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Do you have questions regarding electromagnetic fields, cell phones, wireless technologies or smart meters? Bear in mind, these are conservative and designed for sleeping areas; though they can be incorporated into building design to create a very healthy home from an EMF perspective. Even back in the 1950s there was awareness of potential EMF radiation from new appliances like TV's whose screens were similar to X ray video machines of that same vintage. There are lots of other point sources we should be aware of and by understanding how EMFs can impact our world we can make conscious decisions about how and where we spend time in the indoor environment. 1) Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) fields (~15 Hz to 10,000 Hz) include transmission line frequencies, electrical transformers, sub-stations, electric trains and trolleys, electrical appliances and motors and building wiring. Dirty electricity is a rather new term and it is associated with the embedded high frequency transient components onto house wiring from the grounding or distribution lines as well as the power supplies of many electronic devices that chop the wave form from a clean sine wave to a jagged one to reduce the voltage.
2) Radio Frequency (RF) fields (~10,000 Hz to 6,000,000 Hz for our measurement purposes) include information carrying radio waves from AM and FM radio and TV transmissions, mobile and portable phones, wireless computer networks, smart meters, microwave ovens, microwave data transmissions, satellite transmissions and radar frequencies.
Radio frequency health challenges can occur for sensitive individuals as a result of the proliferation of sources of RF exposure that we have never before experienced in history. Cell phones pose a special risk for children as the heat signature generated by them is displayed in thermal imaging penetrates much deeper into their little skulls and farther into their brains.
Penetration of heat signatures into mock skull studies for different skull sizes, Note the percentage of tissue coverage and penetration of the heat signature to the medial line of the brain for different skull densities. Energy draws on a power grid of a region by remotely turning on and off various appliances within your home through the emitting of RF signals from the appliance to the meter and on to the power grid and back again all using a pulsed digital RF signal. 3) Ionizing radiation or radioactivity is a portion of the upper EMF spectrum from ultraviolet through X-rays to gamma rays (nuclear medicine, nuclear power plants and radioactive fallout). Each unique aspect of this broad electromagnetic spectrum requires specific equipment to accurately determine the effects on the environment of concern.
This document discusses common sources of exposure to electromagnetic fields and methods to reduce exposure, as well as mentioning some exposure standards. EMF EXPOSURE - What do we know about workplace exposures to Electromagnetic Fields - EMFs? You can use this information to help identify EMF sources at work and to take simple steps for reducing exposures. Also see EMF RF FIELD & FREQUENCY DEFINITIONS for a simple explanation of different types of radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) types and where they are found.
TYPICAL EMF EXPOSURES - What are some typical Electromagnetic Fields - EMF exposures on the job? Studies have shown that some workers exposed to high magnetic fields have increased cancer rates. EMF EFFECTS - What DO studies show about the health effects of Electromagnetic Fields - EMFs in workers?

EMF EXPOSURE LIMITS - Have limits been set for worker exposures to Electromagnetic Fields - EMFs ? This British risk evaluation reviews the evidence on cancer risks from residential and occupational ELF-EMF exposures and makes recommendations on policy and further research. This risk assessment is part of a highly-respected international program to evaluate all carcinogens.
This report by the California Department of Health Services evaluates the evidence for the risks of all diseases from exposures to residential and occupation ELF-EMF, concentrating on more recent studies.
This comprehensive monograph reviews all aspects of ELF-EMF health risks, research and hazard management. This NIEHS booklet written with input from NIOSH provides in-depth information about ELF-EMF exposures in homes, workplaces, and transportation. This is a detailed and helpful guide with some suggsted EMF exposure limits is provided by Cornell University. Continue reading at EMF CANCER SCARE or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below.
Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the answer you need at InspectApedia. Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are areas of energy that surround any electrical device. Electric fields are easily shielded or weakened by walls and other objects, whereas magnetic fields are not.
Overall, there is limited evidence that magnetic fields cause childhood leukemia, and there is inadequate evidence that these magnetic fields cause other cancers in children (see Question 2).
Studies of magnetic field exposure from power lines and electric blankets in adults show little evidence of an association with leukemia, brain tumors, or breast cancer (see Question 3). Past studies of occupational magnetic field exposure in adults showed very small increases in leukemia and brain tumors. EMF RF FIELD & FREQUENCY DEFINITIONS RF and EMF measurement tools need to be properly chosen to measure the particular type and frequency of RF or EMF signal that is of interest. Definitions of Gauss vs Milligauss for details about gauss and milligauss and definitions of these terms.
Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. Electromagnetic Fields in the Workplace sample very good NIOSH document online, links to other NIOSH docs.
The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors. Nancy Wertheimer and Ed Leeper published a ground breaking study indicating that power line frequencies as low as 4 milliGauss (mG) were responsible for a statistical increase in childhood leukemia.

Download this PDF to learn what smart meters are, why there is a concern and what types of radiation is transmitted by them.
The Board of the NRPB issued a ResponseExternal Web Site Icon on its implications for future research and EMF exposure limits.
It also makes recommendations for occupational health policy, including precautionary measures to deal with the possible cancer risks.
It also describes what researchers have learned about the health effects of EMFs and identifies some methods for managing exposures. Since magnetic fields are more likely to penetrate the body, they are the component of EMFs that are usually studied in relation to cancer (see Question 1). However, more recent, well-conducted studies have shown inconsistent associations with leukemia, brain tumors, and breast cancer (see Question 4). See EMF RF FIELD & FREQUENCY DEFINITIONS for a simple explanation of different types of radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) types and where they are found. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.
The great publication Microwave News has been publishing relevant data on perceived health effects related to EMF exposure all across the electromagnetic spectrum since the late 1980's and have been a staple of our research and background knowledge since our first EMF inspection in 1992. The California EMF Program also published Policy Options in the Face of Possible Risk from Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Adobe PDF file [PDF - 76 KB]External Web Site Icon which analyzes possible government actions under different regulatory philosophies, including a cost-benefit analysis for power line modifications.
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Wi-Fi networks use very low powered radio technologies to transmit and receive information in a very similar way to home cordless phones. This chart shows EMF levels measured in a typical home as a % of the WHO recommendations for general public exposure.

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