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EMF Protective Clothing — For EMF Protection, the basic solution in clothing is to wear garments made of Silverell which is extremely comfortable and made of 90% Rayon and 10% Silver.
Shielded Baseball Caps –  Protects your brain from  RF (radio-frequency) pollution by  shielding your head from frequencies that are  below AM wavelengths up through high frequency microwave radiation, including cellular phone frequencies. ESmog Pants – Very popular, and made of the same Silverell fabric used to make the Hoodies. Shielded Scarf – Silver lined scarf (so get it now because the prices will only go up as silver increases in price) to shield your head, neck, and shoulders or for shielding your thyroid and ear issues. It is made of pure Silver Lining fabric, is light, soft, durable and washable. Shielded Gloves – Used by individuals who want to be shielded from cell phone radiation, or who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields from the computer mouse or keyboard. EMF and RF Shielded Aprons - Do you  work at a TV or radio station, as an air traffic controller, as a research or hospital worker, or anywhere that people are commonly exposed to RF radiation?
In the face of the present unprecedented increase in artificial microwave radiation in the environment, there is a vital need to obtain up to date information as a basis for a comprehensive assessment of the impact of this radiation on people's health. For it to be credible and representative it is essential for it to be circulated widely in Europe and worldwide so that we can amass the maximum statistical data.
Designed originally in a printed version by Dr Roger Santini, it has been updated so that people who live close to relay antennas can give the full details of their experience. Evidently the EHS person who adapted his garage as a living space has not understood a thing and knows nothing about EMFs (electromagnetic fields). With the use of low-energy CFL bulbs that has been imposed recently, everybody's heating bill will be going up! Our registered offices are right above a major Orange mobile phone base station, which is 80 metres away. We have therefore put up a protective metal barrier 7.70 metres high right opposite the beams radiating from the relay antennas. The small photo top right shows the metal barriers against the artificial HF microwave radiation being put up in 2005. Extensive selection of conductive and shielding fabrics.Variations of corrosion resistance, weight, color, bio-compatibility. In particular Sulphur, high Fluoride, and low pH will react strongly with Silver and destroy conductivity and shielding performance. Washing will eventually degrade all fabrics with Silver fibers and reduce shielding performance. If you require un-creased materials for your application, please add the "roll charge" option and we will ship your fabric rolled on a core. Minors defects (such as small pulls, small holes, or minor discolorations) are a natural part of the production of these high tech fabrics. Special recipe detergent preserves the shielding performance, saves the environment and is suitable for many allergy sufferers.
After many years of experience with shielding fabrics we found out that some laundry detergents are bad for the shielding attenuation.
It contains no fragrances, coloring agents, complexing agents, preservatives, enzymes, genetic engineering, petrochemicals, and all ingredients are 100 % biodegradable. 6-foot long ground cord, alligator clip on one end bites onto fabric, 3-prong-style plug on the other end plugs easily into your grounded outlet. With this conductive thread, you can add conductivity to any fabric, make conductive traces as easily as sewing, even use it as un-insulated low voltage wiring. With conductive thread, you can add conductivity to any fabric, make conductive traces as easily as sewing, even use it as uninsulated low voltage wiring.

This flexible polymer exhibits extraordinary electrical resistance change when deformed by squeezing, pulling or twisting. It is claimed that electrons ‘pass’ through the insulation by a process called quantum tunneling.
QTC™ can be used as a solid state switch - in the "off" state it is a good insulator and in the "on" state it is as good as a metal conductor.
Engineers know that you can measure surface resistivity from one point on the surface to another using an ordinary ohm-meter. More consistent results are obtained by measuring the surface resistivity between two bars. The REN pendant is an internationally patented device that neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. Shields you from Emf dangers and heat produced by your iPad 1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th generation. Its purpose is to protect human Bio-electric field in the larger areas from the harmful effects of EMF radiation and some other harmful emissions. 15" and 17" screen size lap top pads with the built-in military grade Emf protection shield.
As the price of silver rises, so will the price of this clothing so if you are thinking of buying, act quicker rather than later. Not only is it a silver lined  shielding garment but it is something that no one will notice!
The garments come in all sizes and are made of stretchable, washable nylon mesh that is  electrically conductive. The outer layer is composed blue organic cotton denim, whilst the inner id made from cotton and copper coated with silver. In addition, customers who suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome) reported some brands cause an undesirable odor. This nontoxic, solvent free and water soluble material spreads easily and dries quickly to form a conductive bond between most surfaces. In-house samples demonstrate that the material can last years if treated properly and kept dry. In practice, QTC™ can be connected in quite simple ways to create anything from switches to force sensors.
In classical physics, the electrons cannot pass through an insulating barrier, but according to quantum theory a wave can – and this is what happens in QTC™.
It can be used to detect even very small changes due to compression, tension or other stresses and it can carry significant currents allowing for the direct control of loads.
This soft 39 inch fabric potentiometer is perfect for controlling the brightness of an LED or the changing the tone of a buzzer to make cool sound effects. Conductivity is important for joining shields, connecting ground cords, and determining if the material will be good for Earthing. For simplicity, two parallel bars of equal length are placed exactly 1 length apart on the surface to be measured. This tablet pad fits iPad 1, iPad 2 or any other regular size tablet PC or laptop up to 14". Ongoing debate on the subject of laptop radiation and health - most experts agree: Radiation from laptop should be approached with precaution. In this booklet you get swatches of each fabric, along with specifications and application suggestions.

This new laundry detergent, developed in cooperation with a prestigious manufacturer of eco-detergents, will not react with our Silver or stainless steel shielding fabrics which are washable. Just squeeze a little bit onto your fabric, embed the bare copper wire lead into it and wait about an hour. Also can be used to create conductive pathways on surfaces or add shielding to cables and flexible conduits. In its normal, uncompressed state, QTC acts as a near perfect insulator, but as it is gradually compressed it will allow more current through until it is nearly a perfect conductor. Another way of describing the quantum tunneling effect is to say that a non-zero probability exists of electrons one side of the insulation barrier appearing on the other side. Kit includes 1 meter of knitted conductive tape, instructions for a simple circuit using a Lilypad Arduino (not included), and a metal ring. But this method yields very inconsistent results, especially with surfaces that are not perfectly homogeneous. Use it to create re-sealable flaps, tubes, and seams in shielding fabrics, plastics and foils.
Fun to experiment with and great for turning anything with a screw-in battery compartment into an effective dimmer switch! It doesn't matter how long the bars are, since longer bars will be placed proportionally further apart. Furthermore, because it is made with silver,  silver’s ability to kill germs helps reduce body odor and inhibits the growth of bacteria, so this hoodie will stay fresher than regular hoodies. It especially offers  ”neck to hip” protection for pregnant women, computer and microwave oven users! Note that Electric Paint is water soluble, washing with soap and water will remove any paint which has been applied.
The conductivity of Electric Paint increases as it dries, therefore wait until it is completely dry to test your projects. Can also be used between layers of conductive fabric to make variable switches and variable resistors or capacitors.
This handy meter uses two parallel 2” conductive rods, mounted right on the back of the meter to make solid contact with the surface you are testing.
The resistance measured between the two bars in Ohms is the resistivity of the surface in Ohms per square! If you need larger pieces for your testing, you can order as little as 1 linear foot of any material (see above). If you want to make it more durable, you can use waterproofing spray to protect the surface of the fabric. Silver kills a number of bacteria, including those that cause odor, has excellent thermal properties, is nontoxic and is perfect for those suffering from diabetes, arthritis and sensitive skin. Silver also allows Smartphone or other touch screen use while wearing gloves knit from the yarn. Display also says one of the following: CONDUCTIVE, STATIC DISSIPATIVE, INSULATIVE, so there is no question about what the numbers mean.

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