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900The BioInitiative Report is the single most important report published to date on the dangers of EMFs (updated in 2012 see below). The Bio Initiative Report’s objective is to establish a “Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)” it is about producing a benchmark for good science and public health policy planning.
Essentially it’s about alerting the decision makers in the world, so that the science can be translated into good public health policy. The 2007 BioInitiative Working Group reviewed 30 years of scientific studies documenting bio-effects and adverse health effects from EMF exposures.
It was a group of 14 independent scientists, researchers, and public health policy makers that looked at more than 2,000 peer reviewed studies. How is it that its been clearly established that non-ionizing radiation poses a threat to human health, and yet we are still living with the same old standards we’ve had for years? The BioInitiative Report underlines the issue that EMF exposures are going to cost all our societies very dearly if we don’t take action very quickly.
Pure WaterNo water treatment system is needed for the lakes in and near the Shungite deposits.Take a good look at the two plants and the water in the vases.
Today, be no mishap, I attending an event with Stephanie and her daughter and 2 of my grandsons. This morgellons creating stone eats up disease,, bacteria, and your calcium, and cartillage. The Shungite tubular-roll 4" massager piece that came to me just yesterday is filled with "gold" veins! Part 2: When I arrived home the cylinder piece had the price tag & name removed by the store clerk. It documents the adverse health effects and public health conclusions about the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including extremely-low frequency (ELFs) and radiofrequency (RF) or microwave radiation.
That’s to say published science, including studies on brain tumors, Alzheimers, breast cancer, and the effects on the immune system.

The one on the right has cloudy, greenish water and the plant is much less tall and not as full as its companion. We talked about my new found love of crystals and Stephanie had shungite to give my daughter.
When we have veins of this of some size, it does increase the price of our pendants, as it is a very desirable addition to Shungite. It looked at the growing number of electrically sensitive, those people that are hypersensitive to EMF exposures. Places like utilities and elected officials will take this far more seriously than most inet info.
I noticed immediately after having the shungite in my home that the negative electromagnetic radiation was absorbed and transmuted into the positive charge. Since we have a "connection", I was immediately responsive to hearing more about this "miracle stone". The only difference was how close the left and healthier and clean water plant sat next to the shungite nuggets sitting in the white bowl.The following photo shows exactly how they had sat for a weekend. I became a REAL believer of shungite when I came back from a 3 day vacation and observed my water in my vase (pictured above) to be crystal clear just sitting next to a few shungite pieces! I am looking forward to learning more about improving the QUALITY of my family, 6 dogs and friends. In fact, a new class of building materials to protect the public from electromagnetic radiation without metal screens." - Dr. Simply put, Shungite is made up of molecules that should exist in the vacuum of space but not within the geology of Earth.The critical molecule is named after American architect R. But if we were putting Shungite up all over the place, the people might wonder why it was necessary. Both refer to the same type of carbon molecule that is the roundest and most symmetrical large molecule known.

In fact, the most perfect version of the molecule (C60) looks like a soccer ball or two of Buckminister Fuller's geodesic domes brought together to a create a sphere.
For now you may like to listen to testimonials from people who have had the Shungite Experience. By then the scientific world was enthralled with fullerenes and the search began to find fullerenes in nature. I still have to explain why we think it is a magical gift from Gaia and why we are Gaia Groupies.
And then there is the Zazhoginsky Shungite deposits in the Russian Republic of Karelia near the eastern border of Finland.
He had come to know of the material because it was where he had built a healing spa for his soldiers. Maybe Peter made the connection to the healing waters and the Shungite or maybe he just saw it as a new and spiffy look for building materials, with which to build much of the city.
And until the last decades of the 20th Century Shungite was only used in construction materials.But then they started finding new uses and things got interesting. The uniqueness of this product is determined combination of properties of their constituent natural minerals magnesite schungite bishofit and natural aggregates .
They do not just improve the technology , safety and quality of construction, and fundamentally changing stereotypical attitudes to environmental safety and property protection in the workplace."And the healing properties of Shungite in water continued to be recognized. Those Bucky Balls were proven to be an absolute health tonic.By 1993 Shungite was being used at the children's sanatorium "The Seagull" in Karelia (the Russian Republic where Shungite is found).

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