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One of the more arcane threats to anything electronic or electrical is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by nuclear detonation, or by certain non-nuclear events. The formidable Commander series, the trademark Cannon Series and the massive Armory Series safes will be equipped with Cannon's new EMP Dual-Access Lock that provides a manual combination lock as backup to the electronic lock. The day-to-day advantage of an electronic lock is that opening the safe is quick and requires the owner to simply enter the combination on the keypad for immediate access. Cannon is proud to be the only safe company to offer a lifetime, hassle-free, zero cost warranty on their safes. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur.
An EMP Cannon, or electromagnetic pulse device, is utilized by both GDI and Nod in Tiberian Sun. The cannon consists of a large device mounted on a turret which concentrates and stores a significant amount of energy in a spherical shell, which it can launch at long distances.
After the Firestorm Crisis, the reliability and effectiveness of the EMP have prompted GDI to establish EMP Control Centers in major Yellow Zone cities to allow a trained local militia to buy some time to evacuate, or for GDI reinforcements to arrive.
The EMP has also been developed into weapons: GDI utilizes Shockwave artillery (EMP shells fired from a space platform) and EMP grenades and Nod Marked of Kane Awakened and Enlightened are outfitted with EMP cannons. The Scrin invaders have found an effective counter to EMP by using the Energy field, which absorbs the pulse but disables the energy shield. We review the pros and cons of both electronic and mechanical locks in our comprehensive Gun Safe Buyers Guide.
But imagine if you could have the best of both worlds — keypad speed plus dial lock dependability.

It is currently available with new Armory Series, Cannon Series, and Commander Series Cannon-made safes. It allows the … ease and security of a Type 1 high security lock with the peace of mind of a mechanical override, all of this rolled into the ultimate UL Type 1 rating.
In addition, floods, storm surges and other natural threats can disable an electronic locking device.
In the event of an electromagnetic pulse or any disaster that prevents the owner from getting new batteries for the electronic lock – the manual dial on the EMP Lock will still provide access to the contents inside. It allows the ultimate user experience with the ease and security of a Type 1 high security lock with the peace of mind of a mechanical override, all of this rolled into the ultimate UL Type 1 rating,” said Aaron Baker, president of Cannon Safe.
If a customer’s safe is ever damaged due to a fire, natural flood, or burglary Cannon will cover all costs including locksmith, freight, parts, etc. Australian Sydneysta kotoisin olevat kaverit ovat tehneet suurta musiikin historiaa vuodesta 1973 lahtien. Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice.
Das „Cannon“-Shirt der Aussie-Rock-Legende bezieht sich naturlich auf ihr 1981er Album „For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)“ - steht ja auch vorne drauf.
It detonates upon impact with a ground unit or land and releases a wave of energy that spreads out linearly from the impact site, creating a circle of moving charge that floods the systems of every vehicle in its path. The normal Nod Raider Buggy can also be outfitted to contain EMP coils, which can charge and release an EMP blast.
The Scrin Annihilator Tripod can also release an EMP blast when close to enemy vehicles and buildings. The cannon has a range long enough to disable artillery units besieging a base, allowing the defenders to close in and destroy the siege units without coming under fire themselves.

A digital keypad lock provides quick entry, while a quality, commercial-grade dial lock can deliver decades of reliable service, with no worries about dead batteries or worn-out keypads. Another reason Cannon's Commander, Cannon and Armory Series offer you and your valuables the ultimate in security, access and preparedness. With the all-new EMP Lock, Cannon Safe is now the only safe company to offer a dual-access locking system that combines the day-to-day simplicity of an electronic lock with the long-term assurance of a manual combination lock. He ovat rikkoneet ennatyksia muun muassa albumeillaan "For Those About To Rock", "Back in Black" ja "Highway To Hell"! Mikali niin haluat, arvion yhteydessa naytetaan myos Avatar-kuvasi.Liian lyhyiden kommenttien lahettaminen ei ole suotavaa.
If you have a question about an item, please call or e-mail for more information before placing your order. Most vehicles are reasonably shielded against such effects, and thus no permanent damage is normally done, but the charge still succeeds in disabling them temporarily. Cannon is now offering a Dual-Access Combination Lock on its higher-end safes (Armory Series, Cannon Series, Commander Series). Mit Alben wie "For Those About To Rock" oder "Back in Black" haben sie Rekorde gebrochen und das vollig zu Recht! The list of affected ordnance includes vehicles, structures, and Cyborgs in its area of effect, including the Cyborg Commando. Cannon’s new EMP dual-access lock offers rapid access, simplicity and day-to-day security of an electronic lock backed up by the assurance of a manual (rotary dial) combination lock.

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