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We supply your digital books directly to customers through amazon Kindle or many other online retailers if requested. When we set up your printed book we can also able to produce and supply eBooks for sale in many outlets at no extra charge. Like our other satisfied authors you will see your book in print,on amazon worldwide and other online retailers’ sites. Hypnotherapistby Mark Quest‘You’re back in the room’ were the words used by Jacob Avebury when he used hypnosis in his stage act. Jacob was a hypnotherapist who used hypnosis in his practice to make his clients better but he also used it to rape and murder when it suited him. He wanted to help the victims that he met but he also wanted to go further by wreaking revenge on the wrongdoers.
They wanted to believe in the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that would improve their lives and they were prepared to accept the mysterious if presented to them in a way that they would accept.
Sent from Latvia to Siberia at the age of only fifteen, this is a story of a young man's endurance, survival and love. African Nightsby Linda Lousa DellShe stood on the balcony of the Sundowners Wildside Safari Lodge and watched as the sun sank below the horizon in a dazzling display of gold, red and magenta. CLEARANCES, a morality tale of the Old Westby Gavin ArmstrongAugust, 1880, Montana Territory: Civil War veteran Jamie Black arrives in a remote settlement as a hired gun, but the situation in which he finds himself stirs up a long-dormant moral sense, along with painful memories of his family’s past.
Colleen's Destinyby Diana DaneriColleen O’Donnell had no idea how the death of her step brother would change the course of her life.
Colleen's Final Destinyby Diana DaneriHaving had the man she was to marry die in her arms from a single gun shot, Colleen is so heart broken, her son Graham, is worried she might harm herself.
COLONYby Colin WagstaffThis science fiction book takes the reader on a magnificent journey through the imagination.
God's Day Offby John SmaleThe Creator made the world in a metaphorical six days and rested on the seventh. Lady Forget-me-notby Valerie MoysesSometimes a novel comes along that is able to touch the heartstrings of every reader.
Mist Over The Rain Forestby George KhngAfter suffering major tragedies, an aborigine man left his habitat of the rainforests of Borneo and moved into the modern world.
Soviet Heat in the Cold Warby Sean RobertsWorking for an accountancy firm in the North East of England, James Bonaldy’s life was fairly boring as his everyday life trudged on. The Lost Daughterby Alan ArmstrongA death triggered a sequence of events that led to Catharine Ann Chandler’s abduction. The Suburban Cageby Marion KilleWhen beautiful college student, Rosemary Stanton bumps into handsome Police Constable Adam Kent, the physical attraction is mutual. The Suburban Covenby Marion KilleIn this gripping follow up to The Suburban Cage, evil has come once again to Sussex, weaving its way into the lives of ordinary people and leaving behind brutal slayings in its wake. The Suburban Vendettaby Marion KilleIn this explosive finale to the First Suburban Trilogy - Revenge is the name of the game.
The Thirteen Shadow Souls of Gyreby Gary OrchardGyres are thousand year cycles of time alternately ruled by the forces of good and the forces of evil, each Gyre’s dominance keeping the universe in a state of cosmic balance. Untimely Eventsby Alan ArmstrongHolly was content with her village life in the slow lane until she was held captive and seduced by a dangerous criminal. Rosie's Storyby Linda Louisa DellRosie is a beautiful and sensitive woman; with three children by her violent and abusive husband. Internet Explorer 6 was released in August of 2001, and the latest version of IE6 was released in August of 2004.
An e-book (for electronic book: also ebook) is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. Bespoke covers cost ?100 if you need one designed, or ?50 if you supply your own grapics which we will use to make a cover.
It is set against a cruel political system that, under Article 58 of the Soviet Penal Code identified millions as 'enemies of the people'. A lion roared way out on the plains, heralding the African night; a majestic giraffe could be seen in silhouette elegantly moving into the trees as a flock of birds spiralled up into the crimson sky.
Distracted by unaccustomed feelings of love and of empathy with those against whom he has been employed to act, he is faced with a difficult choice between the evil and good angels who are his employer and his employer’s enemy.
Colleen has inherited from her father’s Irish side of the family, what can sometimes be called a sixth sense – can this be a curse?
This masterwork in the genre of science fiction describes how disaster was at the destination of a spaceship.

Maybe, man was left in charge and is absconding with the wealth of beauty we have, in the search for money and power. Her husband Burt Armstrong, the local vicar, was immensely proud of his new wife and all she had achieved as a former employee of Sawyer’s Farm. Lady Forget-me-not is based on a true story of a mediaeval child who was orphaned by plague and forced into a nunnery by grasping relatives.
As a born creature of the jungle, he was adept in killing and in his modern day persona, he became an expert assassin. A distraught father finds her in a nomadic Berber camp where he discovers values that remain hidden to the Western way of life.
Unfortunately, before they can meet again, she makes a fateful trip to a local nightclub and vanishes. Are dark forces actually being evoked or do these atrocities stem from the depraved mind of a cold, sadistic killer?
By continuing to run Internet Explorer 6 you are open to any and all security vulnerabilities discovered since that date.
With the way the world is going, especially with global revolutions, terrorism on the rise, and the threat of nuclear fallout being prepared for anything is a must. Such documents are usually read on personal computers, or on dedicated hardware devices known as e-book readers or e-book devices. It ends on the day before Stalin's state funeral; a day which proved that from his coffin the twentieth century's most brutal dictator had not lost his capacity to deal out death at random to his subjects.
Gradually she begins to come to terms with her loss, after her publisher asks her to write another book. Holly’s reaction to the quiet but mundane lifestyle she had now inherited as a bastion of local society was anything but satisfactory.
This story is embroidered with his sexual encounters and personal losses plus political intrigue, corruption and murders. Every page lifts the veil from reader's eyes to show a world full of values that we have lost. The Spiritual Prophecy is set in the near future, and tells of a spiritual battle that builds as negativity starts to take hold of the people on Earth. Haunted by her disappearance, Adam along with his police colleagues make a valiant effort to track her down but without success.
As Detective Sergeant Adam Kent and his colleagues endeavour to unravel the complex mystery, Adam comes face to face with demons of his own as an unsettling suspicion comes back to haunt him, threatening to destroy his world. For five long years, Satanist Jeremy Salander has waited for the right moment to strike out and wreak his revenge on Detective Sergeant Adam Kent, who he believes murdered his only son.
Now, thirteen shadow souls, imprisoned in an ancient tome called ‘The Shadow Bible’ seek to be reborn in order to ensure the rule of evil will continue.
Suddenly the world becomes a different place to her as this humble woman becomes a kingpin in a multi- million pound drugs operation. In March of 2009, Microsoft released version 8 of Internet Explorer that, in addition to providing greater security, is faster and more standards compliant than both version 6 and 7 that came before it. This book will help beginning preppers to advanced preppers with tangible concepts and ideas for excellent preparation when SHTF. In a few short years she falls in love as a teenager, then marries an older man – here she quickly learns that love is an emotion very close to hate. Her first reaction was to say ‘no’ but eventually she agrees, little knowing what this would lead to.
They’ve discovered the connection between light and gravity which has allowed the invention of faster than light travel for their gigantic spaceships. It takes the reader into a world that is colored with the base nature of primeval behavior. Torn between his sexual needs, the Russian secret service and the British Government, he was totally out of his depth.
Morgan Chandler lived his business life in a selfish and ruthless way until life stopped him in the fast lane. The trail of clues that surround the grisly murders lead Chichester Police to question if certain beliefs have any substance and a race against time ensues as Adam realises the evil is closer to home than he first thought.
Jeremy returns to Sussex, armed with a twisted plot involving blackmail, murder and human trafficking, along with a desire to bring down anyone who has crossed him in the past.
Living on the streets, Rosie witnessed many hardships, before eventually running a homeless hostel.

Increase your chances of survival with the idea of the survival pyramid, a perfect foundation to rely on when the global situation begins to diminish.
Then in her early thirties, when her life looks as if it is changing for the better, once again happiness is taken from her.
She has now loved and lost three times, but can Colleen follow her heart for a fourth time?
A longing for world-wide adventure that could quench the lingering thirst acquired from previous soul mates was an injection she urgently sought. The book puts the relationship between the primitive and the modern worlds under the microscope of the values of life and our relationship with the earth on which we live.
The Cold War became boiling hot as his deceits were unravelled by dangerous men and equally dangerous women who honey-trapped him into betrayal. The death of Ramsay McGowan’s son triggered a sequence of events that led to Catharine Ann Chandler’s abduction from the university town of Durham. The existence of all living beings depends on the efforts and spiritual nature of just one person.
The truth, however, is much more sinister because her life has not ended, it has been stolen. Stuffed with knowledge from cover to cover, youa€™ll keep referring back to this book continually. A ship on a mission to deliver advanced communications equipment to the distant spiral arms of the galaxy is diverted to visit the planet. The corridors of power that had been so intertwined with her role as coordinator for an immensely rich drugs cartel beckoned for attention. There we find the records of the bishops' agreement that her vows as a nun were to be annulled and that she was to be allowed to leave her religious House. On his own he was battling with two Intelligence agencies and his need for sexual gratification. She had fallen under the eye of a silent stalker and brazenly taken, her youthful innocence destroyed.
Here we see another member of Kristina’s family, from the book Kristina’s Destiny, this time the author, Diana Daneri tells the story of Colleen O’Donnell – Kristina’s grandmother. Rosemary is forced violently into her captor’s world of debasement and depravity imprisoned just inches away behind the rose beds and twitching curtains of suburbia. David goes to London and works in an engineering firm where he meets Jane, a social worker with her own tragic family secret. This change would once again propel her onto the world stage and satisfy all the equations.
Within the realms of historical, romantic fiction, this book stands high for its fine descriptions and narrative.
The networking of Moroccan families gave the path of discovery to a rehabilitated daughter. The Suburban Cage is a story how one man’s obsession leads him to commit a heinous crime and how he would do anything to keep his fantasy alive.
Carla, the youngest of the family, runs off with a boyfriend to Greece and becomes part of a proud extended family that has some wonderful stories to relate. World travel, adventures with high financiers, and violence of unprecedented levels will keep her adrenaline levels high and generate excitement beyond her wildest of dreams. That woman is Cass Jones, a talented artist whose mind and body they can rape and defile, whose soul they can corrupt. None of you know that we actually exist, but there are a few of us roaming around, co-existing. As the world around her descends into violence, bloodshed and depravity, Cass finds her only ally in Jed Ryan, a reformed alcoholic and radio show host whose destructive lifestyle has already resulted in the death of his wife.
Human beings find it difficult to accept things that aren’t understood, but there are many unexplained wonders of the world.

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