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Really, this is no surprise, what is surprising however, is the fact the project is plastered all over the news. The plans were either hacked as they were being developed, or someone on the inside leaked them, sold them, or the government just decided to share the project with the world for humanitarian reasons (sarcasm is so hard to portray with words).
It could be used to isolate areas under siege and other areas like airports, train stations, communication hubs, even servers for the NSA, Pentagon, and military units on the ground, for example.
You would assume that certain sensitive equipment like NSA servers would be shielded, but as we have been finding out logic and common sense is not sprinkled liberally throughout governmental agencies. We have to assume the worst, because we never assumed someone like Snowden, for example, could walk out the front door of the NSA with classified information tucked under his arm. Hong Kong welcomed him with loving arms, food, and lodging and then immediately transferred all the information from the NSA hard drives on to their very own well protected systems. The Chinese and the Russians it seems have ramped up their aggression towards the United States and other countries as Snowden plays the so-called whistleblower that just had to reveal NSA secrets to the Chinese and the Russians. One has to ask themselves what made the two countries believe they could get away with what they were, and are currently doing. Well they are getting away with it, so there is the likely answer to the question as to what Snowden shared.
The point is you have to assume an EMP attack will happen, and the way we as a country respond lately to any crisis would lead any country to believe they could get away with it. It could happen at any time, and the average citizen would not know it until the Internet went dark, your cell phone stopped working, and only after hours of sitting on the tarmac wondering why your flight is delayed.
Essentially you would prepare for an EMP attack as you would any crisis, with a few caveats however.
Freezers and refrigerators will cease working, for example, so even if you managed to protect a generator or wind turbine to produce electricity, you would have nothing that would operate presumably unless it too was protected. You probably could not build a Faraday cage big enough to protect everything you have, so you would have to decide what is vital to your survival. The obvious answer is to learn to live without electricity all together, but that is much easier said than done.
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Both Russia and China already have advanced EMP weapons, close trade partnerships and, more importantly, interlocking alliances with the rabid rogue states of North Korea and Iran. China is not only a patron of North Korea but is also its agent in Pyongyang’s nuclear weapon sales and proliferation.
And in August, China confirmed the existence of its newest missile, the Dongfeng-41, capable of delivering nuclear warheads to the United States. Additionally, Russia is a patron of the Assad regime in Syria, which is Alawite, a sect of Shiite Islam, and is closely allied with Iran. And that was not the only time that North Korea and its allies have tested their capabilities to attack America with an EMP weapon. Despite the fact that the Sunni-led ISIS is at war with the Shiite dominated Iraqi army, the fact remains that the Middle East is now swarming with terrorists, some with European and American passports, operating freely and openly inside the new terrorist caliphate, but also in Libya, Yemen and elsewhere.

Why does this president (and American military planners) assume that the new Axis of Evil would not outsource an EMP attack on the United States? Do you think India took the right decision to allow Chinese dissidents to meet In India and also grant VISA to Uighur Leader Dolkun Isa?
One nuclear warhead detonated at high-altitude over the United States would blackout the national electric grid and other life sustaining critical infrastructures for months or years by means of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).  A nationwide blackout lasting one year, according to the Congressional EMP Commission, could cause chaos and starvation that leaves 90 percent of Americans dead. Iranian military documents describe such a scenario--including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United States.
Thus, Iran with a small number of nuclear missiles can by EMP attack threaten the existence of modernity and be the death knell for Western principles of international law, humanism and freedom.  For the first time in history, a failed state like Iran could destroy the most successful societies on Earth and convert an evolving benign world order into world chaos.Why are our so-called 'leaders' doing absolutely nothing about the #1 threat to our society? Nuclear deterrence, that worked against the officially atheistic and secular USSR during the Cold War, is not likely to work against the Mullahs who run Iran.  Their apocalyptic theology is converting their nation into the functional equivalent of a nuclear truck bomb. What if these missile launches into space by Iran were a predecessor for a potential high altitude nuclear detonation that would have as its objective to “fry” the American electric grid?
But here is a greater concern: why in God’s name would the Obama administration go into agreement with a nation that has an objective to attack and destroy your electric grid?
While the establishment, liberals and the mainstream media go into mental and emotional convulsions over the rise of Donald Trump, anyone paying attention knows the real danger lies far beyond 'the Donald'. We all know cyber espionage is ongoing, so it is just a matter of time before some hacker is scrolling at will through so-called secure servers taking notes. The device described above can apparently target small areas, so this means a city block can be shut down, or even a single structure without interrupting the area as a whole. Once out the front door he casually gets on a plane with his bag of goodies and jets off across the big pond. The Russians were giddy with anticipation as they waited to swaddle him in their loving arms as well. However, for most of us we can only speculate at this point whether we could or not in fact live without electricity. Once again, you may not have any means of generating electricity on your own, because the components needed to generate electricity could be damaged by an EMP.
Moreover, there is unmistakable evidence that they have already conducted a dry run of the attack. Peter Vincent Pry, a member of the Congressional EMP Commission and the executive director of the Task Force on National Homeland Security, issued some dire warnings in his testimony before Congress. The revelation was made just days after an independent blue-ribbon panel appointed by the Pentagon and Congress produced a bombshell report denouncing President Obama’s strategy for downsizing the American military. Syria was also secretly receiving help for years from North Korea to build a reactor at the remote area of Al Kibar on the Euphrates River. Iranian nuclear scientists have reportedly attended North Korea’s nuclear weapon tests, and North Korean nuclear scientists are frequent visitors to nuclear facilities in Iran.
Peter Pry conducted for this story, he didn’t pull any punches about the threat and our vulnerability.
Why wouldn’t the Axis simply hire a stateless anonymous terrorist cell, Sunni or Shiite, provide it with. The Examiner story also tells us that an EMP attack upon America is referenced in at least 20 different locations of an Iranian military textbook that had recently been translated. Why should Americans be concerned?
While they'll happily install more cameras everywhere to watch our every move, they won't even have an adult conversation with us about the possibility of an EMP attack that could wipe out 90% of us! Shouldn't a 'nuclear deterrent' work against Iran or North Korea or any other rogue nation that even thought about singing 'lights out America'?

Knowing that an EMP attack upon America would likely wipe out 90% of our population within a year, why is our government doing nothing to prepare us for it and an even better question, why would the Obama administration work nuclear deals with a country intent upon destroying our electrical grid? This isn’t some “Star Trek” scenario, as the Iranians addressed this means of attack some twenty times in translated documents.
Why would the Obama administration at this point in time, not vehemently reject all aspects of the JCPOA and do everything in its power to deter the military goals of the militant Islamic theocracy which is the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world? Medical care would be limited to what could be done without electricity, life support systems would not work, and dialysis machines could not operate. Pry, a former member of the CIA, warned of the dangers of an EMP from a single nuclear weapon detonated between 25 and 300 miles over the lower 48 states. The assessment warns that the cuts will render America unable fight in multiple theaters simultaneously, specifically naming China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as rising challengers to American hegemony. As Jim Bakker tells us in the 1st video below, Americans need to talk about WHY our government isn't even discussing the possibility of an EMP attack upon America when it could eliminate 90% of our population in a year to 18 months. And should the Obama administration be concerned about the raining and pouring of nuclear activity and missile testing by Iran and North Korea — who recently launched a ballistic missile and deployed a satellite that overflew the Super Bowl? No one has lived through a targeted EMP attack on this country, so it is conjecture, educated guesses, if you will, as to what the damage would be. The point is it would be very difficult to live without electricity for an extended period. Iran has tested scud missiles fired from freighters on the Caspian Sea, which also borders Russia and several former Soviet ’stans.
In the 2nd video below, Bernie Carr of Apartment Prepper joins Prepper Recon to talk about the many ways that people who are living in apartments can better prepare themselves for EMP attacks and other disasters. In my capacity at the National Center for Policy Analysis, I’ve written on the potential for an EMP attack in America.
Trump reads ANP), would a Trump presidency address the horrific dangers that America faces from an EMP? In the final video below, Oath Keeper Ron Hammelman speaks on preparedness against an EMP attack or a Coronal Mass Ejection. I am especially concerned that the State of Texas has its own independent electric grid and it needs to be hardened. Ron is a member InfraGard EMP Special Interest Group, an FBI Partnership with the Private Sector. Consider what would happen if the twelfth largest economy in the world, the Texas economy, was shut down due to an EMP attack. Systems of banking, energy, transportation, food production, water, emergency services and even cyberspace would collapse. Being fully prepared for something as deadly and dangerous as an EMP attack upon our country will likely be the only way 10% of Americans will survive.
As Pry outlines for us below, anyone who plans on helping their families survive an EMP needs to step up because absolute devastation awaits those who are unprepared.Iran armed with nuclear missiles poses an unprecedented threat to global civilization.

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