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Carry this in your pocket for powerful personal protection against negative people and EMF radiation.   Place near Smart Meters outside your home, place under power lines.
This chip is for use on all non-wireless devices and any other application where you want protection from EMF.
CELL SOLUTION Chips reprogram and transform all biologically harmful anddangerous aspects of radiation and EMF’s into a wave form that is biologically compatible with your body, and therefore harmless. CELL SOLUTION Chips also have the unique ability to dramatically strengthen your body’s energetic system, as proven by many testings with the FDA registered BioMeridian MSAS test equipment. For best viewing results download and print both pages; place blank sides together and fold. Over the past few years I have seen an increasing amount of clients who appear to be exhibiting health related problems that appear to be related to microwave and EMF radiation. In the past few years it has become evident to me that a lot of people that come to me with various health conditions are being influenced by an ELECTRONIC FATIGUE, that is either a causative factor, modulator or mutator in their underlying condition. The all NEW protective disc, the ADR PROTECT, is designed to prevent the negative effects of electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) on the human body. The ADR-4 Energy Stimulator alters the intermolecular arrangement of water molecules (modifying its cluster structure), thus making it healthier for living organisms.
Stimulators ADR perform energy balancing in the human environment as well as inside of the whole human organism.

BRUSSELS EUREKA '98 - Special Prize for the invention of the ADR Energy Stimulator in November 1998; granted by ICEPEC.
Maria Sclodowska-Curie Medal, granted by Polish Association of Inventors for the Invention of spatial construction called "Modular Element of Energy Transformation".
The ADR-4 device is Registered and Approved in Poland as auxiliary Medical Equipment for peripheral circulation disturbances, dysfunction of kidney, and compensation of acid-base disturbances.
Wearing an orgonite necklace is a great way to constantly feel the positive effects of orgonite on the human body, both physically and energetically. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
Click the button below to add the Orange Orgonite Healing Necklace Crystals & Agate EMF Protection to your wish list. The Iron shavings attract the EMF waves and the Amethyst Quartz Crystal, Shungite and Black Tourmaline encased in the resin creates a Pizoelectric effect, which filters out the negative emf waves and turns it into positive Orgone, Chi, Life Force Energy. This profound energetic strengthening helps your body resist all kinds of stress and is a vital key to your overall health and well-being.
Therefore, I have been focusing on the emerging influence of EMF, cell phone and microwave radiation and its effects on human biological systems and its influence as a causative factor in many undiagnosed and unresolved health issues appearing in our society. Unfortunately, for many of these people there is little official recognition that microwave radiation exposure is harmful and finding solutions becomes a journey.

Regular consumption of water, beverages, and food containing water energized by ADR-4 improves all physiological processes and has positive impact on proper functioning of the body, stamina, immune system and vitality. A basic part of all devices of the ADR series is a three-dimensional configuration known under the name of Modular Energy Conversion Element.
The encased and crystals that are bonded in the resin activate and accelerate the natural properties of the crystals to filter out and absorb the negative effects of EMF waves.  Always Hand made, crystals are cleared with Pacific ocean water under the moonlight and cleared with Palo Santo wood for blessings and guidance. Wilhem Reich was able to scientifically detect and measure this life force energy, which he called orgone.Through various experiments Dr. Reich found that by layering inorganic material such as steel wool, and organic material like fiberglass, he was actually able to generate and collect this energy. He constructed large boxes of these materials into what were known as orgone generators.What Can Organite Do?Organite can help clear negative energy and vibrations, both in a space and in your body. Many people also use organite to help clear the air outside, converting harmful atmospheric energy to beneficial energy.
It has even been used to clear pollution and create rain!Organite has some amazing properties and potential.

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