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Electromagnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading. Placing BARE skin from any part of your body on the fitted sheet grounds your body to the Earth during sleep. Made from sturdy conductive carbonized rubber, the universal mat can be used anywhere as a barefoot floor mat, desk mat, mouse pad or on a chair, couch or bed. All Mats come with everything you need to get grounded straight away including 68cm x 25cm Mat, 6.5m coil cord and Australian wall plug.

All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances.Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device. The Earthing fitted bed sheet connects you to the earth while you sleep providing the healing benefits of reducing inflammation, easing pain, increasing dream activity by lowering brain wave frequency and providing needed energy for the cells to rejuvenate. The sheet connects to the Earth while plugged into the grounded port of your wall outlet (with the Australian Adapter plug) inside the home or with a ground rod into the earth outside. The Sheet includes everything you need to get grounded straight away including Sheet, Cord and Australian wall plug.

While working at a computer and using the Earthing Mat you will greatly reduce the electrical voltage you are being exposed to increasing your focus and energy while reducing muscle stiffness, eye strain and fatigue. The prong end of the cord is then inserted directly into the adapter plug and then into your electrical wall outlet.

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