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Over the last few months, the United States has been assailed by a never ending barrage of bizarre insults and rambling threats of nuclear annihilation from North Korean strongman, Kim Jong Un.
According to Gaffney, and other prominent National Security experts, the danger is real and the effects of an EMP attack on our way of life would be devastating.
The danger to America is not just in the imagination of a few alarmists and disgruntled critics of the Obama Administration.
Massive fires after an EMP attack are rarely ever factored into either FEMA planning or even discussions by preppers themselves.
According to the FAA, there are about 7,000 types of aircraft flying over the United States at any given time. Various states have been attempting to fill the regulatory and legislative void created by the inaction on the EMP and power grid security left by Congress. Do you think Congress should spend more time and taxpayer money focusing EMP attack preparedness and harden the power grid as a matter of national security?

While some people find the insane rhetoric of the glorious leader amusing, most Americans remain sadly unaware that North Korea may have the ability to bring our republic to her knees. Gaffney expressed concern about the North Korean satellite that will pass over the United States later this week and discussed the possibility that North Korea may have already acquired a satellite mounted EMP device from Russia.
Several government funded studies estimated that up to 200 million Americans will die from starvation and disease in the first year after an attack. Five bipartisan commissions and independent US government studies all came to the same conclusion: EMP is a deadly threat to the American people. The executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and US Nuclear Strategy Forum Congressional adviser feels the technology necessary to avoid such an apocalyptic disaster exist. William Forstchen estimated that approximately half a million people would die in just the first few moments after an EMP attack on the power grid. In addition to the thousands of passenger and crew deaths, the fires which will occur during the crashes could destroy entire communities.
Private companies have also reportedly been developing and investing technologies which would help protect against an EMP attack. The United States would resemble the South after Sherman’s march to the sea and the country we all know and love would simply cease to exist.

At the present time, the country is basically defenseless against an electromagnetic pulse attack. Pry also maintains that upgrading the power grid to protect life and property from an electromagnetic pulse is fiscally viable. Fires caused by bursting power grid transformers, downed power lines, gas line eruptions, and falling airplanes could likely cause a massive loss of life.
Forstchen, also a college professor, about the grim reality of life in the United States after a power grid failed by an EMP attack or solar flare. Air Force One and Strategic Air Command used to control nuclear-tipped missiles are the only aircraft which are supposedly EMP proof. We must act now to protect the nation against this terrible new weapon or we risk losing our precious gift of freedom forever.
After speaking with Bill Forstchen, I realized just how divorced from reality the FEMA estimates could actually be when it comes to the potential death toll after an electromagnetic pulse.

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