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While all forms of EMF are considered harmful, the cell phone radiation and its effects are receiving the most media attention. Powered by an advanced proprietary technology, these products have been scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of EMF. Each Pocket Patch is designed to be quickly and easily applied on to the lining of any pocket to deflect up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from your body and reproductive organs. Shield your body from harmful cell phone radiation with the SYB Pocket Patch (Patent Pending). After hearing about the dangers of cell phone radiation I decided to do some research on how I can protect myself (specifically, my man parts) as I always have my phone in my pocket. Since I read about the harmful effects of having the cell phone in your pocket, I did some research and came across the EM Shield Pocket Patch.
This is an easy and non-intrusive way to add some protection from harmful cell phone radiation. We all have heard by now the dangers of cell phone radiation and how harmful it can be to a person. He can now be assured that he is protected, his phone is protected, and I will remain happy not worrying about if he will be able to give me more children down the road. These pocket patches are awesome especially if you are aware of the dangers of radiation and cell phones.
After reading the results from UCLA that it does in fact deflect 99% of Cell phone radiation.
I’ve always had my cell phone in my pocket without caring about anything possibly happening to my man parts. We plan to run additional tests to see how many times the Pocket Patch can actually be washed without losing effectiveness.
So, the Pocket Patch is only designed to be ironed on to pockets where you carry your phone. The reason is, the Pocket Patch is designed to be used covering only one side of the phone— the part between the phone and your body.
And so, not only does the phone still work, but unlike other phone shielding products, the Pocket Patch does not increase the drain on your phone’s battery. Q: I tried wrapping my phone in pocket patches and it showed no reduction in signal strength and was still capable of recieving an incoming call. In response, first I would say that wrapping the phone in our Patches is not a suitable test, for two primary reasons.
Man-made EMFs have a chaotic energy and different frequency than natural EMFs and can disrupt or distort organic energy patterns. Aulterra is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of man-made EMF exposure on human DNA. Unlike other EMF blocking devices, the Aulterra Neutralizer™ will not affect cellular phone reception or transmission. The reasonably priced Neutralizer™ will be a small price to pay for the safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your loved ones are safe from the harmful effects of EMF exposure. DNA damages in cells could have an important implication on health because they are cumulative.
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In two separate live blood microscopy studies conducted by microbiologist Robert Young, PhD. QLink comes with a hypo allergenic cord that should be worn on the chest just above the heart area; and since this does not have to be worn directly in contact with the skin, it can also be worn over clothes. EMF or Electro-Magnetic Forces are created by the differences in voltage: the higher the voltage, the stronger the resultant field. Our BodyThe cells and atoms of the body oscillate with each other in complex rhythms transferring energy and information. EMF disturbs and disrupts these rhythms, thereby creating riot or unwanted changes in the system.
Once the body is strengthened by the QLink, it is not stressed or disturbed by the EMF as it does not allow EMF to put the body off its own natural rhythms. This is the price (excluding shipping and handling fees) a seller has provided at which the same item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being offered for sale or has been offered for sale in the recent past.
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EMF should be considered a harmful invader to your body, just like any other environmental toxin. Your body is a complex communication device where cells, tissues, organs and organisms all “talk.” At each of these levels, the communication includes finely tuned bio-electrical transmitters and receivers, which are tuned like tuning into a radio station. Two of the more well-known biological impacts from electrosmog are the interruption of your brain wave patterns leading to behavior issues and the interference with your body’s communication system (cytoskeleton) leading to abnormal neurological function, such as dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. At a cellular level, your cell membrane receptors (the brain of the cell) recognize electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure producing a stress response similar to that produced by exposure to heavy metals or toxic chemicals.
This can cause the cell membrane to go from an “active” or permeable state where it allows nutrients in and toxins out, to an “inactive” state where the cell membrane is impermeable. During a normal day, your cells will change states thousands of time, but when under constant environmental stress, the membranes can be locked in the inactive state. This is often referred to as “oxidative stress” as nutrients are able to enter into the cell, while toxins (free radicals) are not allowed to leave. There is also real evidence that this inactive state can even have geno-toxic effects, meaning electrosmog is toxic by both damaging DNA and preventing your body from repairing DNA, which can be the first step to cancer. For health, your body must be able to communicate within itself, that is, to be in harmony with the natural rhythm of the earth and all life. Light and sound are also part of the EMF spectrum, so if you’re near a highway or airport that surrounds your home in artificial light or excessive noise, you can also be impacted by that, although this is less common than the EMF sources listed above.

It’s during sleep that your body regenerates and detoxifies, so you want your bedroom to be a sleeping sanctuary with very low EMF issues. Research has shown that for your body to properly detoxify during sleep it must be alkaline, and high electromagnetic fields lead to acidity. To find out if your bed contains residual magnetism, I encourage you to use the compass trick that Vicki Warren describes (if a liquid-filled compass spins when held over your bed, it means residual magnetism is present). The same applies to Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) fields produced by the dozens of electrical appliances in households in the industrialized world and the power lines feeding those devices. No wonder, 1.6 billion people (more than 20% of the world's population) are using cell phones the world over. George Carlo, a leading epidemiologist and public health scientist, was given $28 Million Dollars by the cell phone industry to prove that cell phones were safe.
As you see with this graph, as cell phone usage increased between 1999 and 2003 so did the number of deaths and diagnosis from illnesses linked by research to cell phone radiation.
On this page, you will learn about this technology and the research studies that have been performed to show the effectiveness of these products.
Just apply the Pocket Patch on any pocket to deflect cell phone radiation away from your body. Scientific tests show you can wash the Pocket Patch at least 30 times with no loss of performance.
I cut it to size and placed it inside the phone cover which I position towards my body when I carry the phone in my pocket or clip. I’ve read some horror stories about cell phone radiation and decided this was a must purchase to protect myself!
Definitely a great investment and you are protected 99% which is even better since our phones are always next to us. After our cancer ordeal with me I am more perked up with health dangers and try to find ways to protect my family. After reading the dangers of having the cell phone in your pocket (We never knew that) My husband is an Electrician his phone is in his pocket ALL day. But I came across a random link online that told me about all the harmful affects my cell phone’s radiation could have on my private parts.
1) Because the way cell phones are designed, if they have trouble making a connection to a cell tower, they will continue to increase the power of their emissions to compensate.
This is because our Patches shield on only one side-- the pocket lining between your phone and your body. It is precisely this ability to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial EMFs to be hazardous. Your phone will still be the convenient communications tool you wanted it to be--it will just no longer be dangerous to your DNA and your health.
The adhesive backed disc will stick to almost any surface and provide you with constant protection for as long as it remains on the device.
A study done at Penn State University concluded that EMF exposure produced no effect for the "first few minutes, . Earpieces act almost like "conduits" to funnel as much as three times the harmful radiation to your brain.
The founders (a group of scientists) attempted to model the strange world of quantum universe, which contains observations that defy common sense such as probability clouds and the virtual emptiness of all matter. Early prototypes, as what they discovered, could affect the rate of growth in plants, improve water, and even enhance audio systems. An estimate of about 35% of the wearers responded to the QLink within a few hours, while some others may require up to 30 days for the effects to register to their bodies. EMF are formed when electric current flows, which means, the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field. A biofield that is strong not only nourishes and supports the body, but strengthens a person's ability to cope with the pressures are well. The cells are forced to use up more energy in delivering their electrochemical messages resulting in an increase of cellular fatigue, which results in stress to the system. By intensifying the body's own natural energy and innate intelligence, the QLink allows it to identify and differentiate which external energies are healthy and which are not.
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Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. It interferes with your health at the cellular level because you are actually an electrical being.
You get static from the noise — and that is what is happening to your body in today’s electrosmog environment. The chaotic and unpredictable patterns from electrosmog can create noise in your body and force your body out of harmony.
Static Electric Fields: These are made up of static electricity caused by ions released from synthetic materials in your home.
Residual Magnetism: Most often this occurs from metal in your bed, which can change its magnetic field. Power Frequency: This includes the wiring in your walls, electrical outlets, extension cords, lamps, and other electricity sources. Power Frequency Magnetic Fields: These are caused by building wiring errors and also when power lines to your home run underground near your sleeping area. Radioactivity (and its byproduct radon): Radioactivity enters your home from building materials (such as granite — one-third of the granite in homes is radioactive) or radon gas coming up out of the ground. It’s a given that you’re going to be exposed to varying levels of EMF during your waking hours, so giving your body a break during the night is really important. If you are constructing the walls you can put the wires inside pipes, which will virtually eliminate the fields that are generated in the room when the current runs through the wire. Essentially, most all electronics will generate EMFs, including the wiring in your home, electric alarm clocks, electric blankets, computers and lamps, just to mention a few.
Industrialized countries in North America , Western Europe and China emit so much ELF energy that it can be sensed by satellites in space.

Leading epidemiologists and public health scientists are predicting health crisis of epidemic proportions in the coming years. If we don't do something, the projection is that by the year 2010 three hundred million deaths will occur as a direct correlation to cell phone usage. Testing at UCLA’s Center for High Frequency Electronics shows that the Pocket Patch deflects up to 99% of cell phone radiation. On their site they reference tests conducted at UCLA that show that the patch blocks up to 99.1% of the radiation emanating from my cell phone. I usually have my phone facing the inside so the camera lens isn’t facing it, however regardless, I still know with this I am perfectly covered! With all this radiation scare I do not want to take any chances so I went ahead and got these shield patches. I carry my cellphone in my pocket while I work 8-10 hours a day and I feel a whole lot safer about my health and risk of radiation exposure. Once you turn the pants back on the right side, the patch will be against your body to protect your body from the cell phone radiation.
I feel more comfortable walking around with my phone in my pocket knowing that this little patch is preventing any radiation from going into my body. And if you stick it on the back, you would actually deflect more radiation into your head when speaking on the phone. This deflects a big chunk of the phone's radiation emissions away from your body, but allows the phone to continue operating normally because it can still communicate in all other directions.
Just apply it to any relatively flat, smooth surface on your cellular phone, or other device and you can feel confident again. Some of these insights from Quantum Physics led to a deeper understanding of the biofield and subtle energies. Results suggested that the Q-Link pendant helps to mediate the effects of stress by enhancing both the blood terain and the integrity of human blood cells. If after a month of wearing it, and you find that its effects are too subtle to detect, remove it for a week as it is sometimes best that way to monitor how it has been of benefit. An electric field can exist even when there is no current flowing, but if the current does flow, the strength of the magnetic field will differ with the power consumption, but the strength of the magnetic field will differ with the power consumption; but the strength of the electric field is always constant.
The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller's price on eBay. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. When combined, they can make you feel unwell, which underscores the importance of choosing natural materials for your furniture, cabinetry, flooring and other building supplies.
They produce electric fields that essentially turn your body into a large antenna and interfere with your cells’ ability to communicate with one another. An electrical panel box located on a wall near your sleeping area or even a refrigerator or TV located on the other side of the wall from where you sleep can also lead to power frequency magnetic fields.
For best results, avoid using electric blankets and electric heating pads, and unplug all electrical appliances when not in use. Or simply keep it off except in the limited circumstances where you feel you need to use it. I immediately went to their store to see how much these patches cost and was shocked to see that they were only $20 for a pack of three so I purchased a pack to test. They are touching our hand, ears, and legs if you are like me and stick your phone in your pocket. As soon as I learned about this I stopped putting my cell phone in my pockets right away because I didn’t like the negative affects. Any pocket you can iron on the Pocket Patch is a pocket where the Pocket Patch can be used. The insights are mirrored from the teachings of Chinese medicine and other Eastern disciplines that proved to be the foundation for the QLink, which is one of the only applications to harness these emerging sciences for consumer use. They then reasoned that the technology surely would affect the most complicated bio-chemical system of all, which is the human being.
A bedroom disrupted with power frequency is especially unhealthy to sleep in, as cells cannot regenerate properly, potentially leading to insomnia and other diseases. George Carlo predicts, for example, that based on cell phone usage trends we could see as much 500,000 cases of brain tumors every year by the year 2010! Application was a breeze, all I had to do was Iron the patches to the inside of my pockets. Just iron them into your pocket, or whatever part of your clothing your phone is always on and have a piece of mind. It was easy to apply to his pants, all you need is an iron, the patch itself, and the pants. When I learned about this product I bought it straight away, it doesn’t even feel like I attached anything to my pocket and I love that I don’t have to be afraid of cancer and other issues like that! A lot of people carry on their hip, so you code iron it on the inside of your pants in that area.
You are sent more than one pocket patch which is a bonus because you can apply them to additional pockets or you can have them on multiple pairs of pants. William Tiller - world expert and material scientist at Stanford University, who took prototypes and created double-blind studies of his own. There has been many many findings of tumor growth right where the cell phone has been carried, unfortunately.
If, in this period you feel no benefit from wearing it, simply return it to us and you'll get your money back. In the year 1991, the company Clarus was born that is designed to translate the prototypes of Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) into a powerful family consumer products - and that's the QLink. I’m really happy that a company has come up with something so simple to help keep us healthier.
It might not protect everywhere else but its nice knowing that I’m reducing my radiation exposure.

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