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Saco shock proof slim laptop bag with shoulder strap and handle, Perfect fit for your valuable laptop.
Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. Operates with up-to-date Set Top Boxes without any problem and has a Self Auto Test function for the IR sensor. Looked at many reviews to find an inexpensive IR repeater that would work with the Tivo Premiere. I have used IR extenders for years to hide devices that don't look like the furniture they are installed on! Including ATT-Uverse model VIP1225 and VIP1216 (VIP2000 series and IPN4320 we suggest our IRP-B kit.

If you need to extend the length of the kit you may use our 25ft mono extension cable to extend the emitter length.
ATT-Uverse, Scientific Atlanta STB's 9ft IR Extender Receiver with excellent IR receiving range. After scouring the internet looking at all kinds of different systems I finally decided to try this kit. First 2 were wireless and now after trying this I must say it is worth it to go wired.The design is very thoughtful.
These are as good as any I have used and are inexpensive.The instructions are not quite as good as the product but they are adequate. As shipped, this set will control two separate devices (or more if you allow them to ride in front of several devices instead of attaching to just a single one.) Most will use to control a DVD player and surround sound receiver tucked out of the way.

Bag protects your laptop from drop shock, unique design, Light in weight, convenient to use, check point friendly, durable, long lasting. It blinks cool blue when receives remote commands (and from any distance as well as bounced from walls and ceiling).

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