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Stockwell Elastomerics also makes combination silicone sponge - wire mesh EMI shielding gaskets. The ever growing wireless and electronics markets have increased the stakes for managing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Radiant EMI is often emitted by unintended antennas, meaning that internal wires and components can act as emitting antennas.
Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom EMI shielding gaskets made from various electrically conductive rubber (also called conductive silicone) materials. In-house water jet cutting and stock materials allow Stockwell Elastomerics to quickly supply production and prototype EMI gaskets.
Stockwell Elastomerics compression molds conductive silicone and fluorosilicone rubber compounds in its custom molding facility. Combination EMI gaskets are often used for large NEMA enclosures or other enclosures with limited clamping forces or sheet metal skins. UL 50E and UL 94V-0 rated silicone foams are often used for the water or dust sealing function of the combination gasket.
Silicone foam has excellent UV and ozone resistance and long term rebound (compression set resistance), making it a good choice for outdoor EMI enclosure gaskets. Closed cell silicone sponge materials are better suited for rugged enclosures or enclosures where the gasket is not protected from a jet blast (IP66 or NEMA 4). Military and Aerospace applications may require chemical resistance in addition to EMI shielding and environmental sealing; for these applications Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures EMI combination gaskets using R-10490 closed cell fluorosilicone sponge.

256M a€“ General purpose, double coat (film supported) acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is widely used. F9473 - High bond VHB acrylic adhesive is Stockwell Elastomericss' preferred adhesive for fluorosilicone EMI combination gaskets due to enhanced fluid resistance.
Large EMI gaskets for electrical enclosures and cabinets are often addressed using a corrosion resistant Monel wire mesh bonded to a closed cell silicone sponge.
Aluminum mesh (AMS 4182) or tin plated copper clad steel wire (ASTM B520) are available on special order. Custom Molding - Custom Extrusion - Die Cut Gaskets - Custom molded Seals - Custom Molded O-Rings - D-Rings - Sheet Stocks.
Knitted wire mesh gaskets provide a cost-effective solution to high shielding performance applications in the magnetic and electrical fields, including EMP.
For high frequency shielding, foil-based gaskets like Amucor Shield 6800 series will perform better, because of their much larger contact surface. The maximum deflection with a sponge elastomer core is approximately 30%, with hollow extrusion 50%.
Compression levels are important in applications such as liquid filtration and noise attenuation, where flow resistance is critical. The most commonly used material.Insensitive to corrosion and neutral on the galvanic scale. Used in some cases for aluminium enclosures.Aluminium can be chromed with an Al-chrome 1200 layer, if necessary.

Excellent magnetic as well as electrical properties, because a Ferro alloy is covered with copper.The outside is tinned to prevent corrosion. Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions. Keep up to date with the latest developments in Holland Shielding Systems BV by signing up for our newsletter. Molding the EMI gasket allows the designer to add sealing ribs and other performance enhancing features to optimize environmental sealing and EMI shielding properties. Closed cell silicone sponge R10470-M and medium density silicone foam HT-800 are most frequently specified for the environmental gaskets. The choice of conductive particle allows for different levels of conductivity, shielding performance, and galvanic matching. The gaskets can be made either completely from knitted metal mesh or from knitted metal mesh over an elastomer core which allows recovery after compression. Stockwell Elastomerics has a broad range of compounds that meet MIL-G-83528B classifications for electrically conductive EMI shielding gaskets.

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