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For some, it’s nothing more than putting away several weeks’ worth of water, food and fuel to survive a natural disaster. The resulting Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) blast wipes out everything without a shielded circuit board – no computers, no cellphones, and most unmodified cars all stop working.Think EMPs aren’t a legitimate threat? Solar flares, like the one that just missed the earth a couple weeks ago and the one scientists predict will hit in September 2013, are a major concern. Senior isn’t ashamed or embarrassed to talk about building an enormous castle to protect his family against what he perceives to be a real and viable threat.
Even though he’s essentially been working on the castle alone for 14 years, he now spends as much time with his children at the castle as he can. He wants them to know as much about sustainable survival skills as he does, in case an EMP disaster were ever to occur.–Brent II – Brent II, or B2 as he sometimes likes to be called, is the exact opposite of his father. He often does things without thoroughly thinking them through – which can sometimes lead to dangerous situations (see the battering ram incident of episode one).
B2 hasn’t always gotten along with the rest of his family and was estranged from everyone until he started helping with the castle.
Still, he has a lot of ingenuity and creativity brewing in his brain – and he’s eager to prove his worth to his father.–Ashley – Ashley is oldest of the girls working on the castle right now but the castle hasn’t always been the most important thing in her life. Being involved in “girly” things doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to buckle down and do what’s necessary to survive.
She has a strong personality and will make it her goal to prove you wrong if you tell her she can’t do something.

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