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An Orgonite EMF Protection Pendant created for personal protection from energetic imbalances.  A double terminated tibetan quartz rests in the center of 4 kyanite blades and 4 pieces of pyrite, over a bed of brass within this orgonite pendant. Tibetan quartz is revered for its’ ability to protect and heal both personal and environmental energetic fields.
The Orgonite EMF Protection pendant is a great piece to wear during the work day and in times of stress.
I will contact you after you place to your order to see if you have any specific intentions you would like me to set while charging your piece under the healing light of the Moon, here in magical Ojai.  All pieces ship within 1-2weeks of placing your order, please contact me if you need expedited shipping. Protect your family's health and nervous system from EMFs emanating from Cell Phones,Computers, Wi-Fi, Wireless Routers, Smart Meters, your appliances and household electrical grid, cell towers and electric power lines. The EMF Home Protection System includes three plugs, one plugs into the wall and the other two plug into the first plug. All EarthCalm EMF Protection Products come with a Brochure, Information Sheet, and a 90-day money back guarantee. EarthCalm products provide EMF protection through strengthening your connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field. Smart Meters attached to your home and in your neighborhood generate enormous amounts of Electromagnetic Radiation. Jean learned that EMFs were a huge contributing factor to her own and other's chronic health problems. Jean's health problems have dissipated, and others too have experienced similar benefits using EarthCalm products. For the last couple of years, mostly since the new millennium started, there has been tremendous research on electromagnet radiation exposure.
Emf protection reviews show that Establishment of Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have greatly ensured consumer Emf protection. Emf protection reviews have also shown that long term effects of Emf exposure will include, among other diseases, adult cancer, tumor, and breast cancer and childhood leukemia. Electromagnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading. Here is a great realistic video about how it works that proves how it does improve your health to ensure protection from EMF, check it out here.
This is why everyone should get emf shielding to get emf protection from the radiation coming from their mobile phone… click here.
Now first, I want you to be completely clear that I searched high and low to evaluate the top shielding devices on the market today and I was really looking to ensure 2 really important things that would make my final decision of which devices offered the safest way to protect yourself from emf radiation while at the same time offered the most natural and “health friendly” way to get the most effective electromagnetic protection.
I first look at the top companies that were selling electromagnetic protection in general, that included overall radiation shielding that included protection for your home, work place, car and then I looked at companies that offered a personal protection device that you could wear as a type of stylish jewellery for everyday radiation protection and then finally I looked specially at cell phone protection devices. The products I looked at varied greatly, as you may know there are lots of magnetic shielding products in today’s market place so it wasn’t an easy task. And finally I put an emphasis on cell phone radiation protection given the massive amount of cell phone emf in the world today.
And best of all allowed me to get on with being able to live in a world full of electromagnetic radiation that was bringing me plenty of grief that I no longer has to worry about it anymore. When I decided on the best devices to get protection with, (Finally!), I got myself and my wife a personal pendant each which would protect us from all types of emf including mobile phones, computers, power lines, cell phone towers etc etc and I got a couple of home protection devices so when we were at home we knew that all the energy in our house was radiation free.
One final tip is and this is because I can sometimes get lazy is that I also got a cell phone protection chip for our mobile phones and two extra personal pendants that I just leave one in the dash of each of our 2 cars. I hope this has been of real help to you not having to do all the research yourself, let me know if I can help you any further! PS Although I don’t currently have any pets, I will get my next dog one of these, I think it is a great idea!  emf shielding for your pet video. PSS  I have reviewed the new emf shielding for kids and give it my full endorsement.  Protecting your children from emf radiation is very important to protect their developing brains which are more susceptible to brain tumors.

This is a brand page for the EMF PROTECTION BAND trademark by VIBRATIONAL LIVING, INC. in FORT LAUDERDALE, , 33315.
Write a review about a product or service associated with this EMF PROTECTION BAND trademark. The current federal status of this trademark filing is ABANDONED-FAILURE TO RESPOND OR LATE RESPONSE. The description provided to the USPTO for EMF PROTECTION BAND is Wrist bands encoded with frequencies. The USPTO makes this data available for search by the public so that individuals can locate ownership information for intellectual property, much the same way a county might make real estate property ownership information available. Since our website is synchronized with the USPTO data, we recommend making any data changes with the USPTO directly.
You may also contact Trademarkia to make a request for the removal of your personally identifiable information or trademark data.
Intent to Use Trademark - Applicant has not submitted proof of use in commerce the the USPTO. LegalForce Network can help you incorporate a business around your EMF PROTECTION BAND trademark in less than 5 minutes. I wasn't too sure what to expect when taking up services, but the professionalism from the site to the customer service is the slickest I have ever experienced. Be the first to reserve your name and get help stopping others from using it - all in one place! I designed a crystal grid within the orgonite matrix, intended to clear your personal field of imbalanced EMFs, restoring balance in mind, body and heart.
Everyone should have a Home EMF Protection System, especially if you have children in the house, people who are electro-sensitive, chronically or severely ill, or if you spend a lot of time at home. Square footage is irrelevant because the product does not broadcast a frequency, as some other products do.
Especially designed for people who need to gradually acclimate to its full strength of protection.
This "grounding" causes the dissipation of stress-producing currents coming from man-made EMFs so they can’t harm us.
This "Grounding" allows for the positive flow of energy and information between your body and the earth. Opting out is not the answer because you are also being impacted by the huge field of radiation coming from the whole network of smart meters in your neighborhood.
With a background in experimental psychology and scientific methodology, Jean conducted experiments and discovered that while grounded to Earth's Energy, our bodies heal and thrive -- and that man made EMFs do not effect us or our health when we are in this resonance.
She invites you to explore the physical and psychological benefits of living without the stresses of EMF radiation on yourself, your family, your pets, and your livlihood. Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Emf protection reviews have shown that advancement of technology has led to great exposure to electromagnetic fields.
Trade unions and workers unions are campaigning on the importance of Emf protection at work places.
Emf protection reviews has shown why electromagnetic protection is important to reduce Emf and health complications.
The FTC enhances consumer protection by enhancing consumer confidence by formulating and implementing policies and laws that protect consumers. Protection from electromagnetic radiation is important since technology is here to stay, see EMF protection Reviews Here. It was assumed previously that… »Big Insurance Company Concerned About EMF RiskIt is repeatedly claimed that electromagnetic pollution from mobile phone systems was not harmful to health.

All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances.Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device. What I found was that there was many different ways that the products worked to shield from emf, what I mean by that is that some used your household power point to earth out emf radiation while others used crystals and metallic objects to clean the energy around you. Kyanite is one of very few crystals which never accumulates imbalanced energies, it constantly generates a clean vibrational field. The Home EMF Protection System has no moving parts and nothing ever has to be replaced, it will last indefinitely.
The earth’s electromagnetic field is the environment in which your body is meant to live. Her Earth Calm products ground us more deeply to the electromagnetic field of the Earth with great benefits to our health. Electricity has become a basic need in our households and electronic gadgets are common in our homes. Emf protection reviews have shown that exposure of pregnant women to electromagnetic fields increases   chances of their infants suffering from asthma. Electromagnetic protection has become an important working condition for workers in manufacturing industries. Emf protection reviews have shown that cell phones could be carcinogenic and cause brain cancer. Every day we are surrounded by electric gadgets and the only way to ensure Emf protection is by being proactive.
Even large three-storey houses are generally on one meter, including the garage and out buildings. It’s the field in which our bodies naturally heal and thrive, and the field essential for optimal health. You need EMF protection from the radiation from all the smart meters in your neighborhood, as well as your own. No toxins or other harmful pollutants are released into the air or waste system by EarthCalm circuit production. Emf protection reviews have shown that children born to women   who are greatly exposed to electromagnetic radiation developed asthma compared to those least exposed to electromagnetic fields. Diagnosis of brain tumor involves a number of steps and procedures .A neurological examination involves steps to measure the general function of the patient’s nervous system.
The EarthCalm Infinity will give you protection from the radiaiton from your Smart Meter and all the Smart Meters in your neighborhood. All circuit trash is salvaged for our in-house art projects (abstract insects, shapes and portraits). To ensure electromagnetic protection, doctors have recommended pregnant women to wear Emf shielding belts around their waist. If the doctor discovers an abnormal response from the exam, he may refer the patient to a neurosurgeon. Emf protection reviews also rated the ‘Nu –Me’ pendant as the best Emf shielding device for personal use.
If you suffer from asthma, severe headaches and high blood pressure, using Emf shielding is a must.
The types of symptoms that occur to a patient greatly depend on the location of the tumor in the brain. Emf protection reviews show that using Emf protection devices as Emf shields is one step towards health safety.

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