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Biomagnetic Research, Inc., a family business with 64 years in the ceramic industry, has been making Biomagnetic Research Products for over 27 years.
Biomagnetic Research, Inc.'s products are used nationally and internationally by people who are sensitive to electronic pollution. Biomagnetic Research's products have been tested in a number of ways over a period of 21 years.
In 1990, Crystal Catalyst products were tested in Canada by a leading international testing laboratory for clean energy.
Because electronic fields affect biological functions, many of their tests have been aimed at measuring those effects before and after using the products. The electromagnetic spectrum is often confused by writers and the public as simply meaning, magnetism, this is oversimplification. Studies on blind school children have shown that painting a classroom in reds increased students' blood pressure an average of 10 points, while blues reduced blood pressure an average of 10 points.
Biomagnetic Research products introduce a resonance which helps create a stress-free harmony that is beneficial to humans.
In 1990, the Russian Academy of Science announced the development of a non-polluting electrical generating process employing what they state is a ceramic resonator acting as a catalyst. Biomagnetic Research uses the principles of Space Age materials and rare earths exposed to special energy fields. In the first 12 years, Crystal Catalyst Electronic Smog Busters have been used in 20 countries with over 500,000 users. An aura, according to New Age metaphysics, is a colored outline, or set of contiguous outlines, apparently emanating from the surface of an object and possibly representing an energy field. A few examples of Advanced Ceramic Materials are: Computer Chips, Fiber Optics, Super Conductors, Special Ceramic Refractories and Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonators. Symptoms such as eyestrain, blurred vision, dizziness and headaches, brain fog, loss of energy, red, dry or burning eyes are some of the short-term effects. Dielectric Resonators are fired in a special energy field which realigns molecules so that they absorb the energies that strike them and pulse them out in a beneficial form. Electromagnetic Fields include power lines, computers, cellular phones, televisions, VCRs, refrigerators, microwaves and naturally occurring geopathic zones.
Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is produced from electric shavers, hair dryers, electric blankets, TVs, stereos, VCRs, radios, computers, toasters, ovens, heaters, domestic appliances, microwaves, lamps, fluorescent lighting, dimmer lights and electric toothbrushes; also from military installations, dishes, industrial machines, TV transmitters, high tension power lines and transformers, broadcast frequencies from radio, TV and cellular telephones. Electromagnetic Spectrum includes visible light (less than 2% of the spectrum, as well as x-rays and thousands of other frequencies which all vibrate the cells of the human body and assist or interfere with cell function and reproduction. Includes pollution from wireless devices, power lines, computers, cellular phones, televisions, VCRs, refrigerators, microwaves and naturally occurring geopathic zones. Gamma Ray is a term for high-energy electromagnetic radiation produced by nuclear transitions. A temporary disruption of the body's normal biological rhythms after high speed air travel through several time zones. A Radionics Device is a form of dowsing which depends upon the sincerity of the dowser contemplating the solution to the problem that is being dowsed.
Wired appliances are any electrical device that you plug into an electrical outlet in the building. Use the Electronic Smog Buster Tab and place it on the back of the portable unit, over the ear. The Double Star Resonator is for physical and malicious violence, the Colonial Star is a softer energy for general negativity. I am having trouble sleeping and I am not sure whether to buy the Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator or the Hartman Spiral. First move electrical appliances away from the bed, (at least 2-3 feet) especially head and chest areas.
I have a one level home with the usual (TV, computer, microwave, phones) electrical appliances. One Tri-Pak Resonator cleans the emanations from electrical outlets and appliances in an average building or home. In terms of what changes to expect, it would depend upon what the problem is and how it affects you. Why does a Gaussmeter continue to show a lot of activity even after I have placed your products. Cell phones enhance our social lives, but these mobile marvels may not be so beneficial for our brains or bodies.
The answer to the question of whether cell phones increase the risk of brain, head and neck tumors is truly a matter of whom you ask. A scientific analysis published Tuesday grouped data from 23 epidemiological studies and found no connection between cell phone use and the development of cancerous or benign tumors. The main message of the analysis, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, is that studies should be conducted so that findings are harder to refute, Moskowitz said. All of the studies were case control studies, which means researchers interviewed people on their past use of cell phones. Eight of the studies were judged to be of high methodological quality because the researchers were not told which people had developed tumors and because the studies were not supported by money from the mobile-phone industry. Some of the lower-methodological-quality studies were part of the Interphone project, research coordinated by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. Interphone study investigators are not influenced by the funding source, said Michael Milligan, secretary general of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, based in Hong Kong.
The bulk of all scientific studies, Milligan said, reveals no increased risk of head and neck tumors.
With the right equipment (a Wi–Fi card in your computer), you can no connect to the Internet anywhere you are, without needing a physical hook-up. Normally, when you shut off your computer and walk away from it, you are no longer bombarded by the intense electromagnetic frequencies that the computer generates. With the advent of Wi–Fi being transmitted from our friendly neighborhood coffee shops and grocery stores, and even from our neighbora€™s house (allowing us to be bombarded by the frequencies at no extra charge), it is quite unbelievable what the human energy field is being asked to withstand. The G-33 is most effective when the small point or direction of the lightening, is aimed toward the magnetic north. The Crystal Catalyst Bead is especially helpful if one spends a lot of time in front of a computer. The Electronic Smog Buster Toroid is used to neutralize annoying radiation levels from word processors, laser printers, and computers. Place a Three-hole Resonator on the case containing the CPU (box with drives) between the unit and the operator. If the operator spends many hours in front of the computer, they should also wear a Crystal Catalyst Bead over their chest to help prevent headaches and red eyes.
When placing the Three-Hole Resonator, position the white dot as near to magnetic north as possible.
The Tri-Pak is effective in neutralizing annoying aspects of electromagnetic emanations associated with electrical systems and power line transformers. Many travelers place a Tri-Pak in the right side of the glove box, aimed forward across the engine, and find that they feel a lot better, and don;t get so sleepy on long drives.
The Tri-Pak is popular with people who run electronic copiers and office machines, or work under fluorescent lights.
One Tri-Pak generally cleans the emanations from electrical outlets and appliances in an average building or home.
The Four Leaf Clover design of the Energy Harmonizer is made up of eight lobes, which correspoond to the eight outer sides of the ba-gua mirror.
Chakra Balancer Pendant - PhysicalTo use the Physical Chakra Balancer, wear it preferably over the breast bone. Chakra Balancer Pendant - EmotionalTo use the Emotional Chakra Balancer, wear it preferably over the breast bone. Breathe Easy Gemstone PendantThis pendant is formed from stones traditionally used to impart a feeling of freedom from limitation and general vigor. Prosperity Gemstone PendantThe Prosperity pendant is designed to promote feelings of being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, not winning the lottery. Serenity Gemstone PendantSerenity pendants are designed to instill in the wearer a feeling of peace and serenity, of still being in control of at least some aspects of their life dispite the distuptive world situation. Speaker's Special PendantThe Speaker's Special Pendant contains stones in its lower half which are traditionally used to harmonize the etheric field to facilitate communication.
Frequency Harmonizer PendantThe Frequency Harmonizer Pendant is worn preferably over the breast bone. Earthcalm emf protection, Earthcalm, the ultimate emf protection from electromagnetic radiation.
Welcome earthcalm, ultimate emf protection, Welcome to earthcalm the ultimate in emf protection.
Scalar home protection system earthcalm emf protection, The earthcalm home emf protection system provides powerful emf protection from all sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home.. Scalar home protection system - earthcalm emf protection - The earthcalm home emf protection system provides powerful emf protection from all sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home..

Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Our goal is to educate the visitor and point them into making an informative decision to protect themselves along with the ones they love.
Electric and magnetic fields can move through empty space and various other media, including air. Some electromagnetic fields are confined and can only be detected close to their source; others are detectable at great distances. Electromagnetic waves can be categorized according to their length (wavelength), the rate at which they are produced (frequency) and their energy level (amplitude). Electromagnetic spectrum, with low- frequency waves (sometimes called LF for "low frequencies") at one end and high-frequency waves at the other. Experts claim that the energy level of an EMF decreases rapidly with the distance from the source.
Since scientists first discovered the fundamental characteristics of electromagnetic energy in the last half of the nineteenth century, they have found hundreds of ways to take advantage of it. Microwaves are used in the transmission of telephone and telegraph messages, in communications between earth and orbiting satellites, and in relaying certain television broadcast signals.
The ability of microwave energy to heat materials evenly is used in microwave ovens in the home and in dozens of heating and sealing applications in industry — to mold plastics, glue wood products, seal shoes and process certain foods, for example.
The predictable reflective properties of radar waves allow sophisticated instruments to scan the atmosphere and to detect the presence and identity of objects in the sky. Medical researchers have had encouraging success using pulsed radio-frequency (RF) energy to heal bone fractures. Q-Link Pendant in stabilizing EEG responses in the presense of transient (variable) EMF stressors. Electromagnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Only for use with EarthCalm Scalar Home Systems purchased January 1, 2012 to May 15, 2013 . Some people notice a moment of lightheadedness or dizziness  for the first 10 seconds before feeling an increased sense of calmness. Robert and Charmion McKusick, Geof and Kathleen Condit take care of the product research, design and production.
The user finds their physical and emotional stress from pollution greatly reduced and relieved giving them added focus and energy throughout their day. Their testing confirmed the company's statements that their products are not electrical, magnetic or radioactive, but function in an entirely different basis.
For instance, the tests have used human subjects because it is humans who use the products. The spectrum includes visible light (less than 2% of the spectrum, as well as x-rays, and thousands of other frequencies which all vibrate the cells of the human body and assist or interfere with cell function and reproduction.
An example of frequencies that we do not hear, and which are neither electrical nor magnetic, is the special whistle used to drive rodents or pigeons from buildings or a high pitched dog whistle.
Crystal Catalyst Beads and products were tested in private tests at the University of Vienna, renowned for its research on the biological effects of harmful environmental energies.
Muscle testing by doctors and other practitioners at Regis College in Denver, CO and the University of California at Santa Cruz, CA.
Tests by Photography: A Catalyst Bead and a Tab were photographed on film, and showed considerable light release when placed on unexposed film. Taste Test: A Crystal Catalyst Bead or Resonator placed underneath of a cup of unsweetened grapefruit juice, strong coffee, wine, or other acid beverage, will change the flavor to more mild within two minutes. Animal Tests: Beads have been placed on the nylon webbing collar of a number of seriously arthritic goats, dogs of mixed breeds and sizes, and other animals. Electro-Encephalograph Subjects registered stress and reduced brain wave activity when exposed to Electro-magnetic radiation, indicating decreased mental capacity.
Noxious Zone Tests: Subjects working or sleeping over harmful ground radiation zones report improved working conditions and a better night's rest when clearing such zones with Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Its structure and function are similar to the Reich Orgone Accumulator which employs a porous material like Celotex wall board against a steel plate.
Their process creates unique molecular structures understood by those working with nuclear magnetic resonance, or familiar with Quantum Physics. It is a catalyst because it was discovered that it enhances the beneficial energy of gemstones, magnets and many other materials. Dielectric Resonators are not electrical conductors, but are the strongest known collectors of electromagnetic energies. If that doesn't work or you can not move the electrical appliances away from the bed, use a 3-Hole Resonator on any close appliances; then use the Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator last, under the bed. Any of your electronic devices such as the TV, computer, printer or power strips would need individual Three-Hole Resonators, Toroids or Tabs. For example, years ago we noticed that, when we worked for extended periods of time on computers, we would develop exhaustion, a fuzzy brain and general malaise. Several studies show that using cell phones for more than 10 years can cause or increase risk of brain cancer, salivary-gland tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, and behavioral problems. However, when the investigators analyzed eight of the studies that were conducted with the most scientific rigor, cell phone users had a 10 percent to 30 percent increased risk of tumors compared with people who rarely or never used the phones.
In recent years, concerns have arisen that the radiofrequency energy emitted by cell phones may cause tumors and other health problems over time.
Some of the individuals, referred to as controls, had no history of brain tumors; other participants, referred to as cases, had been diagnosed with brain tumors.
Interphone is funded in part by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum and the Global System for Mobile Communication Association.
However, conclusions should await higher-quality studies that follow diverse groups of people, both phone users and nonusers, over a long period of time, said Dr.
Wi–Fi (wireless fidelity) is yet another advancement in our ever–expanding world of technology, and while it is certainly convenient, is it safe? In Germany, the government has officially condemned the use of Wi–Fi and has pulled it out of all schools due to potential health hazards. Once the system was powered up, people started reporting to hospitals with blurred vision, dizziness and nausea; there were a couple of cases of heart arrhythmia as well. Place on fuse boxes, in rooms to clear energy fields inside or to clear energies coming from outside (powerlines, high-tension wires, transformers, microwaves, microwave dishes). You are subjected to as musch as ten times the radiation found in a normal city dwelling and more x-ray than you get from a chest x-ray.
The Tri-Pak doesn't have to attach to the equipment, but can be in the employee's handbag or desk drawer with the long edge directed toward the offending source of radiation, even across the room.
It is the strongest directional item, emitting energy in a triangular cone from underside. If your meter is outside, use the Star Tri-Pak Resonator in the room facing the Smart Meter. The resonator (brown dielectricA tab) occupies the all-important 9th portion of the ba-gua, the golden center, which influences the self and well being.
The jasper, carnelian and tiger eye are especially concerned with the lower three chakras which control feelings of physical vigor. The stones are those which traditionally impart feelings of cheerful optimism which encourage one to recognize opportunity. This feeling of serenity enables us to function effectively when those around us are coming unglued. The colors are chosed to embody the six sacred syllables of Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement. The stones are those which traditionally impart a feeling of calm, grounding and protection. The three upper beads have been used since the Middle Ages to protect against mental malpractice and are included as a defense against hecklers. It is useful for relieving feelings of distress caused in some persons by a wide range of environmental frequencies. If so, in this article we’re going to go over key concepts and definitions, what are the applications and uses, and how this all relates to electromagnetic energy. These fields are generated whenever electricity flows, whether the electricity is man-made or produced in nature. Frequency is measured in cycles per second, called hertz (Hz) after the German scientist who first discovered radio waves.
Gamma rays and other forms of electromagnetic energy at the upper end of the spectrum can break the internal bonds of atoms and molecules, creating charged particles called "ions." This radiation is known as ionizing.
The fact that electromagnetic energy can travel through space without a conducting medium has made it one of the important tools of modern technological society. New findings reveal that it may also be used to speed the healing of flesh wounds and the regeneration of nerve tissue, and ultimately to reduce the size of cancerous tumors. All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances.Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Remove for a small  time period if this becomes uncomfortableOver 85% of individuals report relief from one or more of their symptoms. The mechanical devices absorb the harmful aspects of EMR, change and pulse them out in a beneficial manner. Of course, if you run visible light through a prism you see some of the color vibrations it includes. These tests measured the strength of subjects before exposure to electro-magnetic, gamma radiation, etc. A Tab attached to the rear of camera cases on different cameras used by different photographers, generally produced photographs with better register than the same photo taken without a Tab or a Bead on the camera back. Wearing a Catalyst Bead and using an electronic Smog Buster on the radiation source in double blind tests, they produced stress-free increased whole brain wave activity on all levels, This indicates improved user productivity.

Fractious goats, horses, and cows became calm in a number of instances when a Catalyst Bead was attached to their nylon or leather collar, and a Resonator correctly placed in their stall.
The porous material absorbs environmental energy, then flows into the metal which first absorbs, and then pulses them out in a beneficial way.Nichola Tesla, the father of alternating current, also employed this collecting principle in his free energy solid state receiver patented in 1901. Since much of Biomagnetic Research's advertising is by word of mouth, it is clear that the effectiveness of these products is becoming widely recognized. The developers have professional backgrounds in earth sciences, mathematics and archeology as well as a knowledge of subtle energy from years of dowsing. Twelve-point Resonators, which are a little stronger used in combination with the other products, are designed to neutralize annoying radiation levels from word processors, computers and TV screens, florescent lights, telephone receivers, automobile electronics, power line transformers and most electronic devices. Crystal Catalyst Beads have been placed on the collars of a number of seriously arthritic goats, dogs, and mixed breeds of various sizes and other animals. But not all cell phones are created equal – some brands and models emit more electromagnetic radiation than others, and a device can have different radiation levels when paired with different service providers. What no one realizes is that everyone exposed to Wi–Fi is vulnerable to the negative effects of the frequencies bombarding the subtle energy field, which can weaken the physical body over time.
All these symptoms disappeared once the people were outside the range of these frequencies.
The beads would help to neutralize harmful radiation from radio towers, high tension lines, cell phone towers, etc. It was developed in the year 2000 for clearing the radiation of nearby power substations and cell phone towers. To use, wear or carry, holding it daily while visualizing to manifest your daily necessities.
The dark blue Crystal Catalyst bead is balanced slightly Yang, and is more assertive in resonance.
The arrangement of gemstones is protective against negativity and is soothing to discomfort resulting from stress caused by exposure to harsh frequencies.
This resonator is to be carried in a breast or hip pocket in any intense wireless or EMR (electromagnetic radiation) environment such as an airplane cockpit, modern car, office or technical situation. That means that after you finished reading this article you will have a strong understanding about electromagnetic energy and how and why emf protection devices are being developed for today’s society and a powerful solution. But modem scientific research has broadened our understanding of other forms of electromagnetic energy as well, and has discovered dozens of ways to harness them for our benefit and demise. All electrical devices — industrial, commercial and residential —generate electromagnetic fields (EMF's) when they operate. Radio waves, microwaves and other forms at the lower end of the spectrum cannot alter the bonds of molecules or atoms but can disrupt them, to a degree that alters our own built in source of energy, our biofield. But are they missing one variable, the mass number of fields that we are bombarded with that cross our human existence our daily basis.
Continued public appreciation of its benefits and its untapped potential is an increasingly important catalyst to the scientific and technical research that is underway. Reevaluate your symptoms after a few weeks to validate for yourself the effectiveness of our products. Each product is individually tested, and dowsing for effectiveness is one of several assessments that the manufacturer makes. People don't see or hear most of them, but it is impossible to introduce a tone that does not affect the resonance of other already existing tones and the cells of the body, even if we don't hear or see them.
Over four years, wearers reported increased strength, felt better and escaped many seasonal illnesses that affected their mate and their fellow workers. A Bead or a Tab was placed on the lid of both a black and white, and a color photo copier in repeated tests. In every case, the aura of the tested subject was larger, brighter, and displayed a large increase in blues and greens after contact with Crystal Catalyst. Dairy cows under stress from power line stray voltage showed general improvement, with increased milk production and increased butterfat in their milk. Since his free energy receiver had no moving parts to wear out, and did not require fossil fuels, it was non-polluting.
The energy emitted by intersections of Hartmann lines with underground flowing water are specific and of a different frequency than those associated with the Curry Grid.
If you ache at night, or do not sleep well, lie down on your bed in the position you assume while sleeping.
In our high–tech world, we are already getting blasted by cell phones, TV, radio, microwave and satellite frequencies in which we live.
Entire cities, like San Francisco, are now broadcasting Wi–Fi frequencies to everyone as a public service. Our ability to fill the air with electronic signals can be compared to the use of lead pipes in Roman times. Place your Tri-Pak in your carry-on bag so that it is in one end of the bag, with the long edge aimed down. It may be set face up, on a zone, or may be placed in any convenient location in the room. It is an effective tool for clearing most harmful environmental electronic and ground radiations.Just having one of the Resonators in your purse or placed in the home can have profound effects where there are bad vibes or where violence is a problem. Both of these sources of radiation have been shown in numerous foreign studies to precipitate cancer and ill health to nearby residents.
To use, wear or carry, holding it daily while visualizing safety, security and confidence.
If you are not interested in discovering the how and why for emf protection then you can skip right down to the bottom for our recommendation of what we feel is substantiated proof as being the best emf protection devices on the market today. Today's technological applications are paving the way for even more sophisticated breakthroughs in the fields of health care, agriculture, manufacturing, education and communications. These forms of electromagnetic energy cannot create ions and, accordingly, are known as non-ionizing. Commonplace applications include automatic door openers, intrusion alarms, remote control of toys and models, and other household conveniences that are not every thought twice about. Subjects wearing a Catalyst Bead and using a Tab or Resonator on their monitor when using a computer, report they don't have a drained feeling that accompanies prolonged exposure to computer radiation. These colors are normally associated with the aura when the brain waves indicate the body has started to heal itself.
Biomagnetic Research has performed a number of other tests which demonstrate the presence of a beneficial energy release from Crystal Catalyst products. A Hartmann Spiral will balance Hartmann energy intersections with flowing underground water, but NOT Curry geopathic energies. Note where the irritation occurs on the bed, and then position the resonator, bead side up, on the floor under the bed or beneath the mattress.
Place a Three-Hole Resonator on the back of your refrigerator where the cord enters the refrigerator, this is particularly important if it is against a wall with a baby's or person's bed on the other side. Clear the TV with a Three-hole Resonator and set the remote control on a table or sofa arm.
State parks in Texas offer visitors Internet access via Wi–Fi, which has also been installed on many college campuses as a convenience for students. Lead pipes allowed the Romans to bring water to their homes, which revolutionized their way of living.
Your Clear Field Resonator alters the harmful nature of electronic and geopathic radiations. As you visualize yourself flooded by each beautiful colored light, sound the note indicated. Crystal Catalyst products have been photographed in Black and White copiers by themselves, and in the presence of crystals, gemstones, wool, silk, fiberglass, etc.
Wittmann worked on the correlation of these polarized fields and Curry Published his findings in 1952. Along with switching to a safer phone, limit exposure by using a headset, holding the phone away from your head when talking, and toting your cell in a purse instead of a pocket, says the EWG.
Yet, because of the toxicity of the lead, it was also the worst thing they could have possibly done from a health perspective. Since the Tri-Pak is neither electronic nor magnetic, but made of non-conducting dielectric materials, it will not have any effect on the plane's electronics or radio. If it is placed under the bed, or some other dusty locatioin, it may be kept in a resealable plastic bag. The Essence of Things shares their commitment to sell you products that will help you and protect you from the effects of electromagnetic fields. The Beads and Tabs show a definite energy field surrounding them and extending across the page. Kennedy took energy pictures of subjects during exposure to electro-magnetic radiation fields from a video display monitor, the subject's energy field was reduced in the radiation field, but showed a distinct increase when a Catalyst Bead was worn, and a Resonator placed on the monitor. The frequency, or resonance, of the Curry grid system is not the same as that of the Hartmann Grid system. Many of our tests have been done on animals because they don't know what is being done or expected, and there is no placebo effect. Some historians speculate that this could ultimately have been a major cause of the decline of the Roman Empire. All of the Biomagnetic Research Products are guaranteed and they will never wear out or need recharging.
Other materials have not shown a change, but in contact with the catalyst, they register a heavy and large energy field.
The Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator is designed to harmonize the disruptive energy and polarity of Curry Grid line intersections with underground flowing water. It is also a good idea not to put your cat or dogs food near the refrigerator or an electrical outlet. A Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator will clear a Curry Grid intersection with flowing underground water, a Hartmann Grid would need a Hartmann Spiral (see definition of a Harmann Grid below).

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