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First off, DO NOT attempt anything in this thread or with high voltage in general if you don't understand the dangers involved. I found this picture on Google, but im not sure how ideal this design is, though it looks pretty bada$$, it may also be a waste of 4 MT's.
So to start off, lets see how NOT to test the newly acquired HV transformer and magnetron..
Im still wondering if the lack of newer videos is the result of the inability to walk or the excessive dr00ling. On the other hand, this is more like it, and seems to be a simple, safe, and effective setup.. The simplest setup which is probably the most effective, and most importantly the cheapest, is using a satellite dish. At a local surplus type store I frequent called Sayal, a decent dish can be obtained for under 50$.
For either style of 'gun', it is still going to come back to the magnetron and how the power supply, cap and spark gap are set up.
Now I didn't know that a spark gap was used in HERF, but it makes a lot more sense to me now after thinking about it.
I know there are a percentage of HV enthusiasts around these parts, please feel free to chime in with any tips.
As well as the construction of the waveguide, im thinking copper clad boards for the long tunnel and then some copper flashing at the end. There are also news stories, US Navy test documents, homebuilt HERF's, and some audio clips on the topic.
A few years ago, I saw an episode of Mythbusters where they built some super microwave device out of four magnetrons. To combine the power you need circulators (GHz range couplers), if you want to combine 4 tubes you'd need 3 of them. The waveguide for the gun pictured above is actually 4 separate waveguides meeting at the horn, see below pic I couldn't find the URL.
I have CDMA, 3G, etc jammers ranging from 50ft radius to 300ft radius in the high watt range, but for the purpose to which I am building this, a wimpy little jammer just wont cut it. In the pics in my first post, the satellite dish HERF uses the original waveguide cut away from the oven.
I was going to try EMP, but the setup is far more costly on time and $$$ to come even close to the range of a HERF.
I was going to scrounge up the ovens for this in the trash, but want all parts to work as close to the manufacturers specs. As for interference, please be considerate about your targets; dish it out to people who actually deserve it, not a random passersby. Originally Posted by digital_blue You might want to consider building one that is pulsed instead of quasi-CW. Im taking all things into consideration on this project, and avoided making one for a long time. I wasn't even going to post this thread, but figured if anybody else was going to try this, it would be good to have a decent resource other than that youtube video of some meathead with a piece of foil covering half of his vitals. I have searched on many occasion for good info and finally found some, so the ball is officially rolling.
Towns have passed laws to deal with it and numerous gadgets have been developed to protect from it.
Vincelette used his genius-level IQ and parts of household microwave ovens to develop a makeshift device that uses electromagnetic waves to temporarily jam the circuitry of his neighbors' stereos. Vincelette is so sensitive to noise that he's gone as far as shooting and killing a dog that barked nonstop outside his apartment.
That sensitivity to noise ignites a rage within Vincelette that has turned neighbors into enemies.

But instead of paying the ticket, he recorded the noise and sent it to a professional musician and personal friend in the Netherlands. Even though a horn antenna is quite directional, there seems to still be an issue of rear facing 'leakage' of RF. Though keep in mind that the book is for frequencies other than 2.4ghz, but still for microwaves in general.
I also read that the combination of a horn and dish antennas can be used and provide the highest gains.
If I were to summarize all of that which I have read in the past few days, id start with saying that there are people out there who should not be trying this stuff! I have read posts made by people who had arching issues, and proceeded to LOOK DOWN THE WAVEGUIDE TO 'SEE' THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!
My questions for the guy in the photo would be, who took the pic (friend= sunny side up), how many other bulbs were tested in this fashion, and how far must he have to lean to shut it down..
A magnetron array is still possible; you just need to make sure there isn't any destructive interference going on.
Unter dem Begriff Mindcontrol versteht man Bewusstseins- und Verhaltenskontrolle bei Menschen oder Tieren. Von 1953 bis mindestens 1970 betrieb die CIA das geheime Forschungsprogramm MKULTRA, in dem die Möglichkeiten von Bewusstseins- und Verhaltenskontrolle erforscht werden sollten.
Es gibt praktisch keine emotionale Empfindung, die sich nicht synthetisch herstellen ließe. Moderne elektromagnetische Waffen sind vermutlich die maßgebliche Waffentechnik der Zukunft. There is one site in particular that has much on the subject, and will post the links at the bottom. The project I would like to build consists of 4 magnetrons mounted as seen in the pic below.
I am still in the middle of acquiring parts (on the cheap), and any input to this project is as always welcome. I will not really be posting anything on either topic (for now) but all can be found in the link above. Just shoving them in one box and hoping for the best is pointless - it will not work, and probably damage the magentron tubes. If you want to do experiments, start with only one magnetron and try to get that focussed enough to disrupt electronics at a fair distance.
This should hopefully permit enough distance between the emitter of the MT from the walls of the waveguides. I figured it may be best, to be on top of my game before even venturing into building one of these.
In August 2002, Vincelette, annoyed by the thumping bass from their stereo, rigged truck horns to an air compressor and blared it. Now what I read seemed to apply to both a single 'shared' waveguide, and separated waveguides as well. Apparently RF will still leak in this direction, so ive thought of the brass mesh placed as a collar slightly receded back from the face of the emitter. Auch einen umfangreichen Katalog kann man dort herunterladen oder sich per Post schicken lassen. Es stellt sich die Frage welche Waffen dieser Art von staatlichen Institutionen wie Geheimdiensten und Spezialpolizei benutzt werden. Der verfolgten Frau, die die Stalkingaktion mit ihrer Kamera gefilmt hat, wird schon beim verlassen ihres Hauses von den Tätern aufgelauert. Es werden Themen aufgegriffen die im Leben der Zielpersonen aktuell sind, und die dann benutzt werden um die Opfer einzuschüchtern. Bereits seit den 1920er Jahren werden Wege erforscht, mit denen sich Einfluss auf das menschliche Verhalten nehmen lässt.

Furcht, Schmerz, Verwirrung, Müdigkeit oder Erregung lassen sich durch den Einsatz bestimmter Frequenzen hervorrufen. If I make to the same dimension, it will be as close to the manufactured spec most suitable for the MT's. You should also do some reading into waveguide designs; an improper waveguide could cause the microwave equivalent of SWR and will lead to destruction of your magnetron. The term 'locking' seems to re appear in combining MT's, and can be both a undesirable thing and also be favorable. They call it the 'voice of God' and is a microwave based device that can resonate audio into a human targets head. Schließlich ist hier die technische Entwicklung der zivilen Forschung um Jahre voraus. Solcher Stalkingterror wird nicht nur in Kanada betrieben, wo der Film gedreht wurde, sondern auch in Deutschland werden Menschen auf diese grausame Art terrorisiert. Anfangs versuchte man sich mit Methoden wie Hypnose, später kamen Drogen in Verbindung mit Elektroschocks dazu. Estabrooks behauptete Anfang der 40er Jahre einen Menschen mittels Hypnose und ohne sein Wissen steuern und dazu bringen zu können ein Verbrechen zu begehen. Er implantierte Elektroden in die Gehirne von Affen und Stieren, und fand heraus dass er durch elektrische Stimulation des Gehirns bestimmte Bewusstseinszustände hervorrufen konnte.
Mikrowellen sind elektromagnetische Wellen, deren Wellenlänge zwischen 1 m und 1 mm liegt, was einem Frequenzbereich von etwa 300 MHz bis etwa 300 GHz entspricht.
Die abgegebene Energriestrahlung kann bei Menschen verschiedenste Arten von Schmerzen verursachen. If you examine a microwave, there is a waveguide section that channels the microwaves from the output of the magnetron to the oven cavity. Die Firma Information Unlimited bietet dort ein sehr breites Angebot aus elektromagnetischen Waffen und Bauanleitungen an, plus diversen anderen Utensilien. Es ist also sehr wahrscheinlich dass den sogenannten Sicherheitsorganen noch ganz andere und deutlich weiter entwickelte Technik zur Verfügung steht. In den 1950er und 1960er Jahren versuchten Forscher mit Hilfe von Elektroden und Implantaten das Verhalten von Tieren zu beeinflussen. Hat sich eine 40 Jahre alte Technik noch nicht bis in die Behandlungszimmer der Psychologen und Psychiater dieser Welt herumgesprochen, oder wird die Psychiatrie wissentlich dazu benutzt geheime Forschung zu decken und zu vertuschen? Begriffe wie Mikrowellenwaffen, Directed Energy Weapons oder Pulsed Energy Projectile sind ebenfalls gebräuchlich.
You may need to implement this or something similar in order for the magnetrons to function correctly.
This technology has already been exploited for use in advertising, with unsuspecting persons on a US city street were fed audio clips from some show.. Diese Ergebnisse fasste er in seinem 1969 erschienenen Buch Physical Control of the Mind zusammen. Mit solchen Waffen kann man die Nachbarn oder sonstige unbeliebte Menschen bequem aus dem Wohnzimmersessel heraus beschießen und foltern. Kennedy Sirhan Sirhan ein solcher Mandschurischer Kandidat war, da dieser bis heute behauptet nichts mehr von der Ermordung Kennedys zu wissen. Später experimentierte Delgado mit Implantaten (Telemetrie), die die gleichen Resultate erzielten wie die Elektroden.
Durch den Einsatz dieser Technik ist es möglich eine Person rund um die Uhr mit Sprachinformation zu besenden. Die betroffene Person kann sich nicht gegen die Besendung wehren, ist der Berieselung also völlig ausgeliefert.

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