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A huge snowstorm has struck the US East Coast, causing heavy floods and paralyzing cities with a record amount of snow.
Snowstorm ‘Jonas’ caused six meter waves, as well as hurricane-force winds with speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour in the town of Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. Both Delaware and New Jersey’s governors as well as the heads of eight more states including Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia declared a state of emergency. The huge snowstorm, jokingly dubbed ‘Snowzilla’, paralyzed cities of the US East Coast with up to 28 inches (about 71 centimeter) of snow – the level registered in Terra Alta, West Virginia, USA Today reported. In Washington DC, the federal government closed its offices and the underground system has been suspended, CBS News reports.
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About 8,300 flights were canceled Friday and Saturday, as well as sporting events and band concerts, according to the USA Today. People, however, do not fall into despair, sharing in the social networks with unusual photos and videos with streets full of snow, football stadiums covered with snow and even pandas playing in the snow. The storm was even photographed from space – but we are not sure US astronaut Scott Kelly feels like going down.
BREAKING NEWS-Entire USA Shaking from Ecuador Quake; all Seismographs STILL Quivering Hours Later! American military personnel were doubly surprised when the Japanese attacked the United States Navy, drawing us into World War II. They needed to keep the big kid on the block out of the fight, so that they could go on to complete their other objectives.
Their strategy was excellent, as long as it lasted; but as the admiral commanding their invasion stated, it would only keep the United States tied up for six months. Leaving out the fact that our current leadership doesna€™t inspire fear in any of our enemies, our military still does.
The second way is by hitting electrical power transmission lines and becoming absorbed by them. Even if the military were to survive such an attack with their equipment operating, their communications would be damaged.
While the military may have some problems with an EMP attack, that is nothing compared with the problems that the civilian population will be faced with. In other words all the equipment that controls electrical power generation and distribution, water purification, communications, distribution and just about every aspect of our lives, will be destroyed. This will put the manner in which we live back by somewhere around 150 years, to times when the motive power of the United States of America came from horses and oxen. Teach Your Kids NOT To Be Sheeple How to Escape Quicksand: An Illustrated Guide Would a coup make things better?
Chairman of FDD's Leadership Council Jim Woolsey comments on the nuclear summit and proliferation.

Chairman of FDD's Leadership Council Jim Woolsey comments on ISIS targeting nuclear reactors. Chairman of FDD's Leadership Council Jim Woolsey talks about ISIS after the Brussels attack.
Governors of ten states have declared a state of emergency, with New York being among the latest. That includes people who are attempting to drive, but that also includes people who are walking,” Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said as cited by WAMU radio’s website. One person died in Maryland and three in New York City while shoveling snow, and two others died of hypothermia in Virginia, acording to Reuters.
Simple, the easiest way for any of our many enemies to disable the United States is through an EMP attack. There are many other countries which I think we should be concerned about as well, such as Iran and North Korea. The first is by taking advantage of the fact that any electronic circuit acts to some extent like an antenna. That electrical spike then travels down those lines and overloads equipment in the form of an electronic spike. Many people think that they are protected, just because they have installed a quality surge protector. They depend heavily on the Internet for their communications, which is not protected from EMP attack. That is, the civilian infrastructure that the military depends upon would be destroyed by the EMP.
EMP destroys solid state electronics; that includes anything that is computer controlled or has electronic circuit boards in it. The only electrical devices that will still work will be those that are so simple that they cana€™t be damaged by the EMP. If the EMP attack is made as a precursor to a larger attack, you can be sure that everything the enemies have planned will be completed.
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He was also the first director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization under President George H.W.
Water in Lewes – another Delaware city – rose to its second-highest record level, beating that witnessed during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
Cuomo, who declared a state of emergency for New York City as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Putnam Counties.
Navy, making the United States strategically irrelevant while they went on to complete their conquest. If we were taken out of the picture, the bullies could then restart their work, picking on smaller, weaker countries.

One or two nuclear warheads, exploded above the atmosphere, could shut down the United States for months or even years. Both Iran and North Korea have made it extremely clear that they would like to drop a nuclear bomb on the United States.
When a nuclear explosion happens above the atmosphere, there is nothing to turn the energy created by that explosion into kinetic energy; therefore, it all goes out in its original form, as electromagnetic energy.
When the electromagnetic pulse hits it, it overloads the circuitry, burning out components.
Putting a surge protector in the power line can theoretically help protect equipment from this second type of EMP damage, but in reality the amount of current passing down the line will more than likely burn right through any protection that a surge protector might offer. So, as soon as the military runs out of the supplies that are in their warehouses, they would end up coming to a halt, because the civilian industrial complex wouldna€™t be able to keep up with their needs. While we may recover, it wona€™t be to a world we know, but to a world which others have changed around us.
Bush.Cooper has come forward with a stark warning for all Americans the possibility of an EMP attack on America by Iran, which they can carry out this attack using satellites.
With that successful an attack, it seemed certain that the Japanese would land troops and take possession of Hawaii. All Vladimir Putin has to do, if it looks like we are going to oppose his takeover of Eastern Europe, is send a few missiles our way, set for high-altitude burst. Equipment can be protected from this by building cases that shield the delicate electronics inside and then making sure that the cases are adequately grounded. There is very little equipment that is protected from an electronic surge and almost all of it is owned by the armed forces. There will still be some electrical devices which will continue to work, such as electric motors, but the devices that control them will be destroyed.
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