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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I always find it both interesting and gratifying when clients who hire me already have their own meter and yet are willing to pay an additional fee to interpret the results. What instigated this post is two separate clients a week apart who both purchased a Trifield 100XE analog EMF meter and got readings that indicated a field of 100 milliGauss or greater.
2) And what I know about using something other than a high quality meter for making a decision on something as important as where you and your family including children plan to live for the next 5 – 20 years.
Now, I am not putting down either the meter, the manufacturer or the homeowner for using this type of meter for a professional inspection. In this case, if the homeowner had merely relied on the meter they purchased online, it would have potentially meant that they would have passed up a home they might have been otherwise happy with based on erroneous information.
Now as an aside, take a look at the reading of the Natural EM Meter (blue label) to the right.

At the end of the day, a proper EMF inspection is about more than just reading a meter; it is about having judgment and recognizing errors when they do not fit with conventional experience and wisdom.
This entry was posted in EMF Testing Bio-Electromagnetic Health & Safety Levels and tagged comparison, EMF meter, emf testing, home inspection, levels, powerline inspector, safety on August 22, 2013 by jagman777. They will call and express concern about either a home they are considering purchasing or one they are already occupying as they are alarmed at the high readings they see on the EMF meter they purchased.
In this case, it was not nearly as inaccurate, but it still reads 2.5 mG while the reference meter reads just under 1 milliGauss.
That error is off by more than an order of magnitude which means that the Trifield is reading more than 10 X the amount that is actually present. Not as dramatic, but still enough difference that a family with young children might have shied away from this property when it was not really an issue. To be blunt, the reason these have become so popular is because of the interest in the paranormal and ghost hunting fields and the ways in which they can be customized with outputs, alarms, backlighting, etc.

It is also about risk assessment, diplomacy and seeing a larger picture than just a scary needle sweeping across a meter face.
Because one thing I do like about analog meters is that they are good for seeing trends and odd fluctuations – but I never use them for absolute values on a survey.
There is more commentary on this in the following post regarding a technical conversation I had with the manufacturer.

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