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Magnetic shielding is a process that limits the coupling of a magnetic field between two locations.
This is explained in one of Maxwell’s Equations, del dot B = 0, which means that there are no magnetic monopoles. Instead of attempting to stop these magnetic field lines, magnetic shielding re-routes them around an object. Areas outside external building walls, parking garages and walkways or thoroughfares are not normally considered to be occupied areas as they are only used for transitory purposes (i.e. As a general rule 4 layers of “M36 shield” EMF shielding material is applied to these installations. When magnetic fields encounter “M36 Shield”, the magnetic forces are both absorbed by and redirected away from the area of concern. The EMF shielding performance of “M36 Shield” will vary according to the intensity of the magnetic field it is subjected to (the higher the magnetic field the better the attenuation performance). 2 layers of “M36 Shield” are expected to provide a reduction to magnetic fields by a factor of 3 to 6 times (10 to 15 dB of attenuation), while each subsequent layer of “M36 Shield” will have diminishing attenuation performance (as the magnetic field intensity is reduced). Fixing of EMF shielding material is performed with the use of masonry anchors to concrete slabs, or screws into timber studs. The EMF shielding material is fixed in place and to make the fixing appear neat, use approximately 8 fixings per sheet. When determining the number of EMF shielding sheets you require it is important to allow for 10 cm overlap on edges and 15% waste.

Perfect corrosion resistance: does not contain metalic particles, no oxidizing, provides long term durability.
This Dark Grey thin shielding blanket is made out of Steel Active for protection against high and low frequency radiation. Steel Gray is a tightly woven and contains steel threads that are not so soft on the skin, similar to a wool sweater. Composed from high grade nylon and pure silver, this sheer fabric provides a high attenuation. Unlike electricity, magnetic fields cannot be blocked or insulated, which makes magnetic shielding necessary.
Typically 4 or more layers are required with the butt joints of each layer staggered away from the butt joint of the layer below. EMF shielding material can also be layered and fixed in place with contact adhesive, although mechanical anchoring should be used in addition as a precaution for wall and ceiling surfaces.
Easy and quick protection on the couch, in the bed, on holiday, on business trips or while playing console games.
Use this blanket on top of clothing for comfortable use. We use this substance because it is extremely washable and durable and lasts longer as any other substance! There is no way to block these field lines; nature will find a path to return the magnetic field lines back to an opposite pole.
No special training is required to install EMF shielding material and tradespeople (plasterers, carpenters & electricians) will find installation relatively straight forward.

Layers can also be glued together using contact adhesive prior to application to make handling easier.
Proven, efficient solution against electro-magnetic, radio frequency(RF) and microwave radiation. Paint for shielding from BOTH high frequency radiation (HF)and low frequency electric fields (LF). This means that even if a nonmagnetic object — for example, glass — is placed between the poles of a horseshoe magnet, the magnetic field will not change.
If the material used has a greater permeability than the object inside, the magnetic field will tend to flow along this material, avoiding the objects inside.
Thus, the magnetic field lines are allowed to terminate on opposite poles, but are merely redirected. Preferably covered with plastic bonded, water-based emulsion paints, facade paints or silicon resin paints.
The paint offers almost constant attenuation, without preferred direction of polarization, for frequencies of up to 18 GHz. This means: perfect protection against future developments of the telecommunications industry in the higher Gigahertz range is guaranteed.

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