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Stainless Steel gauze for the protection against high frequency radiation and low frequency electric fields. This highly effective noncorrosive stainless-steel gauze is used for the protection against high frequency radiation and low frequency electric fields. Grounding tape for stainless steel gauzes and fleeces, in-wall or in dry wall construction.
Screening Mesh for protection against radiation in frequency rage between 100MHz and 10GHz.

Extremely thin stainless-steel gauze with high attenuation for high frequency electromagnetic field shielding. HEG10 can be used for the interior and exterior under plaster in upgraded insulations, in roof area, at drywall constructions, as flyscreen, can be loosely laid and many other uses.
Because this material is highly conductive, we recommend using our grounding plug EST for self-laying application or our perforated stainless-steel tape ELB for application under plaster or in drywall constructions.
The shielding attenuation, like all our other exceptional products, is regularly tested in Germany.

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