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Best EMF & WiFi protection for your laptops, tablets, eReaders, handheld gaming devices, etc.
Use on Battery-Operated Devices:Can also be used on cordless phones, power tools, and handheld devices. Increasing numbers of people are turning to the Vesica Institute to find solutions to their exposure to Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF), and to the Nuclear Radiation Fallout and Waste from Nuclear Power Plants. In our simple, concise trainings you will learn the most essential information and techniques needed to protect yourself and your family from these challenges.
We provide access to hidden knowledge & practices from multiple world traditions, described clearly and concisely -- with the "veils" removed. Carry this in your pocket for powerful personal protection against negative people and EMF radiation.   Place near Smart Meters outside your home, place under power lines.

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Not only do they make you look beautiful, but also accentuate the curves of a woman’s body.
And long-term exposure to radiation has been linked with many serious diseases.How does it work?EarthCalm products use revolutionary Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT) to protect you from EMF exposure.
We also offer effective resources such as high-quality, low-cost EMF and Nuclear meters so that you can know directly what your current exposure level is -- and from which exact sources in your living environment.
The Iron shavings attract the EMF waves and the Amethyst Quartz Crystal, Shungite and Black Tourmaline encased in the resin creates a Pizoelectric effect, which filters out the negative emf waves and turns it into positive Orgone, Chi, Life Force Energy. Shuzi's proprietary Nano Vibration Technology (NVT) has been tested and proven by highly respected doctors, practitioners, physical trainers and athletes with measurable results.Shuzi's technology has been known to not only increase stamina, strength and flexibility, but also to minimize the affects of joint pains, vertigo, allergies, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety and much more.How does Shuzi NVT Work? Proprietary geometric circuits that mirror the structure of the eartha€™s electromagnetic field amplify your resonance with the eartha€”thus giving you the ultimate in EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation. The encased and crystals that are bonded in the resin activate and accelerate the natural properties of the crystals to filter out and absorb the negative effects of EMF waves.  Always Hand made, crystals are cleared with Pacific ocean water under the moonlight and cleared with Palo Santo wood for blessings and guidance.

Shuzi (NVT) technology emits subtle energy, a nano vibrational frequency that resonates on the cellular level. The Torus transmutes your device's man-made EMF & WiFi radiation, taking it from a harmful state to a beneficial one.
When worn, blood tests have shown Shuzi's NVT to improve cellular communication and re-energize blood cells that may have otherwise been compromised or exhausted by every day environmental, professional and personal stress.When Shuzi technology is placed near the body’s biofield (your natural physical energy), the NVT helps blood cells become more active allowing improved blood flow and cellular communication. The goal is to minimize cellular duress and improve the body’s state of efficiency while at the same time strengthening and synchronizing the natural frequencies of the biofield.Every Shuzi product is embeded with a proprietary NVT chip which is visible to you but elegantly hidden from others. I have also found I am physically in better shape and being in touch with friends and family more as now that I feel positively connected to my cell phone, not like its working against me, I am talking with friends and family on long walks. I've removed my digital gas and electric meters from my home and all the wifi devices except cell phone. I am experiencing how technology and living in harmony with my body and the earth-energies need not be in conflict.

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