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Besides grenades and thrown weapons, mines and placed explosives are now supported as well.Any unknown explosives are automatically supported once they have been equipped. If this problem suddenly occurs when you were already running Project Nevada successfully, this means some other mod overwrote an interface file.With FOMM, this should be fixed by simply deactivating Project and then activating it again. Same goes for our other testers.So currently the mod is not known to cause any instabilities. Either the last installed UI mod automatically overwrites files of all previous ones, or installation will become very complex for the user.We chose the former.
Energy cells might be needed as well.- Enhanced Vision Modes require certain headgear (see the Readme for a full list), or an installed implant (Bionic Eyes).

For a complete list, check the Readme.* Question: What happens if I already have some of the default implants installed?
Do I have to buy them again?You won't lose existing implants, and neither do you have to buy them again.

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