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Gaia, you had previously said we would have a winter similar to last winter, but so far it seems milder than usual for North America.
Gaia, are we at 100% probability of the earthquake and tsunami occurring or was the 6.8 earthquake the only one we will see or hear about? They both have health concerns and I wonder if that area will see strong enough movement that will knock out their services for an extended period of time?
At times it may be difficult (when I have computer glitches), but this is my passion and my soul contract to do this work. Yes, Tom, Gaia says the probability of this occurring is rather high— certainly over 80%. A little higher Tom—perhaps 20% to 30%, but again this may increase towards the end of this year. Sun, will we experience a lot of technology problems this year due to solar flares, and how many X-Class CME’s will you have? Sun, is Jupiter’s core dissolving?  Will any changes in its atmosphere affect us?
Theo, do the use of electrical batteries in shavers and the use of an electric blanket constitute a health hazard?
Certainly the prolonged use of an electric blanket can affect your own electric grid shall we call it, as you are under this blanket for normally 6 to 8 hours each night. Theo, are all people affected by cell towers and high voltage electrical lines, or are there just a few people who are sensitive to this? Theo, do electronic devices that emit EMF radiation affect Etheric energy in a negative way, and would orgonite cancel the EMF effect?
Theo, are the children being born now and after December 21 different, and if so how, and what are rainbow children? Theo, will Obama change his Vice Presidential running mate this year, and if so what are the probabilities of this occurring?
We will actually (according to what Theo told me previously) be going straight to the Fifth Focus from the Third Focus.
Yes, on her soul level it was agreed for this to occur Tom, as part of a teaching device to show people that there are different Time Lines.
So was it a simple transfer from Time Line 5 to Time Line 6 and vice versa, or a more complex move to say Time Line 4 or Time Line 7? These guys stumble upon what appears to be an dead alien body in Russia's Siberia region. ADR Mat for bed size L protects us from the biological damage of our body caused by the harmful EMF Radiation from cell phones, towers, high power tension lines, televisions, computers and other electrical equipments. Radiation from cell phones and all wireless devices, emit microwave radiation from their antenna and EMF radiation from the body of the phone.

As concern grows regarding radiation from cell phones, cell phone EMF radiation and electro pollution, mobile phone radiation protection shields or products claiming to protect from electro smog are appearing with alarming regularity. Even the phones with low SAR values that are on the market today are still 100′s of times too high, according to the vast majority of medical research.
The cell phone radiation exposure debate rages on, having on one side those convinced about a tidal wave of cell phone health issues about to break out.
If you're looking for a radiation protection product that will ensure maximum protection even when you sleep, then our wonderful four post bed canopy is for you. EARTH HOUR: Switch off and turn on to natureGenital Tuberculosis and how it can leave you infertile. According to  the  World Health Organization (WHO)  EMF affects our bodies because of our own biochemical and electric systems like digestion, heart function, brain function, nervous system etc.
The All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi have launched a study on the effects of Cell tower radiation. It follows you to office – in the office EMF is generated by Wifi for sure, scanners, computers, fax machines, fluorescent or halogen lighting, cell phones and photocopiers. It is present everywhere – on the road side EMF is generated by power lines whether they are buried in the ground or suspended over head, cell phone towers, cities that provide citywide Wifi internet, electric substations, from your neighbours electronic equipment and transformers. Exposure to EMF radiation generated by wireless, magnetic, ionizing or electric radiation affects the body as it stresses the body, damages healthy cells and weakens the immune system. The following are a list of health problems and diseases that are closely related to EMF exposure or are a direct result of it.
All of us are unique and because of that all of us are affected by EMF exposure in different ways. Occurrence of cancer clusters, leukemia in children and breast cancer has been linked to EMF exposure. When it comes to  EMF poisoning you have to become aware of your surroundings and the devices that you use. In certain countries you get shielding paint that shields you from surrounding EMF generated in your neighborhood. Become aware about the dangers of EMF poisoning that is surrounding you and when buying new devices, check up how much more EMF you would generate around you . I believe that nothing in this life is definite, apart from the fundamental truths, ofcourse. Christmas cakes are literally selling like hot cakes, wine stock has started melting and the party mood is high.
Nuclear families don't have time and the peer group also has a limited amount of information that they can share. Asking so we can assist them with making arrangements in advance for medicines and anything else they may need.

As this evidence is piling up, we are sure to offer a range of fantastic mobile phone radiation protection products to keep you safe against radiation from cell phones. Here you will learn how to maximise mobile phone radiation protection and minimize their risk of radiation from cell phones exposure and find out more about our Blocksock (link) cell phone emf protection case and how it is able to offer mobile phone radiation protection against microwave radiation from cell phones (EMF). Whilst at the total other end of the spectrum you have a selection of people, corporate businesses, authorities and governments who, for various reasons, consider that radiation from cell phones is less importance than the benefits or wireless communications. The EMF’s interfere with these natural fields and disrupt them, finally affecting the functioning of the body.
The more digital or remote a device the more likely that it is using pulsating waves of some kind to operate which all generate EMF. The young adults between the age groups of 18 – 25 are at the cusp of intense changes on all fronts of existence and need answers. There are some topics and issues that the young adults would not discuss even with their peer group out the fear of being judged. There is much greater involuntary exposure now, and it is nearly unavoidablea€”even for those who choose not to go wireless.
SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed by your head whilst using a cellular phone: the higher the SAR rating, the more radiation is absorbed into the head. Unauthorised reproduction of content is strictly prohibited.Web site maintenance and design Whitesands Media and Quaystone. Cell phone users, parents-to-be, young children and pregnant women are at particular risk.Health Issues Linked to EMF ExposureThere is more evidence in this updated report that electromagnetic radiation damages DNA, interferes with DNA repair, and creates greater toxicity in the genes. ADR Mat for bed protects from the most common negative effects of electromagnetic radiation like insomnia, feeling depressed, chronic tiredness, headache, disturbance of nervous system etc. It also cites studies showing pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier and altered immune function. Also increased is the incidence of acoustic neuroma with the use of mobile & cordless phones. The correlation between wireless technology and the conditions of hyperactivity, learning difficulties, and behavior problems has been seen in both animal and human studies.EMF ProtectionFortunately, all this doesna€™t mean that you have to give up your cell phone in order to protect your health.
And you dona€™t even have to limit your calls, get a headset, or watch how close to your body you keep your cell phone when youa€™re not using it.

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