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Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom enclosure gaskets for electrical enclosures, NEMA enclosures, IP enclosures, UL 50 enclosures, EMI enclosures, battery enclosures and plastic enclosures to customer specification. Protect the gasket - a flange on the door that protects the gasket from a direct pressure blast will diffuse the force and greatly improve the chances of passing a wash down test. Door latching - the key to passing a NEMA, IP or UL gasket test is to have the proper means of compressing the gasket. Material selection - ensure the appropriate gasket material is used for the test or type requirement. Gasket rebound - gasket rebound or resistance to taking a compression set can be critical, especially on door gaskets that are being unseated regularly. Functional life - longevity of the gasket will depend on how the material is used; exposure to UV, ozone, temperature, chemicals, and mechanical wear affect longevity. Venting - pooled water can get sucked into an enclosure during a rain shower from the vacuum affect from cool rain on a hot box. The NEMA Type gasket reference as it pertains to environmental gasketing refer to NEMA 250 for actual specification.
Indoor enclosure, protects against falling dirt, settling airborne dust, lint, fibers and flying debris. Indoor enclosure (Type 12 without knockouts, Type 12K with knockouts), protects against falling dirt, settling airborne dust, lint, fibers and flyings. Indoor enclosure, protects against falling dirt, settling airborne dust, lint, fibers and flyings. Example: IP54 refers to an electrical enclosure capable of sealing out dust, water and protect against vertically dripping water. Below are common IP specifications for which Stockwell Elastomerics regularly manufactures gaskets. Stockwell Elastomerics regularly applies 3M 9713 or 3M 9719 conductive adhesive to stock or custom EMI gasket material to make enclosure gaskets. The majority of EMI gaskets and RFI gaskets produced by Stockwell Elastomerics serve the dual functions of EMI attenuation and environmental gasketing. Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures gaskets for plastic enclosures from gasket materials that are soft to account for low closure forces. Wash down plastic enclosures - IP64 or IP65 often use closed cell sponges or closed cell foams.
Dust gaskets for plastic enclosures - expanded urethane foam (PORON®) and neoprene sponge are often specified for dust gaskets. Plastic enclosures are particularly sensitive to closure forces and bowing between fasteners or latches. Contact Us for further assistance with custom enclosure gaskets including custom for electrical enclosures, NEMA enclosures, UL 50 enclosures, EMI enclosures, IP enclosures, battery enclosures and plastic enclosures. The Elastomerics Blog offers practical and technical insight to gasketing and cushioning applications. Continually committed to testing and validating their materials, Rogers Corporation recently had HT-800 silicone foam tested by a third party for flame propagation per ASTM C 1166. As we’ve known, HT-800 and the BISCO HT-800 family of silicone foams; BF-1000, HT-870, HT-800, HT-820 and HT-840 perform very well in burn tests. Stockwell Elastomerics is a Preferred Converter for Rogers Corporations Bisco silicone products and Poron urethane foam products. A recent Consumer Reports tested the Moto 360 Sport smartwatch for water resistance with the IP67 water test simulating a submersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Gasket Stress Relaxation - this is when the gasket relaxes and stops pushing back, letting external pressures push past the gasket. Dispensing seam or flash - dispensed gaskets share a starting and ending point, it's possible to have a small "bump" or "divot" that may not have been accounted for in a tolerance analysis or closure force.
Being a gasket nerd, I pay attention to gasket materials used on a wide range of products and what type of sealing is being done. Stockwell Elastomerics maintains inventory of UL 50 and UL 94 gasket materials that are well suited for outdoor lighting applications. Stockwell Elastomerics is a custom gasket manufacturer with a core competence in silicone rubber and other high performance gasket materials. Military Specification Mil-R-6130C established requirements for cellular rubber used for sponge gaskets and cushioning pads in defense equipment in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
In the 1990’s a committee was convened to develop the ASTM D6576 Standard for Flexible Cellular Rubber materials.
Many of us in the industry did not anticipate the cancellation of Mil-R-6130C by the US Department of Defense on March 19, 2001. If ASTM D6576 is a requirement on your new silicone sponge gasket designs – your engineering team should confirm whether the narrow compression force deflection range of the ASTM D6576 standard is necessary. Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures EMI gaskets from a range of processes including, compression molding, waterjet cutting, tool-less flash cutting, and die cutting. Knitted wire mesh gaskets provide a cost-effective solution to high shielding performance applications in the magnetic and electrical fields, including EMP. For high frequency shielding, foil-based gaskets like Amucor Shield 6800 series will perform better, because of their much larger contact surface.
The maximum deflection with a sponge elastomer core is approximately 30%, with hollow extrusion 50%. Compression levels are important in applications such as liquid filtration and noise attenuation, where flow resistance is critical.

The most commonly used material.Insensitive to corrosion and neutral on the galvanic scale. Used in some cases for aluminium enclosures.Aluminium can be chromed with an Al-chrome 1200 layer, if necessary. Excellent magnetic as well as electrical properties, because a Ferro alloy is covered with copper.The outside is tinned to prevent corrosion.
Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions. Keep up to date with the latest developments in Holland Shielding Systems BV by signing up for our newsletter. Stockwell Elastomerics also makes combination silicone sponge - wire mesh EMI shielding gaskets. The ever growing wireless and electronics markets have increased the stakes for managing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Radiant EMI is often emitted by unintended antennas, meaning that internal wires and components can act as emitting antennas. Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom EMI shielding gaskets made from various electrically conductive rubber (also called conductive silicone) materials. In-house water jet cutting and stock materials allow Stockwell Elastomerics to quickly supply production and prototype EMI gaskets.
Stockwell Elastomerics compression molds conductive silicone and fluorosilicone rubber compounds in its custom molding facility. Combination EMI gaskets are often used for large NEMA enclosures or other enclosures with limited clamping forces or sheet metal skins.
UL 50E and UL 94V-0 rated silicone foams are often used for the water or dust sealing function of the combination gasket. Silicone foam has excellent UV and ozone resistance and long term rebound (compression set resistance), making it a good choice for outdoor EMI enclosure gaskets. Closed cell silicone sponge materials are better suited for rugged enclosures or enclosures where the gasket is not protected from a jet blast (IP66 or NEMA 4). Military and Aerospace applications may require chemical resistance in addition to EMI shielding and environmental sealing; for these applications Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures EMI combination gaskets using R-10490 closed cell fluorosilicone sponge. 256M a€“ General purpose, double coat (film supported) acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is widely used. F9473 - High bond VHB acrylic adhesive is Stockwell Elastomericss' preferred adhesive for fluorosilicone EMI combination gaskets due to enhanced fluid resistance. Large EMI gaskets for electrical enclosures and cabinets are often addressed using a corrosion resistant Monel wire mesh bonded to a closed cell silicone sponge. Aluminum mesh (AMS 4182) or tin plated copper clad steel wire (ASTM B520) are available on special order.
Knitted wire mesh gaskets provide high shielding performance applications in the magnetic and electrical fields. Our knitted wire mesh factory offers knitted wire mesh mufflers for auto parts of filtration and cleaning devices. Material available: Stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, red copper wire, phosphor bronze wire, nickel wire, polyamide fiber, polyester fiber, metal wire and mixed fiber, etc.
Application: In distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration in the process of petroleum, oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, machinery, ship-making, automobiles and tractors, to delete the mist drop or liquid foam in air, also used as air filter in cars and tractors. Send your inquiry to IDECO INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED , China ,gabion baskets,gabion box,stainless structured packings,steel gratings,I-DECO-METAL GROUP CO. Standard MESH STRIP gasketing with elastomer core consists of two layers* of wire mesh knitted around a rectangular or round core of neoprene or silicone.
Elastomer core MESH STRIP gasketing does not provide pressure sealing, but it does provide a seal against dust, rain, ventilating air and other limited environmental conditions. The standard wire materials are monel (a nickel-copper alloy) and Ferrex** (tin-plated, copper-clad steel). Standard core materials include neoprene sponge (MIL-R-6130, Type II), hollow solid neoprene (MILR- 6855, Class II), closed cell silicone sponge (AMS-3195) and solid silicone hollow tubing (ZZ-R-765, Class 2B). In addition to the standard configurations listed, almost any elastomer core cross section can be produced, including UL 94V-0 rated core materials. Also see SPRINGMESH gaskets, an all-metal spring wire hollow tube design with compression-deflection characteristics of 70-80%.
This warranty comprises the sole and entire warranty pertaining to items provided hereunder. Also protects against water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water and hose directed water) and effects of ice formation. Typical plastic enclosures requiring soft gaskets include; handheld device gaskets, junction box gaskets, battery compartment gaskets, and touch screen bezel gaskets. Stockwell Elastomerics provides custom solutions, parts and materials to engineers in technology sector. Stockwell Elastomerics maintains inventory of the vast majority of both the HT-800 family and Poron family of products. Custom gaskets are made from materials that meet specific performance requirements; fluorosilicone is used for chemical and fuel resistance, silicone is used for its wide temperature range and UV resistance, Poron foam is used for its excellent rebound. Both closed cell (Type 2) and open cell (Type 1) sponges were covered in this specification.
We can provide certifications for ASTM D6576 for silicone sponge materials taking an exception to the narrow compression force deflection range.

Even though the specification is officially expired, with adequate lead time a material batch can be tested and qualified to meet this specification with a certificate of conformance.
Instead of dough; a thin preform of catalyzed silicone gum is heated and allowed to expand. The mil spec can be restrictive from a  design perspective - for example, hardness is limited to 65 durometer or expensive conductive particles (silver) are required. All EMI gaskets, both molded EMI gaskets and cut EMI gaskets are produced at Stockwell Elastomerics' Philadelphia, Pennsylvania location. The gaskets can be made either completely from knitted metal mesh or from knitted metal mesh over an elastomer core which allows recovery after compression. Molding the EMI gasket allows the designer to add sealing ribs and other performance enhancing features to optimize environmental sealing and EMI shielding properties. Closed cell silicone sponge R10470-M and medium density silicone foam HT-800 are most frequently specified for the environmental gaskets. Gaskets can be either all metal knitted mesh or knitted metal mesh over an elastomer core to allow for recovery after compression.
Other metals and alloys such as aluminum mesh are available. Monel is used most frequently due to its good aging properties, excellent tensile strength and spring-like qualities. A common test requirement for rail applications, the Federal Railroad Administration has a limit of 4” of flame propagation on an 18” test specimen. In addition, we did a “solder torch test” on HT-800 (we’ll post a video in a later blog), HT-800 did not catch fire, drip or melt even with the more aggressive flame. Much like the gasket material, the pressure sensitive adhesive backing is selected based on performance. The intermediate firmness ranges are narrow and difficult to control in full production batches of closed cell sponge. Controlling the density, thickness and compression force deflection of the cured silicone sponge may require more leeway than ASTM D6576 allows.
Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures standard and custom EMI gaskets from Type B, QPL listed conductive rubber. For EMI applications not requiring MIL-G-83528 EMI materials, Stockwell offers non-mil spec EMI materials that have been third party tested per Mil-G-83528 for attenuation performance.
Stockwell Elastomerics has a broad range of compounds that meet MIL-G-83528B classifications for electrically conductive EMI shielding gaskets. The choice of wire mesh material allows for a good galvanic match with mating flanges, thereby limiting the possibility of corrosion between gasket and flange.
These wires can be round or flat such as those used in copper gauze for cleaning and in air-filtration applications where large surface areas of wire are needed. In general, larger diameter wire allows for higher flow but provides lower dirt holding capacity. LTD from China,We provide gabion,gabion baskets,gabion box,steel gratings,stainless steel structured packings,welded razor mesh fence,steel wire rope mesh,aluminum expanded metal,demister,hexsteel,refractory anchor,drag mat,steel pipe winding mesh,etc.
Ferrex offers the best EMI shielding performance, especially in H-fields, but has limited corrosion resistance. All other warranties, including but not limited to, merchant ability and fitness for purpose, whether expressed, implied, or arising by operation of law, trade usage, or course of dealing are hereby disclaimed. 3M 9375W was designed to meet various flame ratings, including UL 94, FAR 25.853, NFPA 1971 and FMVSS 302. A subset of the products covered by this standard are closed cell silicone sponge products.
As one example, Mil-R-6130C condition soft formerly required 2 to 7 psi CFD; now ASTM D6576 condition soft requires a tighter 2 to 5 psi CFD. These gaskets are capable of attenuating EMI noise as well as sealing out environmental conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are no warranties whatsoever on items built or acquired wholly or partially, to buyer’s designs or specifications. The long life and low maintenance cost associated with new lighting technology is considerable contributor to realizing the return on investment.
Soft condition called out 2 to 7 psi Compression Force Deflection (CFD), Medium called out over 7 to 14 psi CFD and Firm specified over 14 to 21 CFD. Apparently one of the leading producers of closed cell silicone sponge was not represented on the ASTM committee, and these six compression force deflection, or firmness ranges were published with the standard on April 10, 2000. Producing and certifying to these tighter firmness ranges has been difficult for the silicone sponge manufacturers.
Therefore, a balance must be struck between using a higher density filter of higher cost fine wire or a lesser density filter using lower cost heavy wire. Limitation of remedy: Seller’s Liability arising from or in any way connected with the items sold or this contract shall be limited exclusively to repair or replacement of the items sold or refund of the purchase price paid by buyer, at seller’s sole option. CFD is basically defined as the amount of force needed to deflect one square inch of sponge by 25% per ASTM D1056. In no event shall seller be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to lost profits arising from or in any way connected with this agreement or items sold hereunder, whether alleged to arise from breach of contract, expressed or implied warranty, or in tort, including without limitation, negligence, failure to warn or strict liability. This is the major difference between UL testing, NEMA and IP where gaskets are not explicitly evaluated.

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