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The Electromagnetic pulse generator was used at Stargate Command in an attempt to send an electromagnetic pulse through the Gate to disable the Stargate destroyer; a plan suggested by Rodney McKay, which ultimately failed. How hack live, public security cameras web, How to hack into live, public security cameras and web cams. Restoration -crepe machine hackaday, No, ate hamburger vending machine holland salmonella . Hack electricity meter « , How hack electricity meter video show hack digital electric meter.
Last week we caught wind of a piece from the Today Show that shows very technically minded thieves stealing cars with a small device. You can easily light a neon lamp using an electrical field, otherwise neon lamps would not work. The energy flowing through the coil induces a voltage somewhere in the coin acceptor’s circuitry.
I’ll repeat here my theory (comment 230 on the original story) that they are not breaking in. I believe that when the owner takes the keys into the house they are still near enough to the car to make the alarm think the person trying the door handle is the keyholder and thus it opens for them. The reason why they don’t drive off with the car is because it will go out of range of the keyfob and stop,this is why they only go for the contents of the glovebox. The title is misleading, the criminals in the original piece never drove off with a stolen vehicle and I don’t remember anyone saying you could steal a car with their theory only that it may open the door. If a current could be induced in the coil of a simple solenoid actuated lock, that could cause it to retract.
Perhaps someone has discovered a specific RF signal spread that can scramble some car alarms into NOT going off.
Some friends of mine did this with a Renault (Megane I think), they managed to get the driver (a friend too) out of his running car, and drove the car a few blocks away. The solenoid, or whatever is used in cars would need to have a driver board, which has constant power running to it. These type of devices have shown to send output that will travel through copper wires, traveling to circuit boards, and affecting the boards in a number of different ways, HOWEVER I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THIS CAN BE USED to activate a solenoid or its “driver” board whatever that may be.

I would place an inductor in series with the collector an the positive, this could prevent battery depletion.
Think jeweller’s screwdriver versus sledgehammer, both work but the former does less collateral damage. The main problem with these devices is poor EMI control, i have had this problem with some homemade circuits where they pick up unexpected signals and trigger when they are not supposed to. In the old days of coin-op arcade games, some people used piezo gas barbeque-lighters against the coin door to generate high voltage spikes that would make noise on the coin inputs to the board and gain credits. Any one have circuits or ideas to build a Battery operated EMP Generator I saw this generators on youtube lighting Fluorescent lamp and destroying calculatorsI tried google and there is not much i can find about Coils ect.. Sounds like this battery powered EMP that can light bulbs and destroy calculators is probably fake.  Do you have a link to the video? EMP from Nuclear Bomb blast = damage to nearby electronics that are not shielded and fairly nearby..
If access are possible, maybe a stungun rewired to a lower voltage transformer would do it. If I have said something that offends you, please let me know, so I can say it again later.
It was later revealed that Ancient technology in all known forms (aside from loose Asuran nanites) is virtually immune to electromagnetic pulses, ranging from the City-ship Atlantis to the tiny devices inside it.
He emailed us under a condition of anonymity, but he says it’s highly unlikely a mini EMP device would be able to activate the solenoid on a car door. I did that in the mid 70s putting a 6 watts neon tube pulled from a portable lamp near my CB rtx antenna. Car alarms are designed to go off when the lock is opened with the alarm armed, and the lock wasn’t opened using a key or the remote fob. If the driver board had a mosfet to act as a switch, and someone was able to find a spot of entry that wasnt surrounded by ground… MAYBE, and thats a HUGE MAYBE this would work. You’re not trying to activate a solenoid directly, just fudging a switch-press for a low-current signal. Looking at the schematic, says that you would actually shortcircuit the battery with the transistor.

Ionizing the gas in a flourescent bulb doesnt require much energy, as would be expected from something running from 9 volt batteries.
I'm off to go request it in the right section of this site and have them drop it in this thread.
As the current peaks, an explosive inside the coil former is detonated at one end.This expands the former and causes it to short the coiled conductor, with the short moving along as the explosive expansion propagates. If talk about serious approach - it is necessary to know the target's response at different bandwidth (say, 100 MHz, 500MHz, 1GHZ, etc).
The LC tank circuit can be made from lumped elements, or it can be a piece of transmission line.
Meaning some sort of barrier between the door handle and the actual door, or the lock and the door. And even if it were powerful enough it would probably stick to the door before it ever got to the coil.
You can take that bulb and stand under some outdoor high tension lines and get the same glowing effect. With extreme good luck, voltages leak all over the place, and some of the current ends up activating a transistor somewhere that would normally be triggered by a coin input.
It was a small box with a long cable attached, and was placed so that the car would drive over the box. A switched oscillator can generate very high peak power, but the bandwith isn't very much. I have never seen them since, probably because those spiky snakes they use are cheaper and more reliable.

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