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But many more toxins may be lurking in your home, disguised in seemingly ‘innocent’ household products that are secretly eroding your family’s health, resulting in toxic overload. Toxic elements can build up in your body until one day the body has just had enough: it’s reached the tipping point – toxic overload. The great news is that you can prevent toxic overload, or even begin to reverse it, by reducing the amount of toxins you and your family are exposed to so you can achieve healthy living. Studies from different countries report that the quality of indoor air can be worse than the air outside. An American consumer group, Mary PIRG, recently reported on the presence of formaldehyde in baby furniture. Many hospitals have dropped or are considering dropping latex gloves, as the latex has been known to trigger severe allergic reactions.
As a naturopath with expertise in environment medicine, I know what toxic overload can do, both to our environment and to your health. Several years ago, despite being very fit, I was finding it increasingly difficult to achieve healthy living.
Toxic effects are more concentrated due to their smaller size, and it takes much less toxin to overwhelm their systems.
Their higher metabolic rate means they breathe faster, and toxins circulate through their bodies faster. They are closer to the ground where many toxins, such as natural gas, mercury and airborne toxins settle, so they get stronger concentrations. Their immature nervous systems and brains are more easily affected by geomagnetic and electromagnetic pollution. It is the parents’ role to ensure their kids achieve healthy living by making their homes safe and reducing toxic overload.
Having considerable experience in dealing with toxins and the effects of toxic overload, I found that most parents do not realize just how many highly toxic substances are in their homes. You can’t control the outdoor environment, but you CAN do something about toxic overload inside your home. There are loads of healthy home guides on how you can improve the quality of your indoor air and reduce toxic overload in order to promote healthy living! Provide pure drinking water for your family, and avoid toxins in shower water, which can enter through your pores. Select kitchenware that does not leach chemicals into your food, or release toxic elements into the air. Superior 100% ceramic cookware (not ceramic-coated) is made from ceramic clay and other natural materials. Choose furnishings that have not been treated with toxic chemicals, which can remain active long after purchase.
Select flooring that helps control dust mites (a major allergen) and does not give off toxic fumes for years. The first thing I did when I realised that my growing allergies were due to toxic overload was take a good, hard look at my home and work environments. As a result of my intensive research on different sources at home such as household furnishings, construction materials, and ordinary home products, and the chemical behaviour of different toxins, I was able to take definitive steps to clear toxins from my home and workplace and maintain healthy living. I know they’ll improve your family’s well-being and resistance to disease, as they did mine.
Beyond Good Health Holistic Medical Clinic Brisbane and Gold Coast offers holistic health services tailored for your specific health needs. When working on a new computer, do you notice a warm burning sensation on your face, like being sunburnt? EMF (electromagnetic field) is a type of radiation from invisible electrical and magnetic forces, which takes the form of waves. Artificial EMF – from simple hair dryers to cell phones and laptops, human technologies emit powerful EMFs. Electric field is created by voltage or electric charges and is always present regardless of whether the appliance is turned on or off.
Magnetic field is created by electric current and is only present when the appliance is working (due to the moving of electric charges).
Scientific studies show that powerful artificial EMFs can pass through our bodies, causing disruption to our natural bioelectrical signals.
Following EMF safety guidelines is important, because the more you use EMF-emitting devices and the closer your proximity to them, the higher your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies will be.
Several epidemiological studies have shown that strong and multi-directional EMFs can disrupt normal cell polarity and blood functions. All bodily functions and responses are controlled via electromagnetic frequencies from the brain; therefore, all our cells and tissues generate EMFs. Even low levels of electromagnetic radiation can increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier, allowing greater chemical uptake into the brain.
But now scientists are beginning to take note, because recent studies have uncovered a pattern linking frequent use of mobile phones to increased risk of brain tumours. Microwave ovens, computers, televisions, satellites and power lines also emit EMFs at dangerous levels.
It is during sleep that the body restores and detoxifies, so it makes sense to deal with EMF safety issues in your bedroom. While most beds contain metal frames and springs that can amplify and disrupt the natural magnetic field, use a non-metal bed frame and mattress if possible. Keep your bed at a distance from all possible sources of EMF, such as electric and electronic devices.
Move electric devices, such as electric clocks and radios, at least 1 metre away from your bed; some experts recommend 3 metres. Turn off or unplug all electrical devices in your bedroom, such as Wi-Fi, computer, cellphone and portable phones. If your home got high EMF reading, it is very important to learn the main sources of EMF in order to take remedial action as soon as possible. When using a laptop, the best EMF safety tip for reducing magnetic radiation is to use it on the battery rather than the main electrical supply. Because most laptop and computers have WiFi functionality, it is best to replace WiFi installation with a wired connection to reduce radio frequency (RF) radiation.
Cordless phones radiate a significant amount of toxic radiation – even twice as much as mobile phones. A good example of an EMF safety device is the Mobile Phone Protector Plate, a small flexible device that is easily attached to the phone.
As an EMF Safety solution to help protect you and your family from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation we recommend the CHI Shield Technology™, an Australian product from CHI Health Innovations, the leader in CHI (Complex Homeovibrational Information) programmed health and environmental devices. Another EMF safety tip: If you are living near high-voltage power lines or mobile towers, you may want to consult an experienced building biologist to ascertain environmental EMF, and find out about best ways to shield their home if necessary. Considering the rapid increase of technology in our world, people need to be aware of the health and safety risks of technology and take steps to reduce them.  This information has yet to become common knowledge, even though there is plenty of precaution advised by medical and science experts, and people are being harmed. We are in an era of unprecedented psychological manipulation of the science on potential health effects of EMF and RFR.
The Scientific Committee for Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks, right?  Emerging (not proven).  Newly identified (not conclusively demonstrated). How do you tell your family and friends that you don’t use a cellphone, the microwave, or WiFi because of health considerations?
Lloyd Burrell is an expert on EMF (electromagnetic fields) safety and has been helping many souls regain their health through education about the dangers of unwanted frequencies, while giving practical tips on how to stay safe in this modern day. To learn about the insidious dangers of EMFs from everyday technologies like your cellphones, WiFi, microwave, Bluetooth, etc.
Rachel is a certified Yoga teacher, a Les Mills instructor, a wife, and graphic and web designer. I personally believe that you can’t fight the physical battle without going on a spiritual path, so I agree with what you’ve done!
An important European review of the EMF science, called The Reflex Report, prepared by 12 scientific institutes in 7 countries, confirmed long-term genetic damage in the blood and brains of users of mobile phones and other sources of electromagnetic fields. Note the DNA deterioration occurring from cell phone radiation is similar to 1,600 chest x-rays. It is noteworthy that though it has been over six years since the Interphone study was completed, approximately 50% of the data has still not been released, including data on the risk of acoustic neuromas and salivary gland tumors, which are closest to where the cell phone is placed against the ear. The Journal of Pediatric Psychology (May 2012) reported that mobile phone use after lights out associate with poor mental health, suicidal feelings and self injury in early and late adolescents.
One wonders, are there payoffs being made to government officials at the FCC and FDA to assure smooth sailing for the telcom industry at the expense of public health? Are there military interests seeking to limit regulation of radiation-emitting technologies so biological effects of their own RF-based military technologies do not come under greater public scrutiny? One has to question why a more responsible and diligent approach to the assessment and monitoring of radiation-emitting technologies has not been taken. According to Henry Lai, PhD, Research Professor at the University of Washington, electric and magnetic fields (ELF), radiofrequency (RF) and microwaves (MW) have similar biological effects. The San Francisco Medical Society’s website features an article by Cindy Sage, co-editor of the landmark Bioinitiative Report, “Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure: A Growing Environmental Health Crisis”, describing known EMF impacts, such as “changes in cell membrane function, major changes in calcium metabolism and cellular signal communication, cell proliferation, activation of proto-oncogenes, activation of HSP heat shock proteins as if heating has occurred when it has not, and cell death. In a pilot study by Deitrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD et al, high ambient microwaves and body voltage levels were associated with increased risk of autistic offspring. In May 2008, the UCLA School of Public Health reported results of a study finding a possible link between cell phone exposure and behavioral problems in young children, urging additional research. Last year, scientists at Yale University demonstrated that fetal exposure to radiofrequency radiation from cellular telephones does in fact affect adult behavior, in a study where mice exposed in utero to high frequency EMFs —from cell phones— developed neurological and behavioral problems by the time they became adults. Note, some experts in electric field mitigation suggest that non-continguously conductive and ungrounded tent shielding fabrics could conceivably act as an antenna for 60Hz electric field EMFs, so for people sensitive to those household 60HZ electric fields the RF bed tent shielding may not necessarily be a good option. Camilla Rees is a leading health educator and environmental consultant focused on electromagnetic fields and health.
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) commissioned a report by Richard Tell Associates Inc. The EPRI report concludes that no violations of current FCC public safety limits are predicted to occur. The EPRI report does not address compliance of multiple meters, at 100% duty cycle (which is required under FCC OET 65 formulas), and our calculations show violations at 60% reflection factor (the lowest level the FCC regulations specify).
The EPRI report provides a generic, best-case assessment of RF emissions since it focuses on ‘typical’ meters rather than a broad range of conditions of location, installation and operation of Itron meters under real-world conditions.  It does not provide a reasonable, worst-case analysis, nor take into account the way in which utilities are actually locating meters in neighborhoods, nor address that the public cannot be excluded from very close proximity to meters on their own homes.
The author says that only approximations of RF exposures for ‘typical’ meters, in ‘common’ installations applying to ‘common’ exposures of individuals, are ‘likely’ to comply with FCC exposure limits.
Utilities are hoping for the best, and deploying at full speed, regardless of the clear ‘between-the-lines’ warnings, from their own highly regarded expert. Deploying millions of wireless utility meters on such limited testing and questionable assertions of safety is unwise.
You probably want clean air and water, and desire a healthy living, free from toxic elements. Not only can our homes contain hundreds of toxins, but the build-up of toxic fumes in enclosed spaces can magnify their toxic effects. Officially listed as a carcinogenic, formaldehyde is found in wood composite building materials and furnishings, and is widely used in carpet manufacturing. This is the same latex used to make ordinary dishwashing gloves, rubber aprons and rubber bands.
Poor quality of indoor air has been shown in studies from Denmark and Sweden to lead to cardiovascular disease.

You may not be able to get rid of all the toxic elements your family is exposed to outside the home, but you can make your home a suitable place for healthy living. I also learned from personal experience that living a positive lifestyle does not ensure that you are free from toxins. I lacked energy, was constantly tired and was even unable to stay alert at important meetings.
Have you noticed that children are always the first victims of pollution disasters like those that occurred at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? When chemicals are tested to be ‘safe’, they are based on the tolerance of adults; hence, what affects you mildly can be very dangerous to a child. They are more likely to put things into their mouths or touch things without washing their hands than adults. HEPA (which is a type of filter, not a brand name) was developed during World War II to prevent radioactive particles from escaping from laboratories. It has no chemicals and metals that may leach into your food, causing adverse effects on your health. Even though I’d worked as an environmental engineer for many years, and was a practicing naturopath, I was astonished to discover just how many dangerous toxins I was exposed to at home, from off-gassing carpets to toxin-releasing cookware, to ordinary plastic wrap. Even if you just take a few of the recommended steps, you can achieve a healthy home by improving your indoor air quality and reducing your family’s toxic exposure. We recommend you book a 60 minute appointment and have your overall health status checked by our expert health practitioners. Because our body is a good conductor of electricity, we cannot prevent our body from interacting with external EMF radiation.
Natural EMF is extremely low frequency EMF: for example, the earth resonates with the human body at almost 10 hertz. The unit of measurement is hertz, and they can be blocked or shielded through a metal barrier.
Unlike electric fields, magnetic fields are difficult to shield because they can penetrate concrete, steel and the human bodies.
So if you are living in an area with cell phone service and electric power, you are surrounded with some level of artificial EMF. In fact, our cells communicate with each other through electromagnetic fields and bioelectrical signals. When you plug in an electrical device, it is immediately surrounded by an electrical field, even when it is turned off.
This is because our bodies are 70 % water, and our cells are 97 % water with 3 % salt; in other words, we can conduct electricity.
Yet, our natural electromagnetic system functions and self-regulates most effectively in an environment that’s free from synthetic EMFs. Indeed, we may be paying a very high price for much of the technology we use every day to make life easier or more fun.
Andrew Michrowski, President of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Incorporated, said, “the world does not realize the seriousness of the electromagnetic radiation problem that exists today”.
Faculty and staff of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute were warned to limit their use of cell phones because of the risk of cancer. A major study found out that children born within 200 meters of an overhead power line had a 70% increased risk of leukaemia. Your body is exposed to different levels of EMF since you start the day so taking a time off from electromagnetic smog is very important. Electric blankets can penetrate about 6 to 7 inches into your body, and is often linked with miscarriages and childhood leukaemia.
If you think your home has incorrect wiring, look for the service of a licensed electrician.
Hence, you should not only be concerned if you are sitting in front of the monitor, but also sitting nearby a computer. Also, don’t forget to disable your WiFi function because even if you are on a hard wired connection, your computer is still receiving RF radiation when in Wifi mode. The EMF danger is found on the handset and the base station as it emits harmful radio waves over 1kHz every hour.
While more and more people are carrying cellphones as their primary means of phone contact, it can be dangerous. Use speakerphone that you can attach to the phone, or use Skype through your computer or laptop on speaker mode.
They work by expanding and strengthening your bio-energy field, which in turn allows your body to ground and purify unbalanced and chaotic energies such as EMF more effectively. After looking into many options, I found these devices to offer the most effective and affordable protection against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This mobile phone shield plate bio-energises and harmonises the unhealthy electromagnetic radiation that emanates from your mobile or wireless phone and strengthens at the same time your body’s natural defence system.
EMF’s include electric and magnetic fields, and wireless radiation.  In California and other states, prudent avoidance of EMF’s is recommended public policy. No amount of dust-kicking can obscure the basic fact that the SCENIHR failed to do what it was directed to do. How do we manage to live life socially while staying protected from uncertain and unsafe technologies?
In this discussion, we will give a brief overview on how to protect yourself from radiation and we’ll discuss the social impact of your decision and how to adjust.
Thank you to Lloyd, Rachel and Rob, for an informative hour on how to clean up our lives from the daily bombarment of EMFs. People may hide from spirituality or pretend that all there is is matter, but just like EMFs, it has an effect on their bodies, whether they like it or believe it or not. Recently, in May 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified wireless radiation from cell phones as a category 2B “Possible Carcinogen” based on evidence for association with brain tumors (gliomas) and acoustic neuromas.
The “SAR” Value (“Specific Absorption Rate”) Measures Only One Form of Risk From Cell Phones and Is, On Many Counts, a Misleading Gauge of Safety. Paradoxically, Low SAR Values Can Cause Greater Blood Brain Barrier Permeability In Certain Frequency Windows Than High SAR Values.
Government Actions Are Warranted Now Based on Evidence of Serious Disruption to Biological Systems. The Burden of Proof for the Safety of Radiation-Emitting Technologies Should Fall on Producers and Providers Not Consumers. EMF Exposures Should Be Reduced in Advance of Complete Understanding of All Mechanisms of Action. The Current Accepted Measure of Radiation Risk—the Specific Absorption Rate (‘SAR’)—Is Inadequate, and Misguides on Safety and Risk. An International Disease Registry Is Needed To Track Time Trends of Illnesses to Correlate Illnesses with Exposures. Pre-Market Health Testing and Safety Demonstration Are Needed for All Radiation-Emitting Technologies. These include: cellular and molecular effects, nervous system impacts, blood-brain barrier permeability, cardiovascular changes, immune system effects, hormonal and metabolic effects, changes in calcium metabolism, increased stress response and genetic effects. Hugh Taylor states, “The human brain is especially susceptible to numerous environmental insults that can produce irreversible damage during critical periods of nervous system development between conception and full maturity.
Finally, if your home alarm system is a wireless alarm system, use it only when you are away, not at night when you are at home sleeping. Though we have been surrounded by electric fields since the beginning of electrification in the early 1900s, there is emerging evidence that 60 HZ electric field electrification may stress the body and promote poor sleep, which in turn may contribute to many illnesses. You’ll need an Electrosmog Meter to measure RF, a Gaussmeter to measure magnetic fields and a Dirty Electricity meter to measure high frequency transients. May be reproduced in full for educational purposes with attribution without copyright violation. However, our analysis shows that this conclusion is unsupported and in error, according to the FCC OET Bulletin 65 rules for predicting public exposures.
Multiple meters will also violate FCC OET 65 public safety limits for calculations using 50% to 100% duty cycle at 100% reflection factor, which are reasonable, worst-case assumptions.
This report ignores meters that are being installed outside these highly limiting parameters, where duty cycles may be far higher, installations within or very close to occupied spaces of a home, and where there may be less shielding and more reflection of building materials that amplify exposures rather than reduce them. Given that RF has recently been classified as a Possible Human Carcinogen, and this wireless utility meter initiative imposes the most extensive RF blanket yet created over every living resident that is electrified, ratepayers and the decision-makers will not know what irretrievable commitments of health and resources have been made until it is too late.
The constant pulsing (up to 25,000 times per day!) are bombarding us with a level of EMFs far more damaging than even wi-fi or cell phones. You may also be making more careful choices than ever about the foods you buy, to avoid feeding your family foods that are full of toxins. You get allergies or allergies worsen, you fall ill and cannot quite recover, you become more irritable, are constantly fatigued and you have body aches or much worse. This has a huge impact, primarily in attaining healthy living at home, considering that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors, which puts our health and the health of our families at considerable risk.
The CSIRO estimated the cost of poor internal air quality in Australia at around $12 billion per year, and that was in 1998! I developed frequent severe headaches, body pains and vertigo, and went on to develop allergies to many different substances, including many foods. I’ve seen these toxic overload symptoms in hundreds of patients who suffered from chronic, ‘inexplicable’ health problems, allergies, asthma, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, migraines or dizziness. Even most trained doctors don’t know how many toxins surround us, or that those toxins are making us sick!
To qualify as a true HEPA filter, the air filter must be able to capture at least 90% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger in diameter that enter it. Try turning off every single device or appliance you have at home – think about how dependent we are on these things. Scientific research has proven that every human cell produces its own EMF to regulate vital bodily functions. Toronto’s department of public health has already issued a statement advising young children to use mobile phones for emergencies only, and advising teens to limit their use to 10 minutes.
Those living 200 – 600 meters from power lines had a 20% increased risk (Reported in British Medical Journal, vol. Michroswki, “cancer, birth defects, decreased immunity to disease; even new sicknesses have been linked to extended exposure to EMF of specific frequencies and intensities”.
This is an assessment on which the fate of billions of human beings depends, and upon which global health rests.
She likes cooking healthy food from scratch, being creative while productive, writing, and listening to new wave music.
First, recognize that your body is fundamentally electromagnetic, and thus vulnerable to outside sources of artificial electromagnetic fields.
Appreciate the body’s need to keep all systems working harmoniously for optimal functioning, including by synchronizing with natural cycles and rhythms, within and external to the body. Consciously choose to minimize exposures to disruptive man-made electromagnetic fields of all kinds: electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty power, radiofrequency fields, microwaves and ‘ionizing’ radiation, such as X-rays and nuclear power.
Recognize children, toddlers, and fetuses are more vulnerable to disregulation caused by electromagnetic fields and will incur further risks from a longer lifetime of exposures. Recognize that DNA, with its ‘coil of coils’ structure, is exquisitely sensitive to electromagnetic fields, including ELF, RF and ionizing radiation. There is a growing body of science showing serious impacts to sperm and fertility from cell phone radiation. All industry funded and independent case-controlled studies looking at brain tumor risk from cell phone use show an increased risk (commonly a doubled risk) of brain tumors after 10 years of heavy cell phone use.

This was quite a welcomed surprise as IARC’s own Interphone study downplayed any risk, using overall risk levels found to deflect from the very serious risks found in heavy users, but still does not resolve the question of what the unpublished studies show. Scientific studies show increased risk of cancers from long-term use of a cell phone, including: gliomas, acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, salivary gland tumors, eye cancers, testiculal cancers and leukemia. Choose safer hard-wired telecommunications connections, such as a hard-wired landline telephone, instead of a cell phone or a cordless phone, or use a voice-over internet (VOIP) connection (such as SKYPE) via a hard-wired computer, not a computer using a wireless internet connection. In an emergency, when there is no other option, speak for as short a time as possible on the cell phone and always use a speakerphone, headset or handset attachment. Never allow a child, whose immune and nervous systems are still very much in formation; whose brains absorb more radiation than adults; and who are five times more likely to get a brain tumor from cell phone use than an adult, to use a cell phone!
In a review of the science (2012) by Yale University Professor John Wargo, PhD et al, Professor of Environmental Risk and Policy, Wargo says “Cellular devices can create feelings of psychological dependency.
Note that governments around the world are taking steps to protect children: Germany, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Finland have issued warnings with special emphasis on children, calling for use of headsets to minimize exposure to microwave radiation. Previous to this, the FDA & FCC have passed the hot potato on this issue, raising the question of where in our government does responsibility for health consequences of telecommunications technologies lie? Do not use a cell phone in a car, elevator, train, aircraft, skyway or other metal container, as the phone draws much higher power to operate in these circumstances.
SAR is an approximate gauge of the radiation your head might absorb using a cell phone, estimated through computer simulation using a plexiglass head, assuming a 200 pound, 6 ft.
When choosing the safer hard-wired connectivity option, make sure to disable your computer’s wireless communications software (Bluetooth, Airport etc.), as well. Do not use Apple iPads, which presently only offer Wi-Fi or 3G internet connectivity, and do not offer hard-wired connectivity at all. If you stay with friends who use a wireless router, request the router be turned off at night so you get a good night’s sleep. When looking at the combined use of cell phones during pregnancy and in childhood, children were 80 percent more likely to have behavioral problems compared to children who do not use a cell phone and whose mothers did not use cell phones during pregnancy. A number of peer-reviewed studies reported changes in the nervous systems of rats, mice and humans following exposure to cell phone radiation. According to Larry Gust of Gust Environmental, the original wireless baby monitors with the long antennas were safe when kept 5 or 6 feet away from baby. Grounding replenishes the body with electrons from the earth and stabilizes our electrical systems.
Be conscious of the amount of metal in the environment because it reflects radiation, creating unknown hotspots. Symptoms of electromagnetic derangement include slowed reflexes and impaired cognitive function, so drive defensively understanding that many other drivers are impaired today by short- and long-term exposures to cell phone and wireless radiation, as well as by distraction from texting.
Many communities across America are complaining of acute biological effects from radiofrequency based ‘smart meters’, the new utility meters being underwritten with federal stimulus money. No meter measures it all and there are other fields to be concerned with, but this is the place to start. Videos from a half-day program on EMF & Health at our nations largest and oldest public affairs forum, featuring 15 presentations, can be viewed here.
Here you will learn about science, health policy and news related to wireless exposures to children in schools. She was co-investigator in the recently published landmark study demonstrating heart irregularities from exposure to portable phone radiation and co-founder of the International EMF Alliance, a consortium of over 85 international EMF advocacy groups.
EPRI bases its report primarily on field measurements at the Itron meter test farms in southern California and South Carolina, two homes in Downey, CA, a drive-around street test in Downey, CA, and test results from two utilities.
Tell discusses many problems with predicting RF emissions and the need for long-term statistical monitoring of matured (read fully deployed and operational) smart meter networks across regions. Where even the best industry study cannot give more reliable and defensible evidence of compliance with FCC safety limits, public utility commissions should halt the rollout, pending demonstration that RF emissions meet FCC public safety limits under a reasonable worst-case assessment as determined by FCC OET 65 formulas.
More recent official reports indicate that the problem of indoor pollution or toxic overload at home is growing fast. Unfortunately, it seems everyone is unaware on how dangerous these EMF radiation is to human health. In this article, you will learn the different types of EMF radiation, the health hazards of excessive EMF radiation, the signs and symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, importance of EMF safety and effective EMF safety tips to lower or even block exposure to EMF. Persistent exposure to electromagnetic radiation may act as a continuous immune system stressor, which can instigate myriad health problems. Staying focused on ourselves, keeping the truth at the forefront and not isolating ourselves from those who truly love us is crucial. There is a rapidly accumulating body of scientific evidence of harm to health and wellbeing from both short-term and prolonged exposures to very low-intensity, non-ionizing (i.e.
What was considered ‘heavy use’ in these studies would today be considered average or light use. Pay attention to efforts to dismantle the land-line network, and get involved to assure this safer communications option is not taken away.
People who begin using cell phones as teenagers or younger have a 680% increased risk of glioma. In a car, connection to the automobile’s external antenna by a trained technician can be installed, reducing exposures within the car.
The blood brain barrier leakage has been shown to continue as long as 50 days after exposure.
The Seletun Scientific Statement, issued by international scientists in February 2011, called for global governments to reduce ambient exposures to electromagnetic fields of all kinds in the interest of public health. Otherwise, your computer will constantly be sending out a wireless signal looking for a ‘handshake’. If the router is connected with a home entertainment system making it more difficult to dismantle, consider ordering a custom Router Wrap™ from ElectromagneticHealth.org to take with you when you travel. Research increasingly shows grounding is a potent anti-inflammatory and regulator of many of the body’s systems and rhythms. Metal window frames, chairs, tables, beds, and filing cabinets are all possible contributors. Never use a cell phone in a car while driving, and ideally, hook up the antenna externally. Contact members of Congress and insist the landline system NOT be dismantled, something currently under serious discussion. Many people are sensitive to the fields being emitted, and there is evidence the UV fields are linked to skin cancer. The radio mesh networks appear to be more problematic than those piggybacking on power lines (‘Broadband Over Power’), however there is very serious concern about the long-term effects of BPL, as well.
Whether one is concerned with radiation from cell phones, portable phones, wireless routers, cell towers, dirty electricity or smart meters, the core issue is that industry and government are conveniently ignoring the large body of science showing biological effects at non-heating levels of exposure. Blake Levitt or Robert Becker, or The Powerwatch Handbook by Alasdair and Jean Philips in the U.K., or newer books like Zapped by Anne Louise Gittleman and Dirty Electricity by Sam Milham, MD, read up! As a consequence, no positive assertion of safety can be made by the parties involved in this issue, nor are any solid answers provided by this EPRI report. Yet the plain truth is that some people, especially children, may live much shorter lives because of it.
If you’re using a computer, it is important to measure your EMF exposure using a Gauss meter. In addition to cell phones drawing more power in metal structures, cell phone exposures in a metal structure can be greatly magnified by reflections. It is a very limited measure of risk because it is only comparing the heating effects of one phone to another phone in a controlled situation, and is not in any way measuring a phone’s ‘safety’. Some scientists consider blood brain barrier effects at these very low levels of radiation exposure (i.e.
Watch the Seletun announcement by Olle Johansson, PhD of the Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. If you are using a hybrid router and using a hard-wired Ethernet cord, be sure to also turn off the router’s wireless signal (see 20.
This dam of denial is starting to erode as more research is published and existing research is publicized.
This is the distance within which studies show increased incidence of electrosensitivity symptoms from neighborhood antennas in adults and increased incidence of cancers. Larry Gust of Gust Environmental, Board President, Institute for Bau Biologie & Ecology, or Vicky Warren, Past Executive Director, Institute for Bau Biologie and Ecology, are two good options. I for one, choose a spiritual path of healing through meditation, good nutrition, cranial sacral therapy and other eastern medicine, finding that allopathic medicine does not have a place in this 21st century illness. Agarwal et al of the Cleveland Clinic, laboratory values of sperm count at an infertility clinic decreased as the duration of daily exposure to cell phones increased. A recent Chinese study in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery found risks for parotid gland cancer “as large, perhaps larger, than the risk of lung cancer from smoking”, according to brain tumor risk analyst, Lloyd Morgan. 30-45x lower levels than what are being touted as the ‘Top 10’ lowest SAR phones in publicized ranking) to be of equal or even greater concern for the population than the increase in brain tumors expected from cell phone use.
Many scientists are extremely concerned about subjecting babies to this radiation and wonder if there is a connection with Sudden Infant Death (SIDS).
People with metal dental fillings or braces are at risk of intensified exposures due to reflections in the mouth. A summary of science showing biological effects at non-thermal levels can be found in Pathophysiology, August 2009, edited by Martin Blank, PhD of Columbia University, as well as in the industry commissioned Ecolog Report (2010).
I too believe EMFs are the single most important area and cause for concern and further testing must be done to connect the rise of all illness and disease to our over-exposed world of technology. Other aspects of cell phone risk besides the power are the frequencies, amplitude, pulsed modulation of the signals, the battery’s magnetic fields, the network’s technical characteristics (GSM, CDMA etc) and most important, the amount of time one spends on the cell phone. The Router Wrap can also be used to cover wireless printer antennas, portable phone base stations, or to shield emissions from ‘smart meters’. Patients sensitive to RF fields sometimes improve if grounded due to the tremendous support provided by the earth’s electrons. This was great and the more of us who bring attention in order to help others, the better this world will be. As a result, risks with potentially grave consequences for future generations are now being taken in continually exposing our bodies to electromagnetic fields.
Documented cell phone impacts on sperm include: decreased sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology.
Do not be misled by those contending SAR is a measure of safety, and stay tuned for more information on the implications of the newly understood differences in radiation risk between the carriers. Being an activist is good for some, but for others it is simply about being present and being informed; staying focused and healing will come. Also see a recent article in Holistic Primary Care magazine for health professionals by Alasdair Philips, B.Sc.
I speak out about the dangers of smart meters and how imperative it is to remove them from our homes. We recommend sensitive people and those with any kind of serious health challenge or health risks secure a large supply of incandescent bulbs now.

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