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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Holland Shielding Systems BV is specialized in manufacturing transparent EMI shielding foils and films. Transparent conductive Metal Mesh PET film remains very high transparency, this film is extreme low resistance for high frequency EMI shielding application and is easy to apply. In form : (550 * 1050 mm conductive area)When you want to order 9400 series Transparent EMI shielding copper grid PET film in form, please send you CAD drawing. To get a quotation for Copper grid PET film (transparent) within 24 hours fill in the form below. Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions. Keep up to date with the latest developments in Holland Shielding Systems BV by signing up for our newsletter. With the progression of electronic technologies, components in complex systems have become increasingly sensitive to electromagnetic interference. EMI shielding simply separates a key component from outside EMI noise that may be interfering with the performance of the part. Finally, for those who have an LCD screen or display window that requires EMI shielding, EMI shielding film is the ideal solution for any openings. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc.’s EMI Cable Shielding solutions cover a range from cable shielding jackets (FRCSR and FRCSE) to heat shrink tubes (HS series). Wire Mesh Tape ( MT Series )Extremely fine(0.12mm) metal wires braided into a cylinder mesh provides excellent flexibility.
For a shielding material that will conform to the shape of the cables, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s EMI heat shrink tubes can shrink down with its 2:1 shrink ratio. EMI Heat Shrink Tube ( HS Series )The tubes provide not only electrical continuity but EMI shielding around the joints being connected. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s EMI cable shielding jackets are convenient solutions to protect cables from EMI that may be coming from other outside components as well as provide environmental protection. Flat Cable Shield Jacket ( FRCSR Series )Lightweight, flexible material offers excellent conformability on various cable configurations.
Flat Cable Shield Jacket (ECBR-AL Series)Convenient for debugging, Features nylon hook and loop (velcro) fastener for easy application.
Flat Cable Shield Jacket (ECBR-CF Series)Lightweight and flexible cable shielding material, Features nylon hook and loop fastener for easy application. Conductive silicone gaskets are soft, elastic, and compressible for being placed in grooves in any application.
When environmental shielding is required, CSR is a carbon filled silicone rubber gasket that can provide the protection against damage from rain, sun, wind, and dust.

This popular conductive cushion gasket, EZ-Foam™, has the unique combination of high conductivity in all X, Y and Z-axes, excellent EMI shielding, great grounding capabilities, as well as shock absorption.
Traditionally seen in all EMI labs, these EMI shielding tapes come with conductive adhesive that has excellent conformity. Conductive Cu Tape Halogen Free: IMCU-HF seriesEMI conductive tapes are the solutions for shielding against EMI noise.
Conductive AL Tape Halogen Free: IMAL-HF seriesEMI conductive tapes are the solutions for shielding against EMI noise.
Conductive Fabric Tape Halogen Free (Ripstop): IMCF-HF SeriesEMI conductive tapes are the solutions for shielding against EMI noise. Conductive Embossed Cu Tape Halogen Free: IMEC-HF SeriesEmbossed parts of the metal foil make direct contact with the object.
Embossed Conductive Tape Halogen Free: CCTE SeriesUnique Embossed Structure Enables Direct Contact with the Substrate.
This extremely transparent, thin, light weight, easy to cut and electrically conductive film is great for windows, LCD screens, and other displays. EMI Shielding: Transparent Conductive Film WINAL 75-080Excellent EMI shielding around LCDs and other display screens.
Ultra-slim conductive film made by multi-layer thin film technology, this product provides excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance by PPS film used as a base material?with stable performance and corrosion resistance by multi-layered SUS and Cu.?Halogen-free and flame retardant type. Rebels in Syria have captured 32 soldiers and pro-government gunmen near the northern city of Aleppo. A top Iraqi army officer has claimed that Iraqi forces have "liberated" all of Diyala province from ISIS. ISIS, the Islamist terror group that now controls much of Syria and Iraq, poses an a€?extremely higha€? terror threat to U.S.
Protect people, data, and information from the prying ears and eyes of electronic eavesdroppers.
KEC method is a method of measuring attenuation, by setting up a sample inside a cell (as illustrated in the picture), generating an electric pulse, allowing it to pass through the sample, and measuring the resulting signal from many directions. A window is like a "hole-in-the-wall" , ordinary glass lets the sun's heat penetrate your home, making you and your family very uncomfortable and forcing your air conditioner to work harder.Solar control window film applied to the interior of your windows is a transparent "sun shield" that can reject up to 80% of the sun's heat. Sunlight readable display, glass-film-glass touch panel, EMI mesh (mesh EMI), NVIS filter (nvis filter), and heater, assembly: one stop solution provider. ALP offers Sunlight Readable Display, Sunlight Readale LCD, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, EMI Shielding, NVIS, High Bright LED, Transflective LCD, and Optical Bonding Display. ALP offers High Bright LCD, Sunlight Readale touch screen, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, mesh EMI Shielding, NVIS Filter, LED Driver, Touch Controller, Optical Bonding Display.
ALP offers Mesh EMI Shield, mesh EMI Shielding, EMI display, which are superior than EMIClare.

Our micro mesh EMI shields include mesh EMI touch panel, EMI mesh display, mesh EMI window, mesh EMI polarizer, mesh EMI AR, mesh EMI retarder, mesh polycarbonate. This film has a conductive layer with a very fine etched mesh that is one with the transparent carrier.
To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the adhesive side on top.
Please realize that by the extreme caution act in production these products can be several times more expensive.
Because of this utilizing EMI shielding methods and materials is crucial to the safety, reliable, and long lasting functioning of all electronics. This method of solving EMI issues keeps EMI noise out (susceptibility) or in (emissions) and is a very effective method for emission and immunity issues. This thin, cost effective conductive gasket material is a flexible, versatile solution for limited space applications including smart phones, tablet PCs, navigation systems, and many more applications. EMI shielding materials offer cable shielding components as well such as our cable shielding jackets and our EMI heat shrink tubes. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers transparent EMI window shielding flim that comes with adhesive for easy installation. The tubing consists of R-46846 polyolefin with the inside being coated with highly conductive silver polymer. It’s a very thin, light weight, flexible, easy to cut, and versatile solution for limited space applications including smart phones, tablet PCs, navigation systems, and many more applications. At the very least, it appears that two dozen villages around the city Muqdadiyah in Diyala province are now under Iraqi control. We are a standoff reduction company that can provide comprehensive solutions to reduce threat and vulnerabilities.
All are made of micromesh and equivalent or superior than EMIClare, which is an etched mesh.
Overall, enclosures surrounding any part must be complete and without large openings or apertures that may act as slit antennas. Solar control window films are available with a scratch resistant coating and in a variety of elegant tints like bronze and gray, and in neutral tones that appear virtually invisible on your windows.
Mitigation Technologies continues to expand its line of technologies to save the most lives for the least cost.

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