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The vibe is a little different than your average ghost hunt (check out earlier ghost hunt vibes: one, two, three, and four).
When one of the ladies asked if it was appropriate that women now had the right to vote, the lights flickered. In Joel Chandler Harris’ room, they wedged a dime in the meter (in the slot under the colors) so nobody would have to stress their thumb pressing it the whole time to keep it on. In the daughters’ room, we used a thumb instead of a dime, and as a result, the readings on the meter were much more active.
How weird is it when you ask a question to the room and then a machine responds and then you’re supposed to assume that the response is the work of a spirit?

Hi, Lain – Thank you so much for your kind hospitality in hosting our Ghost Hounds Ladies Night . You certainly have inherited your great-great-great Grandad’s muse as a writer, antiquarian & humorist in your own right ! I know that my fellow Ladies-Who-Hunt join me in saying that we were truly honored to be so welcomed not only by you but possibly by your ancestors as well. Our one disappointment was that we didn’t get to see how long you could indeed hold your breath while modeling the proper swimming attire required for the competition !
I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend, but I so look forward to my next visit.

As you can tell, I feel very much at home at Wren’s Nest because I so enjoy being in the company of your family spirits.
So, Lain, I hear that you’ve accepted and won the challenges inherent in grant writing.
Second best to that, I am fortunate enough to have seen you fulfilling yours in a way that certainly make your ancestors proud.

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