first years of the Foundation also saw the evolution of the pioneering state-of-the-art EM and thermal simulation software SEMCAD X, partly funded by projects such as TRINITY. IT’IS eventually collaborated with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to resolve the long-standing controversy generated by the hypothesis that children absorb greater amounts of energy from mobile phones than adults. By 2003, our momentum was evident as we launched a new research area, Health Support Systems, to complement our two well-established research areas. The Foundation responded by using its own funds to expand infrastructure and increase human resources while reaching out to new partners and applying for new grants.
We also established strong ties with many prominent research laboratories in pursuit of medical technology advances and with partners at universities, start-up companies, and global corporations. In recent years, the Foundation has broadened its research focus by establishing a new research group, Computational Life Sciences, with the ambitious goal to become a major contributor in multiphysics, multiscale tissue modeling for applications such as the evaluation and development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.
Compared to commercially available solvers, our current specialized solvers are approximately 100 times faster. We simultaneously pursue our research in EM cancer treatment to improve and extend our advanced hyperthermia applicator and treatment planning technologies with the collaborative support of our current partner network. By harnessing the power of our advances and expertise in electromagnetic energy delivery systems and EMF modeling, the Foundation can explore new scientific frontiers at the interface of computation, biology, physics, and engineering. What becomes a chronic disease condition, no doubt, has many potential causes including genetics, deficient diet, toxin exposure, and even repressed emotional expression. Throughout millions of years of evolution, humans have enjoyed very low electromagnetic field (EMF) background levels. Only in the last 100 years or so has this spectrum come to be overwhelmingly dominated by the electronic products of an increasingly technology-based civilization. Can we really expect that this exposure level to EMFs will have little or no effect on our collective health - not to mention all the plants and animals that depend on a relatively clean environment to thrive?
In the last two decades there has been a significant increase in the number of electro-sensitive (ES) individuals. Before addressing the sources of harmful man-made EMF, let's first look at a source of EMF that has likely been around throughout the evolution of life on this planet. So what we have here is an EMF source that has likely been ingrained into our evolutionary development from the earliest of times.
This EMF source likely provides a homeostatic balancing function for life forms (including humans) and suggests the question: What happens if this EMF is masked or dominated by other environmental EMFs? We do know that severe solar storms alter these natural EMFs significantly and can last for several days. If the earth had no magnetic field, there would be little shielding of high energy charged particles from the sun - a very harsh environment for the development of life3. In the next part to this series we'll begin with man-made EMF sources and what significant past studies suggest regarding the health effects of these sources.
Listen to SOTT Radio Network's Health and Wellness show on EMF Exposure to learn more about man-made sources of EMF, past study results, what you can do to measure your EMF exposure, and what steps you can take to minimize it. 15+ years of research into esoteric aspects of all religions and the nature of this reality - Truth. I went camping last summer for a few days and noticed no difference, just to contrast my job and the city I live in which has a lot of cell coverage.
Would we benefit if we used AC frequencies that maintained a harmonic relationship to the Schumann resonances?
I am quite electrosensitive and have always hated being near mobiles etc, but I noticed a few years ago that gobbing down loads of coconut oil on a daily basis helped me mitigate that to quite a large extent, however, my upstairs neighbour has just got the wi-fi in and I'm now considering bailing out from here.
I couldn't argue with that from a physics point of view, 'cause I'm not a physicist, I'm a bloke. Personal observation: Going back and back, and SOTT editors with a memory confirm tell this, for a very long time, I could scarcely be within about two meters of someone using a mobile without feeling physical discomfort. And yea I will look into the Schumann pulse generator it seems interesting and could be useful, maybe, depending on power output I suppose. The best evidence you can suggest comes from an internet seach of your first reference, which comes up with: [Link] , which in itself refers to a variety of 'research papers' which cannot be linked to.
Many people have to subject themselves to intense EM-fields fro medicinal diagnostic purposes (MRI scans). My sister went on to marry another man, who is now a somewhat important bereaucrat, and is living more than happily. It's an exercise in triviality to use statistics to relate an syndrome to anything whatsoever.
This is at the heart or what confounds so many studies that look for an EMF signal in very limited data sets. Unless you think HAARP (now shut down, it failed to acheive anything, other than buggering up communications and making nice auroras) causes earthquakes and volcanoes.

Sorry to seem so critical, when you point out so very many proper ethical attitudes, but this is one I can't agree with. During the administration of Bush pere, the White House Science Council (=?) was presented a draft report from the EPA as to the research it had been conducting on the carcinogenicity of low-level EMFs. The White House Science Council forced the EPA to strike this finding from the final version of the study--which I also had in my possession at one time.
Monitoring for and documenting possible links between earthquakes and ELF activities even if limited to this part of the Mediterranean would IMO be valuable, far from "useless". Ref 2 relates to work carried out to use mag field measurements to do EQ prediction but with the caveat that the measurement be carried out within 100 square miles around the epicenter. Cell phone signals, WIFi, radio, TV, microwave signals and more all are bombarding our body. I have learned that all of these signals are a cause of blood cell weakening and  blood rouleaux  This is where blood cells forming what looks like coin rolling and ultimately clumping so the rolls are hardly distinguishable. Blood rouleaux and restrictions of blood flow as you might imagine can be the start of many health issues. I along with my partners represent an FDA Class 1 Medical Device that improves our body’s circulation and helps our cells become fully functioning again. This device helps to oxygenate the blood and counteract the rouleaux effect on blood cells when people are exposed to electromagnetic fields.
This point of this article is that many people who think they are healthy are likely experiencing changes in the blood they are not aware of. The far-infrared elements allow an occupant to experience a mild dry heating effect, or to turn on the traditional heating element and use water to add humidity for a more intense heating effect.
As long as the installation and wiring of the sauna is performed correctly, electric fields would not be anticipated as a concern. Saunas traditionally do not have such high-tech devices present in them and as long as they are left off as ‘upgrades’ to the sauna, there should not be a concern. MF levels do drop off quick with distance from the source, and so typically the locations closest to the heating, or far-infrared, element are likely to experience the highest levels.
The US guidelines do not recognize this circumstantial evidence as other countries have done and therefore the US has set the highest allowable exposure levels for EF, MF and RF, if they have set guidelines at all. These are high-output elements, so it really does make evident how well they have negated the magnetic fields through the care of their wiring and element arrangement. They will readily design and fabricate the walls and heating units to suit your space if you inform them of the size requirements and do this frequently for residential and commercial customers. This does take up extra space in the sauna and does create some magnetic fields close to the traditional heater. Asthmatics and those with claustrophobia can still benefit from FIR saunas by leaving the door ajar as the heat is due to radiant heat, not convective heat.
Since there’s not a published study of all models available… it would take field testing to determine how the two saunas compare with regard to EMF exposure. It is unfortunate your article only recommends one brand, I can’t help but feel skeptical that this is part of an internet campaign to promote a single brand.
We had one client who couldn’t even do Poplar trim in her home, so I guess it entirely depends on the individual.
The aim was to create a flexible and dynamic research institution capable of addressing the research needs of society in the explosively expanding field of information technologies. The Foundation prides itself on being at the forefront of important trends and revelations that continue to shape bioelectromagnetic research today.
After garnering positive results, these ELF confirmation studies became part of the Swiss National Research Program NRP57 and SEAWIND, an EU-funded project of the 7th Framework Programme that commenced in December 2009 under the leadership of the IT’IS Foundation with the goal of investigating the positive RF findings.
Similarly, the Swiss National Science Foundation appointed IT’IS to develop most of the exposure systems and conduct the required exposure assessments for the NRP57 program. In parallel, we began to develop the next generation of measurement instrumentation capable of full time-domain analysis. The results of these studies, funded by government agencies, the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF), and test equipment manufacturers, helped to establish the undisputed, scientifically sound, long-term, stable, and harmonized standards for wireless devices. As the trend towards incorporating miniaturized wireless sensors in medical and health surveillance systems increased, the Foundation capitalized on its core strengths in engineering, computational, and physical sciences. In time, our relentless efforts were rewarded as new opportunities emerged in various research areas. Continued progress in our measurement and simulation technologies inspired our growing activities in promoting increased safety for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI-safe implants, and MRI-guided intervention.
A series of finite-element-method-based solvers for flow, mechanics, and convection-diffusion reactions have already been developed.
Complementary software was also developed to simulate realistic biological tissue distributions through the generation of high quality meshes based on segmented image data.
In silico models generated with our simulation tools will also enhance our understanding of cancer at a cellular and systematic level in the years to come. Seemingly insurmountable obstacles have been overcome, and we have survived the test of time. Research over the past two decades has mounted in support of adding Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure to the top-level list of chronic disease causes (including genome damage). The latest independent and unbiased studies say no, there are measurable detrimental health effects in every category of EMF exposure - in plants, animals and humans. These patients suffer rapid deterioration in a host of symptoms after relatively short exposure times.
The Earth's ionosphere collects those charged particles which leak through the shield and interact with the earth's surface through cloud-to-ground lightning as well as discharges (currents) between layers of the atmosphere. It is part of our 'home' environment and is seemingly expressed in the signals of each human brain.
These periods have been linked to illness, depression, and suicide - some of the same effects of known EMF source exposure in many people.
It is estimated that the earth has had a substantial magnetic field for about 3.5 billion years4. All this research activity suggests that even the human animal is very much connected to the primordial through earth-sun geomagnetic phenomena.
Only 1% of solar wind energy is coupled to the magnetosphere, and most of this remains contained and isolated from the earth surface. Maybe I'm just sensitive but something makes me feel claustrophobic -- pushing on my space and *nothing* is there. As we will see in the future articles, it is the high frequency noise (modulation) associated with EMF sources that appears to be the dominant destructive mechanism. After I started on the coconut oil, that stopped happening, which seems to bear out what that Jack Kruse guy is saying.
For any such study to become truly relevant, you have to measure ALL environmental factors, such as various pollutions.
Sounds like you need to study the area a bit more closely as many Universities and Professors Emeritus have and continue to do. I was going on holiday to Greece and I wanted something that would do as a non-industrial-chemical sun-block.
Their statement about correlation between Schumann and Earthquake activities (85%) is nowhere to be confirmed.
Even if this were viable, 100 sq miles is a very small area making it rather useless on a global scale. When this happens the blood cells cannot get the oxygen, water, nutrition needed and are not able to release toxins.
In my market we have a specialist who does before and after blood tests with this device and shows the pictures of the results which are amazing to see. Some of the reputed health benefits include detoxifying from profuse deep-tissue sweating, muscle relaxation from the heat, cardiovascular benefits from increased blood flow while dilated blood vessels and increased heart rate. Both elements can be used simultaneously so that the far-infrared element provides a heating effect until the traditional heater has reached its operating temperature.
That being said, heating elements and far-infrared elements are typically high amperage and, depending on the method of internal wiring, can create high magnetic fields.

The heaters and far-infrared elements in saunas operate at low frequencies that exhibit themselves as electric and magnetic fields, but not in the high frequency levels of RF radiation. There have been studies in Europe and Japan as well showing that sauna therapy confers cardio protection and immune protective properties.
Only sitting in positions where your back is facing the FIR elements reduces the effectiveness of the sauna therapy.
It’s a reminder that MCS folks should test every material personally before having it installed.
New research initiatives, the continued development of core competencies in experimental and computational electromagnetics, and the continued expansion of expertise in biology and medical technology have allowed the Foundation to improve its research productivity and accelerate the discovery process. In thoughtfully choosing the strategies to facilitate the Foundation’s future accomplishments, a plan was implemented to maximize impact by combining people and talent to address the needs in the field of bioelectromagnetics.
Our interdisciplinary approach has allowed us to seamlessly expand our research endeavors to meet shifting research interests and to explore exciting new applications of electromagnetic fields (EMF).
The development of research on rigorous and scientifically sound procedures to demonstrate compliance (Project CSCIENCE) and active participation in the standardization committees of CENELEC, IEEE SCC34, SCC28, and IEC106 were also central to the Foundation's activity from the beginning. Stronger research ties were established with the FDA through a mutual Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to initiate the evolution of our 3D anatomically correct Virtual Family models.
In cooperation with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of active medical implants, IT’IS began to develop rigorous and sound procedures for demonstrating compliance of active and passive medical implants with safety limits for human exposure and temperature increases within a MR environment. Recently approved funding will allow us to further develop advanced acoustic solvers that focus on ultrasound and EM-neuron interactions. The simulation tools are now being applied to problems as diverse as tumor growth and treatment modeling, cartilage remodeling, bone resection, stent deployment, flow conditions in aneurysms and aneurysm formation, hemo-magneto-dynamic effect, intussusceptive angiogenesis, and swimming microrobots. We welcome the associated obligations and responsibilities to continue to conduct good science, and we are committed to maintaining our status as the leading competence center in near-field instrumentation, computational electromagnetics, and bioelectromagnetic research, as well as to expanding our expertise in computational life sciences for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.
It is likely that a chronic disease condition results from a unique and individual combination of these top-level causes, so EMF exposure should be considered in the context of other source causes as suggested in Figure 1. To the best of our collective knowledge, this spectrum has remained relatively stable over millions, perhaps billions of years with the exception of solar events (magnetic field effects) and cosmic supernovae (gamma radiation). Interestingly (or maybe predictably), many of those 'scientific' studies that measured little or no effect involved industry participation or funding. The effect is so direct and overwhelming that some of these people can directly detect AC magnetic fields, dirty power, and wireless signals in their environment. These interactions excite various modes of EMF propagation in the spherical shell defined by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere - a spherical layer separating two differently charged regions (spherical waveguide). If we analyze the frequency content of the magnetic field time traces, we find the bumps in the lower graph (Figure 3) to be the Schumann2 resonances associated with the earth (actually the earth-ionosphere waveguide).
This link to severe solar storms might just be a clue suggesting that it is not man-made EMF exposure alone that is the problem; it is the masking of the natural EMF over long periods that causes or contributes to many disease conditions including the symptoms of ES.
It would be no surprise to find that life forms evolved to make use of this field for navigation and possibly other purposes - and that these capabilities are still in use today.
This research also suggests, indirectly, that man-made EMFs may interfere with the natural signaling that we all depend on to maintain healthy functioning minds and bodies.
It's good to hear fat helps, I think that helps me since I am surrounded by wif-fi where I live. My sister's then-partner claimed that the EM field were damaging his brain, so they went and lived in a sort of 'government-sponsored' alternative community outside Canberra (Australia), living a subsistence lifestyle. Especially in the context of different EM signals interfering with a natural one that is in resonance with the brain. It has passed all the due diligence of NASA and NASA has a 10 year partnership agreement with the company.
We can see blood cells that are not functioning properly become more normal again after just an 8 minute session. That improvement in circulation helps our cells get the oxygen and nutrition they need and facilitates cells removing toxins. Some of the reputed health benefits derive from the idea that a person is essentially inducing a low-grade fever on their body, thereby killing off cold viruses and the like.
We’ve found a number of sauna’s that do okay for magnetic fields (milliGauss), but far fewer have paid attention to electric fields… which, ironically, are really easy to mitigate during design and construction of a sauna. The first nonstop balloon flight around the world was completed in 20 days by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones. The selection of both a diverse group of board members from academia, industry, and government, and outstanding, distinguished, and young scientists was critical to ensure the high quality of research, to build global alliances with the research community, and to secure sufficient funding.
In subsequent projects, the original Virtual Family was extended to include the Virtual Classroom and an expanded patient population. Our successes in medical technology research ultimately led to the formation of Zurich Med Tech (ZMT), an IT’IS Foundation spin-off, in 2006. An important milestone will be the effective integration of these solvers and tissue modeling into a coupling framework.
These same industries stand to lose the most should the results reflect detrimental health effects due to EMF exposure and become widely disseminated. Electro-sensitivity requires many such people to plan their trips carefully so as to minimize EMF exposure and thereby minimize recovery time.
Figure 4 illustrates this on a rough timeline showing the development of magnetotactic bacteria, birds, humans, and the beginning of electrification (about 130 years ago). I'm usually a calm, peace-loving introverted person but I find myself escalating into inexplicable rages traffic.
He dropped her like a rock when she became pregnant, instead fleeing to the US of A to become a dedicated Scientologist. We all know what happens when you get interference from other signals regarding radio or wi-fi. Garments are being developed for the astronauts with this technology to address the negative issues they experience in their circulation system from being in weightlessness. It was also essential to establish a clear separation between sources of funding and the results of individual research projects, to guarantee both the credibility and the longevity of the Foundation.
These freely available models are widely used by hundreds of research groups around the world for non-commercial projects.
This short description of ES may remind some readers of gluten sensitivity and the reference to the "Celiac Iceberg" made by Sayer Ji in his article The Dark Side of Wheat where he likened Celiac to the visible tip of a large iceberg representing the detrimental effects of gluten on the health of everyone that consumes it. Since the Earth has rarely been without a magnetic field (except during short periods of polarity reversal), we can assume that these characteristic modes of Sun-driven EMF propagation have been around for perhaps billions of years, and have influenced the development of life on the planet from the very start. These Schumann resonances extend out to about 45 Hz and span a range closely matched to the human (and probably other animals) EEG range.
Other than that I don't think it does a great deal, although my girlfriend tried one for pain management and it seemed to work quite well.
Canadian Western Red Cedar is one of the best sauna materials for those with chemical sensitiveness. And the work of the Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society (IT’IS) began. From the beginning, IT’IS endeavored to provide a proactive, creative, and innovative research environment for the cultivation of sound science and good education.
Our challenge in the coming years is to build on the exceptional achievements of the last decade while staying true to our enduring mission. For example, cows and wild deer tend to align their bodies north-south while relaxing, but not when the animals are under high voltage power lines. Results are widely disseminated to the scientific community and the general public through peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, television interviews, and white papers. In the referenced article, Sayer provided evidence that the greatest threat from gluten consumption is deteriorating health, chronic disease, and early death for everyone.

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