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The individual op-amps inside the TL084 are labelled as U1 to U4.Power supply is a single 9 Volt battery, the supply being divided by R5 and R6. The probe has switchable gain, a frequency response up to 400kHz and independent audio and meter monitoring.Circuit NotesThis EMF probe uses an inductor to locate stray electromagnetic (EM) fields.
It will respond to both changing magnetic and electric fields as each will induce a voltage in the inductor. The input stage U1, is direct coupled to the probe, a radial wound 1mH inductor, type Toko 8RB as shown in the probe construction. The series resistance of L2 needs to be included, in LTspice the inductor L2 can be right clicked and a value for series resistance entered, or as shown above can be entered in the value of Rs.

It's based around an LF351 low-noise operational amplifier and a 1mF choke acting as the sensor. Since it has been observed that appearance of a ghost tends to disturb the EMF, you can now detect any such changes with this little detector. A transient response at 10kHz is shown below:The simulation model has 3 nodes labeled Vgain, Vheadphone and Vmeter for clarity. Unlike most other simple EMF detectors, this one has a meter output for accurate reading, but alternatively, you can also roughly estimate the frequency of the field by plugging in headphones. As there is no offset null control in the TL084 then the output is capacitively coupled via C3 to the next Tl084 amplifier U2.

Gain is still about 30dB at 400KHz, although the signal meter will not be too accurate at such high frequency.
The bode plot simulated in LTspice is shown below:The output from U2 is split by C4 and C5 and drives an independent headphone amplifier built around U4.

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