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Harmonize the electrical fields through the internal wiring & circuitry of your entire home or office. DISCLAIMER: The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Its purpose is to protect human Bio-electric field in the larger areas from the harmful effects of EMF radiation and some other harmful emissions. Home & Office Bioprotector bilongs to the new generation of unconventional eco products that harmonize the deformed electromagnetic field produced by various human made devices.
Home and Office Bioprotector belongs to the Bioprotector line of products for tested Emf protection and protection of endogenous electromagnetic field in humans. Disclaimer: Emf ProtectionStore does not guarantee the same measuring results in all circumstances. 15" and 17" screen size lap top pads with the built-in military grade Emf protection shield.
The REN pendant is an internationally patented device that neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. Native Union Pop phone handset is a trendy retro style handset that easily turns your cell phone, computer into home phone. The Cell Phone Bioprotector substantially reduces harmful effects of cell phone radiation and cordless phone radiation.
Anti-Radiation Phone Case that blocks up to 60% of all EMF waves emitted from the cell phones.
Shields you from Emf dangers and heat produced by your iPad 1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th generation.
EchoTubezA® radiation free headset will reduce up to 98% of harmful EMF radiation generated by cell phones. Just plug it in and you're protectedElectrical wiring radiates toxic EMF's through the walls into every room.

Your home and office's electrical wiring and every electrical device plugged into the circuit can be transformed into beneficial fields with the SafeSpace I Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter. Harmonize the electrical fields running through the internal wiring and circuitry of your entire home or office.You can use the SafeSpace 1 Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter anywhere you have a free socket. Proven to neutralize toxic EMF's and restore balance and tranquility to your environment.Research has shown that electromagnetic radiation impacts the viability and known electrical properties of DNA. Start enjoying a healthier environment, and increased well-being.This product is designed to provide EMF protection for both electronics plugged into the electrical ircuit and wireless signals.
We conducted a review of the life energy pe bal emf protection pyramid to see how it rated againt the top 10 EMF protection devices on the market.  Find out exactly what we found here. The products and information mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Trough this harmonization Bioprotector strengthens human Bio-electric field and protects it from the harmful effects of environment. This Emf product is not guaranteed to reduce Emf field strenght when measured by the Emf meter but rather reduces the negative impact on the human body.
Ongoing debate on the subject of laptop radiation and health - most experts agree: Radiation from laptop should be approached with precaution. This tablet pad fits iPad 1, iPad 2 or any other regular size tablet PC or laptop up to 14".
An All-in-One Solution to Neutralize Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home or OfficeThe SafeSpace 1 Whole Home Plug In EMF Adapter successfully neutralizes the toxic effect of harmful EMF's and converts them to harmonious waves that support good health.
When you plug the Adapter into a wall socket, it uses the building’s wiring to transport the correcting signal throughout the entire circuit. Appliances and electronics plugged into the electrical circuit also emits these toxic fields. Independent laboratory testing shows the Safe Space technology not only reversed the damage but actually improved DNA recovery.

It was assumed previously that… »Big Insurance Company Concerned About EMF RiskIt is repeatedly claimed that electromagnetic pollution from mobile phone systems was not harmful to health. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your treating doctor. Using Home and Office Bioprotector is a convenient, simple and effective way to bring peace of mind when it comes to EMF dangers. Testimonials of the people that are physicaly electro sensitive and testings in the Bion Institute for Bio-Electromagnetics validate effectivenes of this technology. The SafeSpace I Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter uses your main electricity circuit to send a corrective, harmonizing resonance through the wiring of the entire environment.
This signal sets up a corrective resonance designed to convert the dangerous EMF's into biologically safe, life-enhancing fields! It even clears wireless devices (WiFi) simply because the wireless router is plugged into the main circuit.
Oasis Advanced Wellness does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness.
We recommend you place the Home and Office Bioprotector in the spaces where you spend the most time, where you work, sleep etc.
We design and recommend individual nutritional programs and supplements that allow the body to rebuild and heal itself. This Emf Protector is effective within a seven meters diameter and has an unlimited life span. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Oasis Advanced Wellness are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.

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