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Ich bin einfach nur in meinen kleinen Harry-Funko verliebt :D er macht sich so toll vor den Buchern und die Verarbeitung ist klasse!
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The only fit issues I had were the gap between the frame and the beavertail and the end of the extractor not being flush with the rear of the slide… referenced in the picture above …but then I have to remember that this pistol’s price just pushed into four figures! I found it interesting that the EMP came with a checkered MSH (metal), but a smooth front strap…I’ll have to give it some thought before deciding what texture I might like on it.
It measured about 1” by .5” (center to center) shooting 2 handed at about 1 round a second.
Trigger: The trigger was a bit heavier than I would have preferred, but broke cleanly and consistently…very suitable of defensive carry. Recoil: The recoil was a bit more snappy then I thought it would be, almost as much as my Kahr CW9 with the polymer frame.

Sights: I found the Trijicon dots in the Novak rear sight distracting when trying to align the sights.
The thumb safety clicked on and off smoothly with just about the right amount of resistance.
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Vous avez recu votre nom d'utilisateur et votre mot de passe lors de votre enregistrement.Adresse E-mail Mot de passe S'enregistrerPas encore membre du Backstage Club?Saisir mon code d'activation de mon coffret Backstage recu en cadeau ! I’m also thinking about changing out the thumb safeties for a single sided one and the trigger for a solid one (maybe even a flat one). The rounds released cleanly from the Mac-Gar magazines and fed with no stoppages on the feed ramp. The only visible wear is at the muzzle of the barrel and the locking lugs seating in the slide.
I might even be willing to suffer the lost of one round to get a flush bottomed magazine, as the grip frame has plenty of room for three fingers.
There had been reports of the early models having tight extractors and chambers (which were taken care of by SA), but that certainly wasn’t the case on this example, extraction was clean with both cases I tried.

I was pretty happy with the group I shot, except that it was centered about 3” high (that’s an adhesive name tag in the picture).
I think I’ll also be looking at changing out the rear sight for something in plain black…maybe the 10-8…and adding a solid (maybe flat) trigger too.
Flip through our range of products with the new app, contact us, read articles from the EMP blog ? Que vous les placiez sur votre bureau, dans votre voiture, sur une etagere ou dans la salle de bains : emmenez vos figurines superheros Funko Pop! I’ll have to take it out when the weather clears up and see if it gets better in natural light.

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