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April 3, 2013North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric over nuclear weapons and the possibility of war with the United States and its allies makes almost no plausible sense considering that their long range missile capabilities are lacking and their military hardware is reportedly outdated when compared to the militaries of developed western nations. Details Join our daily newsletter for breaking news, special articles, personal messages from Alex, exclusive store deals, and more. This concentration of EMP by metal wiring is one reason that most electrical equipment and telephones would be destroyed by the electrical surge.
One simple solution is to use battery-operated equipment which has cords or antennas of only 30 inches or less in length.
That said, there are some methods which will help to protect circuits from EMP and give you an edge if you must operate ham radios or the like when a nuclear attack occurs. A new device which may soon be on the market holds promise in allowing electronic equipment to be EMP hardened. At the other end of the scale of EMP resistance are some really sensitive electrical parts. The only two requirements for protection with a Faraday box are:(1) the equipment inside the box does NOT touch the metal container (plastic, wadded paper, or cardboard can all be used to insulate it from the metal) and (2) the metal shield is continuous without any gaps between pieces or extra-large holes in it. The thickness of the metal shield around the Faraday box isn’t of much concern, either. Complete design and specifications for Command and Control Centers, Continuity of Governments Facilities, Communication Centers and similar Facilities.
Full Facility HEMP shielding designs, quality insurance, HEMP verification and all MIL-STD 188 requirements. Military grade CBRE (chemical, biological, radiological and explosive) equipment includingair filtration, blast doors, blast valves, etc. The numbers in parenthesis in the comments below refer to the numbered statements immediately above. In above-ground nuclear testing, they did (1) because they had to with the technology that existed then. I hope that by now, you can see that a specialized protective container specifically suited for EMP survivability should be used in place of the Faraday cage. Protection by means of complete and nu-penetrated enclosure is far more important than the ready ability to open the container. All genuine ammo cans use a rubber gasket between the lid and body flange to create the air tight seal.
An alternative to a commercial gasket, which will need to form a solid union where each end comes together, is a home built crush gasket.
A second method is to flip the EMP Box over onto it top, and melt plumber’s solder into the gap.
A third method allows you to get into the box quickly, but might not work against a very strong pulse. A larger metal container used solely as a large EMP box will need to include, in its preparation, the usual sealing methods. If you were to settle on a shipping container as a storage building, the shorter ones might make a whole lot of sense. This latest test, which followed three others each in the range of 10 kilotons or less, was a€?another kind of H-Bomb,a€? a neutron bomb, or enhanced radiation weapon such as a super-EMP weapon.
In order for North Korea to successfully carry out an EMP attack against the U.S, it would need to launch a missile on a trajectory that would take it over the South Pole.
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union developed a secret weapon called the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS). South Korean defense ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok recently stated, a€?In the past, North Korea always fired a long-range missile ahead of a nuclear test. North Korea recently detonated a low-kiloton hydrogen bomb consistent with that of a super EMP devicea€™s yield.
LaVoy Finicum’s Stand For Freedom Memorial Services Feedback after the Solstice distant healing event on 22 December 2015 Argentina facing worst locust plague in more than 50 years!
If we had any balls at all we would order the military to shoot down the North Korean missile the second it was launched and drop a couple of MOABs on their launch site.
While the communist regime does have millions of soldiers at their disposal, the notion that North Korea will start and win a war against the U.S. The letters spell burnt out computers and other electrical systems and perhaps even a return to the dark ages if it were to mark the beginning of a nuclear war. In such a case, the gamma radiation released during the flash cycle of the weapon would react with the upper layer of the earth’s atmosphere and strip electrons free from the air molecules, producing electromagnetic radiation similar to broad-band radio waves (10 kHz-100 MHz) in the process.
It’s believed that the electrical surge of the EMP from such an explosion would be strong enough to knock out much of the civilian electrical equipment over the whole country.
In the levels created by a nuclear weapon, it would not pose a health hazard to plants, animals, or man PROVIDED it isn’t concentrated.
It isn’t that the equipment itself is really all that sensitive, but that the surge would be so concentrated that nothing working on low levels of electricity would survive. This short stretch of metal puts the device within the troughs of the nuclear-generated EMP wave and will keep the equipment from getting a damaging concentration of electrons. The trick is that it must REALLY be hardened from the real thing, not just EMP-proof on paper. This includes large electric motors, vacuum tube equipment, electrical generators, trans- formers, relays, and the like. These include IC circuits, microwave transistors, and Field Effect Transistors (FET’s).

Despite what you may have read or heard, these boxes do NOT have to be air- tight due to the long wave length of EMP; boxes can be made of wire screen or other porous metal.
Grounding a Faraday box is NOT necessary and in some cases actually may be less than ideal.
Care must also be taken that the door is covered with foil AND electrically connected to the shield with a wire and screws or some similar set up. These shelters are covered inside with metal foil and have metal screens which cover all air vents and are connected to the metal foil. In practice, the entire system is not grounded in the traditional electrical wiring sense of actually making contact to the earth at some point in its circuitry. The very prudent may wish to buy spare electronic ignition parts and keep them a car truck (perhaps inside a Faraday box). Unfortunately, a little-known Federal dictum prohibits the NRC from requiring power plants to withstand the effects of a nuclear war.
This profile was developed from extensive research into EMP effects of nuclear weapons, and known vulnerabilities of equipment, electronics, and infrastructure. Because an EMP (used here on to stand in for all three) event is seen as an electronics killer due to high current and voltages frequently mentioned, the concept of a protective cage standing against the monster surges becomes an automatic connection in the minds of many. You see, the energy from an EMP doesn’t directly correlate to electricity as commonly known. It takes but a little time to read to understand that this threat is a different beast altogether, and has only little resemblance to a 120v outlet short circuit applied to a computer, TV or phone. This gasket is trapped in the lid, and when the can is closed, it serves as a stand-off between the body and lid mating surfaces. Aluminum foil, folder over and over, with enough material to lay over the edges of the can, will work. It was disguised as a peaceful space launch vehicle, which could orbit a nuclear warhead like a satellite, to make a surprise EMP attack.
It’s time to put this little fat freak in his place before he gives one of his nukes to ISIS or Al Quaida. Below is a detailed write up about EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) and how to protect yourself from it.
Adding to the problems is the fact that its effects are hard to predict; even electronics designers have to test their equipment in powerful EMP simulators before they can be sure it is really capable of with standing the effect. These electrons would follow the earth’s magnetic field and quickly circle toward the ground where they would be finally dampened. Protecting electrical equipment is simple if it can be unplugged from AC outlets, phone systems, or long antennas. These design elements can eliminate the chance an EMP surge from power lines or long antennas damaging your equipment.
The Ovonic threshold device is a solid-state switch capable of quickly opening a path to ground when a circuit receives a massive surge of EMP. These might even survive a massive surge of EMP and would likely to survive if a few of the above precautions were taking in their design and deployment. If you have electrical equipment with such com- ponents, it must be very well protected if it is to survive EMP. If the object placed in the box is insulated from the inside surface of the box, it will not be effected by the EMP traveling around the outside metal surface of the box.
Ideally the floor is then covered with a false floor of wood or with heavy carpeting to insulate everything and everyone inside from the shield (and EMP). According to sources working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, cars have proven to be resistant to EMP in actual tests using nuclear weapons as well as during more recent tests (with newer cars) with the US Military’s EMP simulators. Discovering that you have one of the few cars knocked out would not be a good way to start the onset of terrorist attack or nuclear war. But it seems probable that many vehicles WILL be working following the start of a nuclear war even if no precautions have been taken with them. This means that, in the event of a nuclear war, many nuclear reactors’ control systems might will be damaged by an EMP surge. In a typical "military-grade" EMP shield, an additional "de-rating" margin is added which allows for the facility to degrade over time and still meet this minimum EMP profile.
The assumption is that such a barrier will block all effects of the three events mentioned previously. For those that don’t make the seemingly obvious connection, there are always others ready to supply it for them. There is no socket, no power strip and no extension cord connected to a power source with evil intentions for our electronics.
This stand off creates an nearly perfect uniform gap that is transparent to the pulse effect. When rolled correctly, it will crush and resist crushing – pressing up against the lid and forcing you to apply a good amount of downward pressure just to close it.
If you lay a solder wire along the gap as a barricade, it will help hold the melting solder near where it should be, and join into the effort. After the box is closed, with its rubber gasket remaining in place, tape the box closed with 2″ aluminum duct tape. North Korea is doing everything it can in order to conceal its movements in and around the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. Some nuclear weapons experts downplayed the event because of its low-kiloton yield and relatively small seismic wave.

The Reaper and its MTS-B sensor are capable of providing firing quality data for early interception of ballistic missile launches reinforcing the notion that the U.S. So much for the phony nuclear agreement with N Korea and the soon to be Nuclear Iran because of the same toothless agreement with them. Once you understand EMP, you can take a few simple precautions to protect yourself and equipment from it.
Thus, strategies based on using lightning arrestors or lightning-rod grounding techniques are destined to failure in protecting equipment from EMP. Another useful strategy is to use grounding wires for each separate instrument which is coupled into a system so that EMP has more paths to take in grounding itself. Use of this or a similar device would assure survival of equipment during a massive surge of electricity. It is important to note that cars are NOT 100 percent EMP proof; some cars will most certainly be effected, especially those with fiberglass bodies or located near large stretches of metal. One area of concern are explosives connected to electrical discharge wiring or designed to be set off by other electric devices.
In such a case, the core-cooling controls might become inoperable and a core melt down and breaching of the containment vessel by radioactive materials into the surrounding area might well result. We can not stand in where a current seeks to fry our gadgets, and direct it out and around.
Depending on the environment, it might even act as a slot antenna, which will actually assist a pulse in penetrating the can.
If you go that route, consider the operating specs for the gasket, and be sure the one you buy will operate as designed within the gap you place it.
As an option, the smaller boxes can be stacked against the back wall, and a false wall, metal of course, sealed against it.
Any seams can be closed off with typical conductive gaskets used in higher end computer equipment chassis. Yet, one top specialist says the North Koreaa€™s recent nuclear test aligns fully with the scenario of a device designed for a low yield detonation resulting in an enhanced amount of gamma ray emissions. This missile would need to quickly release its payload into an orbit of 250-312 miles, which was the altitude of its satellite launch in December of 2012. It will cost an estimated 2 Billion dollars to insulate the U S power grid from an E M P attack, lunch money in Washington, but it will take an attack, albeit too late, to make us do it. Revelations of the 28 Pages Have The Elite Prepping for Civil UnrestWednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. EMP energy is created and delivered in manners unrelated to a power company suddenly turned vicious with the electronics-taser-of-death. It may not be reusable without a reforming, so be careful about opening the can to inspect things.
But the end result is a PERFECT seal that will allow you to use a desiccant in the can to control moisture. In this way, the stock doors at the other end can be closed and secured as always, giving you easy access, and hopefully keeping most bad guys out. Meanwhile, China and Russia have been insulated for YEARS, so it would be useless for us to use one against them. Nuclear bursts close to the ground are dampened by the earth so that EMP effects are more or less confined to the region of the blast and heat wave. It could become concentrated by metal girders, large stretches of wiring (including telephone lines), long antennas, or similar set ups.
Even though the plane, high over the earth, isn’t grounded it will sustain little damage. EMP, like nuclear blasts and fallout, can be survived if you have the know how and take a few precautions before hand. In effect, the tape is held slightly above the can’s surface by a measurement equal to the thickness of the glue. But EMP becomes more pronounced and wide spread as the size and altitude of a nuclear blast is increased since the ground; of these two, altitude is the quickest way to produce greater EMP effects.
Ammunition, mines, grenades and the like in large quantities might be prone to damage or explosion by EMP, but in general aren’t all that sensitive to EMP. As a nuclear device is exploded higher up, the earth soaks up fewer of the free electrons produced before they can travel some distance. Consequently, storage of equipment in Faraday boxes on wooden shelves or the like does NOT require that everything be grounded.
I would have concerns if it were the only shielding, and also regarding interior condensation from stagnant and humid air.
If you are decent at fabrication, that false wall may have its own resealable door built into it. If you wish to go one extra mile, remove the paint between the lid and body just outside the rubber gasket, press rolled foil into that space, and seal with the tape. Trump Protesters Clash With Trump Supporters NationwideWednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. While America Questions It's Future, IRS Collect Their Highest Numbers In YearsWednesday: The Alex Jones Show.

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