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Barely, look at those thin thin pieces of wiring that don't even encompass the high voltage cables.
Yes, non ionizing radiation is non ionizing, and any Faraday cage works, not just solid walls. It is interesting that your list includes only symptoms, that cannot be externally verified, and no signs (findings that can be seen or otherwise externally verified and measured). Let us all see your hard test data that you have compiled in your extensive testing of the EMF issues regarding the Prius.
The size of the openings in a shield determine the frequency of the signals that can get through the holes. Studies of EMF from cars have shown that the Prius is actually quieter than some other cars. In this case, I suspect most Prius owners see the benefit of the Prius in our lives, thus we are not inclined to be swayed by an unsubstantiated suggestion of a perceived risk.
I think the OP should have started his thread by posting a current psychological and neurological profile from a Psychiatric facility.
The Imploder magnetic water treatment device produces a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination success, and biomass yields.
Third world communities will have a cost effective means for improving farming methods, increasing food yields and purifying water.
In the NEAR FUTURE, Every farm, dwelling and community will have THE IMPLODER water treatment device installed.
Comes in a sleek chrome finish, with a detachable hand shower that makes it easy to direct the flow. The science is that once molecules are spun in water in such a way to flow centripetally, they begin to have a certain memory of connection.
People using the shower nozzle have consistently reported a softer silkier feeling in the water. If your water feels dead, try the Imploder Shower nozzle and see if it doesn't feel a little more like being in a real waterfall in nature. The Energized BovisTainer™ is a large capacity container which has been energized to 3 Million Bovis™ using exclusive-natural process of polarized high-energy water between the walls of the container raising the Vitality to everything that goes in it to 3,000,000 BOVIS and correct the spin direction to RIGHT spin to all substances, including cigarettes!
The BovisTainer™ is perfect to rapidly energize your fruits, vegetables, beverages within 3 minutes! Encourages greater consumption of pure water and faster hydration due to lowered surface tension.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Objective evaluation of symptoms poses obvious challenges in medical science and opportunities for charlatans because they cannot be verified, while observable signs are easily measured and tested.
One example of this is how AM signals drop out in a tunnel, while FM signals penetrate further.
On the one hand, we all happily accept humongous risks (like driving and smoking) because we feel we are are in control and it is our choice, or we see the $$$ benefit. I believe it would give us a better foundation on which we could evaluate his ability to understand basic principles and acceptance of logical and factual concepts, and help him better understand the difference between unicorns and horses, as well as the science of electromagnetic radiation as it relates to the Prius and real world applications. Here we see the possibility of making devices that interact with our own energy fields.Other People's Energy & BioElectric Shield Sometimes other people tire your or influence you with their energy. It is unique technology that combines a magnetic array with a directional nozzle made from the very tough material called Fortron.The science is based on phase conjugate hydrodynamics, combined with phase conjugate magnets. They talk about a sheeting action- where the water gains "laminar coherence" which is one of the key qualities of 'sensitive chaos' in water. In any case, playing with the Imploder Nozzle's - 'self aware' little 'pony tail' in the water - (see animation above) which responds to touch like a kitten's tail, is alone enough to tickle your watery fantasy. I've only had a short time to experiment with it, but already I am very impressed and I must thank you for bringing it to market. This polymer is over 10 times more impact resistant than other plastics, making these cups virtually indestructible!
Do you have any evidence-based findings that Prius emits more EMF than conventional cars, or evidence of greater probability for a verifiable disease or health condition (sign) among Prius drivers or passengers?
The Toyota engineers obviously chose a shield that blocked the signals that might be a problem.
On the other hand, we can be outraged at infinitessimally small risk or even just a perceived risk, if we feel the risk is being forced on us against our will, and also we really prefer to see $$$ or some other direct benefit if someone wants to impose a risk on us. The shield allows you maintain your own energy center - staying balanced and clear.Smartphone Detects Bioelectric Fields? The Imploder Shower nozzle does not have the powerful magnetic array of The Imploder water treatment device, but it does have the exquisite spin geometry which installs the hydrodynamic geometry of implosion in the water's molecular memory. I used the Imploder to fill the distiller, and the effects do in fact survive distillation (at least partially). Noise, be it sound or EMF, is so pervasive these days that detecting its effects is impossible without some sort of isolation environment for comparison.

The touchscreen only seems to work if I am holding it in my hand, or if I am millimeters away from physical contact with it with something more than just my finger on the touchscreen, or if there is an electrical field in close proximity to the device. Shields you effects of electromagnetic pollution and the stress of other peoples negative energy. Director of Manna Bio-Alive in Brighton , Kyle Vialli introduces two of the most fundamental requirements for the evolution of vitality and expanding sane perceptions, within both the individual and global arenas. Part two deals with with quantum and proper nutition..IRIB2 NEWS - CURE CANCER VIA BIOELECTRIC AND BIOELECTROMAGNETIC ALISHAHI SEMINAR IN AMIRKABIR UNIVERSITY FIRST TIME IN WORLD CURE CANCER VIA BIOELECTRIC AND BIOELECTROMAGNETIC Bioelectric Effects of the ABHA Coil Revisited!!
Not as accurate as hydro-static testing which he will demonstrate next, but very useful from tracking progress at home.
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Part 1 of 3 Dr.David Getoff discusses his testing of the BioElectric Shield EMF protection device and his Experience with many patients and the benefits they've experienced.

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