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EMI screening covers (shielding cans) for PCBs were developed to shield only certain parts of electronic equipment from electromagnetic radiation at the source, rather than all components in the entire housing. Whether its for a small number of prototypes, or large production runs, we can manufacture the precision components you require. Our standard PCB shielding cans are closed completely with the exception of the bottom of course.
For large production runs above 10,000 pieces it is possible to deliver the 1500 series PCB shielding cans on tape or on reel. To get a quotation for Clip-on PCB shielding system within 24 hours fill in the form below.
Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions.
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A shielded cable entry system to mount, ground and shield several cables or bundles of cables simultaneously. Entryshield instant version with Amucor gasket as turnkey implementaton plate for direct mounting in your EMI shielded enclosure or Faraday cage.

Conductive adhesives and sealants are important part of emi noise reductions in cellular phones and other communication devices. Flexible conductive adhesive lamiantes used in shielding flexible printed circuit board are critical for the reduction of EMI noises in the smartphone applications. If you have two neighboring sources of interference you can also place two PCB shielding cans right next to each other, making the shieldings into one large can. To prevent short-circuiting, it is posible to make a recess area's in the PCB shielding can.
If the source of radiation or inteference produces much heat, it would be wise to make ventilation holes in the shielding can.. If you are afraid that vibrations or movements will set the PCB shielding can free from the RF shielding clips, then you can fix the PCB shielding can with a spud. If you are afraid that vibrations or movements will set the PCB shielding can free from the RF shielding clips, then you can also place a piece of soft compressable foam between the PCB and the housing of the device. However, we can make many alterations to our PCB shielding cans to meet your specifications, such as: holes in any desired diameter for the passage of cables, higher angles on the PCB shield, allowing the can to be soldered directly onto the PCB (no need for mounting clips or pins anymore) or a self-adhesive removable top cover.
Solder direct onto PCB "Solder land" (Also, see our 1510 series Fixed PCB shielding cans, the same as the 1500 series Clip -on PCB shielding cans, but with teeth in order to glue the can onto the PCB.

The highly conductive flexible EMC gasket between which the cables are entered into the enclosure gaurantee excellent shielding performance between 1 MHz and 10 Ghz. We have one of the most experienced material engineering and application staff in the industry. To do this, you will need holes on the right places in the design of your PCB and your PCB shielding can. For electric discharge, you can use a EMI gasket or an electrically conductive foam as well. The option for alterations apply to general features as well: it is possible to produce our PCB shielding cans in virtually any type, shape or size.
This instant version is a mu-ferro plate of 100 x 200 mm, 2 mm thickness with in this plate the entry shield already mounted.

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