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The SYB Baby Blanket is a comfortable, stylish, & high quality soft cotton flannel blanket that shields your baby from harmful wireless radiation that comes from devices like cell phones, baby monitors, WiFi routers, and cordless phones. The SYB Baby Blanket can also help pregnant women protect their unborn babies from the same wireless radiation sources in the home or office. Laboratory tests show that the SYB Baby Blanket deflects up to 99.9% of wireless radiation. Material: Washable, durable, hypoallergenic cotton flannel on both sides, translucent ecological unbleached cotton fabric without chemicals in the middle, woven with microscopic silver wire to form a protective mesh.
Where I live my wireless gear (router, cell mini-tower, speaker broadcast, etc.) is in the living room next to the nursery where my two little girls sleep. My wife and I learned about electromagnetic radiation and wanted to do what we can to protect our baby boy from the harmful effects, so we purchased the Flannel Baby Blanket. Your blanket seems to shield the body of the baby, but, as we know, the most important organ to shield in babies is his brain. This maternity belt is designed to protect you and your child against EMF radiation such as that from cordless phones, smartphones, TVs, Wi-Fi, lighting, microwave etc.
EMF Clothing products are designed and manufactured to minimise exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR). Tiles are designed to be easily applied to any flat surface (such as your baby's crib, or the wall behind your smart meter) to deflect and shield you from harmful EMF radiation from devices like WiFi routers, smart meters and baby monitors. SYB Tiles (Patent Pending) are great for many uses and are easy to apply to most any surface. Combine multiple Tiles, or cut a Tile to a specific size and shape that you want. Tiles are made from a conductive, non-woven fabric, composed of silver, nickel, silicone and copper, with a special adhesive tape custom applied to one side of the skin, to stick to any flat surface.
We are bombarded with radiation from so many sources: Wifi, cell phone, cordless phone, etc.
A: SAR is one way of measuring RF radiation— specifically, it is a way to measure how much RF radiation is absorbed by the human body (as opposed to, for example, how much radiation is emitted by a device).
So, if a product (such as our Tiles, or Pong Case) reduces SAR, that means it protects against RF.

And, to answer your other question, yes, it will deflect the WiFi radiation from your laptop away from the surface of the desk.
The ESI 24 has an Enhanced RF, allowing the user to measure only RF using all 15 LEDs, giving greater range and resolution. Make sure you read our Information Sheet available on the Links page of our website or click here for a direct download. While I have never measured the magnetic flux or radio frequency power density in the room it has got to be pretty high. My wife worked from home for some the pregnancy and used the blanket to shield her belly from the radiation her laptop produced. Whether you get the blanket or not, remember to keep your phone and computer a minimum of 12 inches away from your belly , and 12 inches away from your baby’s head after it is born. I personally have never put a lot of thought into the dangers of radiation from today’s technology. There are however many environmental, medical and genetic, factors that cause health effects, failed pregnancies or birth defects.
Testing at the UCLA Center for High Frequency Electronics shows that Tiles deflect up to 95% of EMF radiation.
Easy to read display indicates field strength with either a red, yellow, or green led lights, along with an audio confirmation of the field strength.
Sources detected by ESI 24: cell phone towers, cordless phones, wireless LAN, Wi-Fi systems, power lines, electrical installations and appliances, baby monitors and alarms, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc. Use it anywhere you are with your baby; in the bed during the night, in the living room, going for a walk with the stroller, or even in the office. While I am not convinced that low power EMF is (very) dangerous for adults, there is pretty strong evidence that it is damaging to growing children and I am just not willing to take that risk with my little ones.
One of the biggest complements my wife gave about the blanket was the warmth it provided and the size of the blanket; it covered her entire belly.
My baby sleeps right near a baby monitor, and right on the other side of her wall is a WiFi router.

We have not yet determined after how many washes the shielding effectiveness of the blanket diminishes.
This maternity belt is designed with a double thickness of Bio cotton and anti-electromagnetic radiation material, closed at the back by a bio elastic band.
If I put this tile directly on the desk and then put the laptop on top of it, it will stop radiation from going through the desk? After purchasing several baby blankets for my soon to be born daughter, I found that the blanket from Shield Your Body (SYB) is made from the highest quality and softest material. We do know, from laboratory testing, that the blankets can be washed at least 30 times with absolutely no reduction in shielding effectiveness. The display shows 5 levels, ranging from extremely low to too strong for prolonged exposure and distinguishes how much for each radiation type. It is actually a very nice soft and warm blank on its own regardless of its EMF shielding properties.
Oz warn people about the risks of wireless radiation, so I wanted something to protect my baby and give me piece of mind. We continue to test to try to find out if there is a point at which the shielding is reduced. These blankets are so soft and comfortable and I’ve gotten several compliments about the blanket from strangers on the street. If you are concerned about your baby’s exposure to wireless radiation, you will love these blankets.

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