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On the Indic ancient scripts someone named Aouloukougia describes something that only today can be understood, matching the theory of correspondence the atomic structure of the mater with the solar systems, and the relativity of the space-time, cosmic rays, universal gravitation etc.
Another interesting part of the Indic ancient scripts describes something that reminds us of an atomic bomb explosion. On some ancient Sanskrit manuscripts there is described an explosion during a war that it shined like 100 thousand suns! Radiations emitted from cell phones may protect against and even reverse Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has revealed.
Researchers at the University of South Florida conducted a study that exposed 96 mice, most of whom had been genetically altered to develop the Alzheimer’s disease as they aged, to electromagnetic waves generated by mobile phones. The mice were zapped with 918MHz of frequency twice a day for one hour each time over a period of seven to nine months – the equivalent of several decades in humans, the Herald Sun reported. Young adult mice with no apparent signs of memory impairment were protected against Alzheimer’s disease after several months of exposure to the mobile phone waves. And the memory levels of normal mice with no genetic inclination for Alzheimer’s disease were enhanced after exposure to the electromagnetic waves. Based on the findings in mice, the researchers anticipate that electromagnetic field exposure could be an effective, non-invasive and drug-free way to prevent and cure Alzheimer’s disease in humans. If this is true and wireless technology causes cancer how can society manage now that everything is wireless?
Yeah, it seems like quite a rational thing to do and also to take some of those thousands of studies that you have identified and get them wider publicity.
They proved that extremely high-powered electromagnetic fields (EMFs) indeed influence learning processes on the synaptic level within the brain, independent from other factors like stress. For the experiment, rats were placed into differently powered non-thermal HEFs in the UMTS (Universal Mobile Communication System) operating range. Although there was daily training and effortless contact to the exposure environment, increases in blood derived stress hormone levels could be detected for all exposed groups. Meanwhile the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a study that labels cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen, a classification that puts it in the same category as lead, gas exhaust, and chloroform. Once you have addressed your mattress, you’d be well advised to address the amount of electromagnetic radiation in your bedroom – especially if you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. It is relatively inexpensive and will also pay for itself in reduced heating and cooling bills.
More recent studies seem to confirm his conclusions, as most of the health problems researchers now associate with EMF and microwave radiation exposure fall neatly into these two categories.
Cancer has been high on the list from the beginning, and at least as far as cell phones are concerned, the evidence is overwhelming that cell phone use significantly increases your risk of certain types of brain tumors.
Since cancer can take decades before manifesting, children are particularly at risk, as they are now growing up in an environment saturated with radiation. It seems quite clear that sleeping on a bed that can amplify the amount of radiation you’re exposed to night after night is simply not a good idea.
Taking into account that metal coils can act as an antenna and be potentially magnetized, and that most box spring mattresses contain toxic flame retardant chemicals, your safest bet is to look for an organic, chemical-free mattress that does not contain metal coils.
One way to find a safe mattress is to have a doctor or chiropractor write you a prescription for a chemical-free mattress, and then find a manufacturer to make one for you. You can also avoid the toxins by finding a mattress that uses a Kevlar, bullet-proof type of material instead of chemicals for fire-proofing. Also keep in mind that metal frames and headboards can amplify and distort magnetic fields, including the natural magnetic field from the earth, which can lead to non-restful sleep. The rate of breast cancer in Western countries is 10 percent higher in the left breast than in the right.
Researchers have suggested a surprising explanation for this — and for the dramatic increase in rates of breast cancer and melanoma over the past three decades. In Japan, there is no correlation between the rates of melanoma and breast cancer, and there is no left-side prevalence for either disease. This is most likely the same in both the East and the West, but the futons used for sleeping in Japan are mattresses placed directly on the bedroom floor, in contrast to the elevated box springs and mattress of beds used in the West. Consider, however, that even a TV set cannot respond to broadcast transmissions unless the weak electromagnetic waves are captured and amplified by an appropriately designed antenna. This Scientific American article highlights some very interesting research from Sweden — a country that is on the forefront when it comes to investigating the harmful health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF), and micro wave radiation such as that from cell phones.
Although the US is quite resistant to the idea that our everyday technology might be contributing to epidemics like heart disease and cancer, other countries, particularly in Europe, are facing this problem more head on. Sweden, for example, formed an association called FEB – The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive, to address the emerging problem of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. With everything I know about the health dangers associated with electromagnetic fields (EMF) and micro waves from cell phones, WiFi routers and cell phone towers, I’m convinced electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a real and looming health disaster. I’ve previously written about the health dangers of EMFs and other types of radiation, especially in your bedroom, but here the researchers are linking two very specific cancers – melanoma and breast cancer — to commonly used beds, because coil-spring mattresses can actually act as a giant antenna!
In Western countries, the most common type of mattress is an elevated box spring that contains metal coils, while in Japan, people typically sleep on futon mattresses, which typically contain cotton or wool, placed directly on the floor. Studies have also linked radiation to brain tumors, and DNA damage that might precipitate a number of different diseases and health problems.
Electromagnetic waves resonate on a half-wavelength antenna to create a standing wave with a peak at the middle of the antenna and a node at each end, just as when a string stretched between two points is plucked at the center.
Could this explain why Japan has much lower rates of cancer compared to the US and Europe, and why the Japanese do not have higher rates of left- than right-sided breast cancer? Naturally, there are many other factors that come into play as well, including diet, chemical exposures, and vitamin D deficiency, just to name a few. However, the theory that you may be promoting cancer by sleeping on a metal coil-spring mattress that amplifies ambient radiation is quite convincing. Now, a couple of my readers have commented that the quote from Scientific American makes little sense because TV and radio broadcast on a number of different wavelengths, and beds come in many different sizes. These concerns can also be valid, and I make no claims of having the in-depth technological expertise to either support or refute this particular Scientific American author’s explanation. However, I believe sleeping on metal is not in your best interest health-wise, (and qualified scientist raised the question to begin with). In a control test — with the sperm kept away from WiFi emissions, but at the same under-laptop temperature — 14% of the sperm died within four hours, and 3% showed DNA damage.
Before you go out and buy a lead jockstrap, though, bear in mind that this is ex vivo — the sperm were outside the testes — and the scientific study does not go as far as to say that that EM radiation actually affects your chance of getting a girl pregnant. Perhaps more importantly, though, this study does show that very weak, low-frequency radiation does have an effect on sperm. Many people are aware that prolonged cell phone use has been associated with brain cancer, but most don’t realize how other sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) also radically increase cancer risk.
Indeed, studies from such scientists reveal that current amounts of EMR from telecom towers and antennas radically alter the body’s cellular communications’ processes, leading to cancer and other diseases.
2) Replacing cordless phones (which give off dangerous levels of radiation even when not in use, because their base is constantly looking for a signal), with a hard-wired phone. 5) Considering purchasing scientifically-proven EMR protective devices for the home and body, such as EMR-protective clothing for the body and shielding paint for the home. Doing these things can significantly reduce cancer risk from sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Over the last few years, there has been mounting concern about the possibility of adverse health effects resulting from exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by wireless communication devices. From May 24-31 2011, a Working Group of 31 scientists from 14 countries has been meeting at IARC in Lyon, France, to assess the potential carcinogenic hazards from exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. The IARC Monograph Working Group discussed the possibility that these exposures might induce long?term health effects, in particular an increased risk for cancer.
The evidence was reviewed critically, and overall evaluated as being limited2 among users of wireless telephones for glioma and acoustic neuroma, and inadequate3 to draw conclusions for other types of cancers. Dr Jonathan Samet (University of Southern California, USA), overall Chairman of the Working Group, indicated that “the evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and the 2B classification. Cell phones were not tested for health and safety effects prior to their 1984 entry in the market. With 4 billion cell phone users across the world and beginning evidence of long-term health effects, the Center for Safer Wireless recommends taking precautions when using a cell phone.
Neurosurgeons and epidemiologists share their observations about brain tumors and children in the video vault of this website.
Ionizing radiation has short wavelengths that have enough power to knock neutrons off their nuclear orbits and can cause permanent damage on the cellular level such as genetic mutations and cancer.
Some scientists point to research indicating biological changes in DNA, leakage in the blood brain barrier, and other reported health effects from exposure to radiofrequency radiation.
This graph depicts the electromagnetic spectrum with both frequencies and wavelengths associated with products and technology. Cell phones, cordless phones, pagers, radar, wireless Internet, and satellite communications function by using different radiofrequencies at the microwave level. Radio waves are low levels of transmission power enabling signals to and from your cell phone. In addition, the switching battery pack on a cell phone creates very high levels of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF). PDAs such as Blackberries and iPhones produce higher levels than cell phones of extremely low frequency emissions because they use more energy from the battery. Mobile phone recycling has been popular concept these days, which helps prevent environmental risks caused by mobile phones.
The research from the World Health Organisation and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has identified mobile phone usage has the possible cause for glioma, a malignant type of brain melanoma. However, right now we live and work in such a globe where we cannot afford to live without using mobile phones.
However, there are specific regulations to control the amount of radiation hazard coming from a tower. Electromagnetic radiation ( EMR ) is energy in waves ( like visible light ), emitted from a source. A strong EMF can be due to a powerful source of radiation far away, or a weak radiation source very close by.
People who live in a high- EMF Neighbourhood — Anyone who lives within range of Electric power lines or cell phone Towers for several ( Five ? It’s interesting that people view a good deal in regards to the challenges of Cell Phones on television lately.
Quite simply, they were much worse in individuals days for your human bio system, as well as the antennas were higher quality too, as well as the cell towers were further apart calculating 7-miles or maybe more, today a great deal a lot more like 3-miles.
There’s an amazing the review article on Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence online recently on May 24, 2011 titled “Disconnect: The Real Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, Just what the Industry Is Doing to pay for It, and the way to guard Your Loved OnesInch – Devra Davis, launched by Dutton Adult, 2010. The truth is, this can be a gentleman who written a whole book round the subject, not just a cutesy article for mainstream media. That’s just frightening stuff, and just how about pregnant moms utilizing their cell phones shackled by their sides while using the blue-tooth around the ear. The upper limit is so high that within next few years the health of 1 crore Indians could be affected. The number of people having health problems is more in the areas where radiation limits are high, India has adopted the worst radiation norms in the entire world.
Only for the sake of multi-crore business being bottom line in this industry of cell phones, Health of Indians not being the priority , the Deptts. Russian researchers affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences recently published two studies that found a progressive deterioration of brain functioning including memory and efficiency over a 4 year period in children exposed to cellphones. Over the four-year monitoring of 196 children ages 7-12 who were users of mobile communication devices, a steady decline in these parameters from high values to bottom standards compared was observed.
There has been news out recently that CT scans end up giving cancer to about 30,000 people every year. A few high-profile studies done recently have found that there is a certain amount of risk of a brain tumor occurring with high levels of cell phone use, and the WHO has issued warnings advising children to stay away from cell phones.

You have probably realized Electricsense is not just about cell phone radiation it is about a way of life. Of all the different forms of electromagnetic pollution wireless (RF) radiation, that’s to say that used by such devices as cell phones, cell phone towers and WIFI, is certainly that which is the most insidious. You can get someone in to do some testing in your home to establish the level of electrosmog, but these EMF meters (or EMF detectors) are now so cheap and easy to use that you may want to do some testing yourself. If you are toying with the idea of buying one of these devices I would encourage you to do so, it’s an investment for your health. Interviewer: The higher up in the gigahertz frequency we get, the more dangerous it is to our bodies.
But, whenever you think that a lot of people are walking around with cellphones that are at 900 frequency, the one that could penetrate the steel sides of an oven, and you only have a quarter inch of skull, an eighth inch of skull, it’s bound to be penetrating into your brain. Interviewer: Now, you had an interesting story about one of the banks in regards to wireless, and what they did to prevent what they claimed was internet coming in from the wireless. Interviewer: Now, you told me that the schools in the Northern Island now are all getting brand new laptop computers, and as you mentioned, this is obviously very dangerous. Expert: There’s different ideas of why they’ve done this, but mainly on the surface, it appears to be easier. For the average man (or woman) in the street the problem with cell phone towers is that everybody wants more cell phone towers, to have better coverage and to be able to run more apps, but nobody wants a cell phone tower in their backyard. The thing is, the only reason the average man in the street (aka the public at large) doesn’t want the cell phone tower next to his house is because it looks an eyesore! If you are more on planet Lloyd and are concerned about protecting yourself from the cell tower that has just sprung up in your neighborhood, there are shielding solutions. Announcer: We all love our cell phones and that is a challenge for Cell Phone companies that have to provide good service and be good neighbors. Driving along the highway you may have noticed a rather odd looking tree sticking up above the rest. Andrew Messing is the president of Larson Camouflage, a company that built cell phone towers in a wide variety of disguises, from Palm trees to Water towers to flag poles. Of the approximately 200, 000 cell antenna sites in the US only about a fourth are camouflaged or hidden. With the increasing popularity of text messaging and video streaming, wireless companies will continue to be very busy building more towers and if they do it the way they hope to do it, you won’t even notice them. When you say, on the WHO website, there are no known adverse health effects, is that really giving people the complete picture of the science out there?
Repacholi; When that statement was put on the website, it was meaning that no health effects have been established. Repacholi: If they’re published, they are in the mix because every review panel looks at all the studies along with other studies to see if they’re comparable with those studies or point in the same direction.
Do you wonder why Fortis needs Utilities Commission approval for advanced meters, but BC Hydro does not? Normally a utility must apply to the Utilities Commission to make a large capital expenditure. But the government short-circuited this process in 2010 through the Clean Energy Act, which ordered BC Hydro to implement smart meters and barred the Utilities Commission from reviewing the plan.
Quite likely BC Hydro’s status as a government-owned corporation encouraged the government to accord Hydro this special treatment.
BCSEA supports an empowered Utilities Commission and opposes special exemptions to let BC Hydro or any public utility make major expenditures without public scrutiny. BCSEA is intervening in the review of Fortis’s advanced metering application to ensure that the meters are cost effective, and to ensure that Fortis pursues to the maximum any opportunities to conserve energy. Keep posted through the BCSEA website for news on Fortis’s advanced metering application, as it proceeds through the spring of 2013. Supporters say smart meters will greatly improve the efficiency and capabilities of the electricity grid, while saving money and enhancing consumer service. Smart meters will deter electricity theft, mainly by illegal marijuana grow-ops, through better detection of unmetered electricity losses. Remote meter reading over radio frequencies will greatly reduce manual meter reading by people driving vehicles. Utilities should be able to save energy by matching more closely the amount of power they put into the grid with customersi needs. Utilities will be able to offer time-of-use rates to customers to encourage energy conservation and shift demand away from peak times, when electricity costs the most. Smart meters could potentially enhance charging services for electric vehicles by allowing secure, individualized electronic billing at charging stations. Cost reductions enabled by smart meters should put downward pressure on customersi electricity bills. Fortis estimates it will save $105 million over twenty years though theft reduction, about half of the total estimated cost benefit from its advanced meters. BCSEA is actively reviewing the evidence on smart meters in the Utilities Commissionis review of Fortisis advanced metering application. Is this a case of scientists, given that there are thousands studies and we don’t ever read about them in the newspapers, is this the scientists fudging the numbers? If we do have a global pandemic of pediatric illness, people are going to ask, “How did this happen?” Well one of the reasons that this happened is that the regulations are not in line with the science, and are not protecting us. My concern is, if we had a factory beside the school and the fumes from this factory had been shown to cause a series of biological effects; weaken the brain blood barrier, damage to DNA, suppression of the immune system, cardiac effects, and cognitive impairment; how long would that factory stay beside the school? But I would go even further, the real problem is not just wireless radiation it is electromagnetic field exposure generally, we all need to be taking steps to reduce our EMF exposure.
The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health has always been a controversial subject. The stress clearly influences learning and memory formation on the synaptic level in the rat brain.
The study was conducted by the organization’s International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC), which included 31 scientists from 14 countries. Klinghardt , electromagnetic fields interfere not only with your biology, but with that of your unborn child as well. Use only battery devices near your bed — Many electric clocks produce high magnetic fields so use a battery powered clock instead. Shield your bed with a special metalized fabric, to protect yourself from harmful frequencies that can disrupt cellular communication. One good source that demonstrates this is the 2009 special EMF issue of the Journal of Pathophysiology, which contains over a dozen different studies on the health effects of electromagnetic fields and wireless technology. Previous research has shown that people prefer to sleep on their right sides, possibly as a way of reducing weight stress on the heart.
The association produces and distributes educational literature that has helped raise awareness about the phenomenon around the world. Just as saxophones are made in different sizes to resonate with and amplify particular wavelengths of sound, electromagnetic waves are selectively amplified by metal objects that are the same, half or one quarter of the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave of a specific frequency.
When placed underneath a laptop for four hours, 25% of the sperm died and 9% showed DNA damage. We might know the extent of that effect, but this is proof that we at least ought to be careful. It’s a toxin that can’t be seen or often felt; flawed telecommunication industry-sponsored studies have revealed that current EMR exposure levels are safe, so it has been mostly ignored in medicine. These scientists believe that the dramatic increase in cancer in recent years has been due in part to the growing prevalence of EMR in our environment. Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, and cordless phones emit high-frequency radiation that has also been linked to cancer.
These assessments will be published as Volume 102 of the IARC Monographs, which will be the fifth volume in this series to focus on physical agents, after Volume 55 (Solar Radiation), Volume 75 and Volume 78 on ionizing radiation (X?rays, gamma?rays, neutrons, radio?nuclides), and Volume 80 on non?ionizing radiation (extremely low?frequency electromagnetic fields).
This has relevance for public health, particularly for users of mobile phones, as the number of users is large and growing, particularly among young adults and children.
The evidence from the occupational and environmental exposures mentioned above was similarly judged inadequate. Once a cancer victim who believed the cancer was caused by cell phones attempted to sue the cell phone industry, in 1993 a $25 million research and surveillance program was developed and funded by the cell phone industry. Food and Drug Administration website states, “The scientific evidence does not show a danger to any users of cell phones from radiofrequency radiation exposure, including children and teenagers… But more research is needed”, we don’t know whether cell phones will cause health abnormalities over the long-term.
Wireless technology operates by using radiofrequency radiation which is nonionizing radiation.
Wireless safety standards are based on the technology using nonthermal levels, thought to be safe because it doesn’t heat tissue. These scientists are calling for biologically-based safety standards for wireless technology. There is a near-field and far field plume of radiation emitted when a cell phone is in use. It truly is found in research that the gadget is dangerous not only as a trash, but it also speeds up threat to health during the usage too.
The fact is that several studies have already shown that the effects of radiation from mobile phones are considered hazardous to the user, and customers need to know about this to take appropriate action. For this reason, the particular only real method to get into this mounting drawback is usually to discover reliable usage of mobile phone. There is a high chance of phones carrying bacteria of a variety of illnesses from centres dispersing infection at home and surroundings. That is why the EMF your body experiences from your cell phone ( when you make a call ) is much stronger than the EMF you experience from the cell phone tower. It’s all the studies, research, including these latest studies everyone is reading through through about showing how a cell phone radiation is resulting in DNA to breakdown, that the cell phones are cancer leading to. Their brains feel at ease because situation, but wait, how may be the developing fetus doing there, I request? But if the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Report submitted by Experts on Cell Phone Towers radiation submitted to Department of Telecommunications are accepted then soon there will be stricter restrictions on towers being installed near high density residential areas & schools. Radiation Ecology (Volume 51, No.5, 2011), demonstrates an increase in phonemic perception disorders, abatement of efficiency, reduced indicators for the arbitrary and semantic memory and increased fatigue.
Apparently the radiation that CT scans treat you to, has always been on the high side, and no one really understood this. What, mice have Alzheimer’s, and you could tell the difference between a mouse with poor memory and one with healthy memory? It’s out in the street, it’s in public transport it’s in our work places, and it’s even in our homes. The advantage of buying such a meter is that you can use it at home, at work, and with friends and family. When I first bought my meter even I was surprised by some of the readings it was giving me. So when the cell phone company, disguises a tower as pine tree, or a lighthouse, or a bolder the general feeling is one of admiration. Here is the cold hard fact; people want to use their phones, whenever and wherever they choose, but many communities feel that cell phone towers are just plain ugly so some wireless providers are becoming masters of disguise. He says that they have done some grain silos in the Mid West because it would look funny to have a 150 ft tall pine tree.
In Arlington Virginia, Verizon wireless built a house where no one is ever home and which is filled with the electronic equipment needed to operate a traditional tower that sits in the backyard. A cell tower disguised as a tree can cost as much as 120,000 Dollars: 4 times the price of a metal tower.
The Commission then orders a proceeding at which ratepayers and the groups that represent them may scrutinize the proposal and raise any concerns. FortisBC, as a private corporation, received no order to implement smart meters, and so its current application is subject to review by the Utilities Commission.
We want to be sure that the meters are thoroughly assessed, so that the public can be assured that their concerns on all points will be considered when the Commission makes its final decision. In the last three or four years, utilities across North America have suddenly started installing millions of them.

Detractors complain of the high cost (up to $500 per meter), the uncertain benefits, and the alleged radiation hazards to people, animals and even plants. FortisBC wants to install 130,000 meters with an up-front cost of $51 million, or $400 per customer. BC Hydro also expects theft reduction to account for just under half of its total cost savings.
Is it the 5 or 6 corporations that control well over 80% of the media in the United States including over 11,000 magazines? There is evidence that this electro-pollution, now of course we can’t see it, we can’t smell it, most of us can’t feel it, but there is evidence that our children are at risk.
Now, neuroscientists from Bochum have for the first time explained the effects of high frequency electromagnetic fields (HEFs) derived from mobile phones. Furthermore, all animals were tested for stress hormone release immediately following the HEF exposure. This disclosure is based on research that has shown an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use. He performed a small study showing that autism can actually be predicted based on the EMF levels of your sleeping quarters while pregnant!
This is a strengthened aluminum foil that will reflect most of the radiation from coming into your home.
I installed this in my home when I renovated it and it virtually eliminated all external EMFs. Many of these mattresses also contain latex for support in lieu of coil springs, giving you the best of both worlds. I’m quite happy with this mattress as it is FAR more comfortable than a number of the organic mattresses I had purchased in the past.
Mast Action UK is doing similar work in Great Britain, as well as the Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance in Australia.
The report, published in the Fertility and Sterility journal by some Argentinian scientists, details how semen samples from 29 healthy, potent men suffered significant damage when placed underneath a WiFi-connected laptop. The important finding here is that WiFi electromagnetic (EM) radiation damaged the sperm — almost every other study has focused on increased temperature (which also damages sperm, incidentally).
If anything, it reaffirms that we shouldn’t keep a notebook on our lap for a significant amount of time — and the same should be said of an iPad, Kindle Fire, or your choice of WiFi-enabled gizmo. Furthermore, the US government, which receives massive tax revenue from telecom industries, has established faulty guidelines for EMR exposure. All of these towers emit high-frequency electromagnetic fields that have been linked to cancer development. Blue tooth devices and headsets do not protect the brain from EMR, contrary to popular belief. Fourteen research studies covering 10 years or longer shows an increase risk of developing a glioma or acoustic neuroma on the same side of the head as a cell phone is used. With visible light dividing them, radiation is broken down into ionizing and nonionizing radiation. Radiofrequency radiation, also known as microwave radiation, uses nonthermal levels of radiation, which do not heat living tissue. Microwaves used in wireless signaling are different from microwave ovens due to frequency, power, and heat. The effect of mobile phone radiation on our well-being and fitness has long been a popular topic for discussion these days.
These facts demonstrate that an excessive amount of usage of mobile phone may also raise the risk of other illnesses just like brain tumour, genetic damage, uneasy brain function as well as other physiological complaints.
Retailers who sell mobiles should also be responsible to provide advice to consumers on how to minimise the mobile phone radiation. This helps evade direct contact related to the radiation hazard source and our areas of the body like ears and head. If you are residing yourself to near a mobile tower, shifting your house would be the best solution. Our immune system can be harmfully affected when these EMR rays pass through our body Cell phone towers radioactivity can thus affect every living thing in one square kilometers.
In individuals days i had been told there’s nothing to concern yourself with perfectly harmless, now we uncover, well, really they weren’t.
Still more questions, however when you would really like some real solutions, I guess I’d recommend this book for you personally too.
They tested the mice for memory in things that people have trouble remembering, with Alzheimer’s. Being electrosensitive I can feel the electrosmog, so I don’t need the EMF meter to alert me of hotspots. Many communities have decided that these disguised cell phone towers are easier on the eyes and there are certain cities that now have required all new towers being built to be disguised.
Cell antennas as also being hidden inside all kinds of architecture like clock towers and fake chimneys: the site very much dictates how a tower will be disguised.
The very nice looking house has the neighborhood fooled; door to door salesman visit it and free newspapers are dropped off at this house.
A church in Washington receives more that 1000 dollars a month to allow antennas to operate in their staple. The remote connection and disconnection of electricity service will also reduce site visits by service people.
If the cost is not balanced by the savings, the smart meter capital costs could add 2 to 3 percent to electricity bills.
But these estimated savings rely on un-proven assumptions about the number of grow-ops and how they will respond to anti-theft measures.
Are the scientists and media acting as corporate shows or have we just somehow overlooked all of this? Yeah, it’s in your book, you don’t even have to have a cell phone, you’re been irradiated by the towers.
He found that if you sleep in strong electromagnetic fields during pregnancy, your child will likely begin to exhibit neurological abnormalities within the first two years of life. The downside however is that it is VERY difficult to get any cell phone reception in my home.
It has deemed safe levels to be thousands of times higher than what disinterested scientists have proven as safe.
For example, one Germany study reported that living within 1300 feet of two microwave towers over ten years triples cancer risk. George Carlo lead this effort that by 2001 showed red flags of warning that cell phone radiation could lead to the development of brain tumors, other cancers, or other adverse health effects. Cell phones operate at 750 to 950 MHz (mega hertz) while microwave ovens function at 2450 MHz. The older cordless house and office phones were a few hundred MHz of radio waves, but the more you moved from the base, the weaker the signal.
It is understood from print media long time ago that The Indian council of Medical Research ( ICMR ) has flagged off a large scale research project to examine the health impact of mobile tower radiation.
The radio waves involved in the cell phones we use, scientists tell us, we have no real reason to worry about. Most people do not have this “advantage”, they are exposing themselves and their family because of their ignorance. At this site Verizon have been able to build a cell tower that blends into the neighborhood and is welcome. Of all the 50, 000 cell towers hidden or disguised in the US, one of the more amazing ones is on Staten Island.
In July 2012, FortisBC’s electricity utility in south central BC asked the Utilities Commission for permission to do the same in its service territory. The soldiers were running to wash themselves trying to avoid the - not exist anymore - ly effects of the weapon. Other studies in Australia, UK and Italy revealed significant increases in leukemia among people who live near such towers. It is worth noting that when the body is overwhelmed by too much electromagnetic radiation, health effects can occur many years later. What concerns me is always that there has been studies in Europe in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 but it absolutely was as if there’s a media blackout within america. At the same time the report clearly states that the safe limit for our health is 1000 times less than even the recommended limit.
The researchers started with good mice; they altered their genes so that the mice would start to get Alzheimer’s-like symptoms with plenty of brain-plaque – deposits of the protein beta-amyloid that has always been associated with Alzheimer’s.
They are trying to use stronger and stronger radio waves on the mice now to see if this will help their Alzheimer’s any better. And the ones they feel they need to disguise are often in communities that put up a fight and refuse to accept a traditional tower. Here a cell phone tower is made to look like a lighthouse that’s so realistic that neighbors says it attracts tourists. As the Council of Europe pointed out, the health regulators have not been quick off the mark to protect public health from tobacco, asbestos, lead – remember lead and gasoline?
Basically, microwave ovens use high frequency and high power, and cell phones use high frequency and low power. Today cordless phones are 900 MHz and higher so that you don’t lose calls when moving from room to room, and you can even go outside. As the car nears a cell phone antenna in the same cell phone network, less radiofrequency radiation is required by the cell phone to receive and send signals to the antenna. More radiation is absorbed in the brains of children talking on a cell phone placed to their ears.
For example, when an alternating magnetic wave penetrates a body ( including yours ) an alternating electric current will flow inside that body. And understand it was when cell phones were shifting from the 3 major major Watt phones which is a lot more energy and for that reason, more micro-wave intensity.
Whatever they say about cell phone radiation, there is something good about it, believe it or not. They put the mice in an environment filled with cell phone radiation, and demonstrated that the radiation heats the brain up, and melts the plaque away.
Towers in communities, neighborhoods and national parks where people don’t want to see a big metal pole, are often the ones disguised.
Blackwell, PhD, Chartered Engineer and advisor to WiredChild, states, “Having a digital wireless device in your home, office, or school is like having a mini-base station (cell tower) indoors with you.” And with Wi-Max (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) now being implemented across the globe, entire regions will be blanketed in cancer-causing high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. But as the car moves away, the cell phone uses more radiofrequency radiation to seek the closest antenna. Electromagnetic radiation from a source , & weakens with increasing distance until it becomes too small to measure. They believe now that with someone who seems headed for dementia, a lot of exposure to cell phone or radio wave radiation would actually come with the side benefit of a certain degree of Alzheimer’s prevention.
So they believe now that immersing an Alzheimer’s patient in a radio waves, strong ones, actually might melt away the brain plaque inside, and achieve Alzheimer’s prevention or even reversal. IIT , Bombay, the harmful effects of radiation who worked for more than three decades who is still not very optimistic! And not only would it prevent it, heavy cell phone usage would actually reverse memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients who are somewhat along down that road. Michael Repacholi no longer works for the WHO, but he’s made decisions that affect all our lives. I really encourage parents and grandparents or anyone that really cares about their health to realize we have to take action.
This is what the Council calls precautionary principle and I really feel it’s well worth our children’s risk.

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