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This lugaw (P15 for a bowl, P25 if you want to add slices of tripe or tuwalya) is as basic as you can get. The well-loved comfort food, which is perfect for rainy and under-the-weather days, goes by a different name in each country. Served in a plastic bowl, the dish comes with no more than bits of fried minced garlic, chopped chives, and a piece of calamansi.
Called bubur in Indonesia, chok in Thailand, and  babaw in Cambodia, in the Philippines, of course, it’s called lugaw. Located in the non-posh part of Makati, the establishment hosts boundary-beating taxi drivers, the occasional wayward streetchild, and peddlers. Owing to its very affordable price, it has become so popular that a rival imitated its recipe and business model, erecting a store right across the same street, called Lugawan sa Pasong Tamo.

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