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FACT: The electric grid is extremely vulnerable to a variety of natural and man-made threats. It is a fact that a long term power outage is possible – and the results of such an outage are predicable. Curiously though, almost 60 percent of Congressman Upton’s campaign contributions are from electric utilities, lobbyists, and oil and gas investors.
FACT: The companies that comprise the electric grid make substantial campaign contributions.
FACT: Self-regulation by the industry has failed to address the vulnerabilities of the electric grid. We still have some heroes in Congress such as Trent Franks (R-AZ), Yvette Clarke (D-NY) and the other members of the bi-partisan Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Caucus who have introduced the SHIELD Act and CIPA in the House.
Two of these bills would actually attempt to harden the grid from the known threats (the SHIELD Act and the GRID Act). Even if legislation is passed this session, it would take years to actually harden the grid and actually be prepared on a national level for a long term power outage. On the other hand, there is a strong possibility that legislation will not pass and America (and all of us) will remain at substantial risk to natural and man-made threats to the electric grid – threats that literally could kill us by the thousands and millions.
Does anybody think that the electric company is going to take care of you and your family if the grid gets taken down long term? The fatal flaw in our emergency management system is that it depends on the ability to bring in outside resources if the scope of the emergency overwhelms the local capabilities. This means that if the grid goes down for a long period of time, federal and state aid will not be coming any time soon to the tens of thousands of cities and towns across America.
FACT: The federal and state governments are unprepared for a national scale loss of the electric grid. FACT: In a national scale power outage, local governments (towns and cities) will be on their own for a long period of time. Perhaps my all-time favorite piece of failed legislation is House Resolution 762 (112th Congress).   It was one of the major inspirations for my book and I’ve written about it here on my website.
Communities need to be aware of the threat (which most are not) and work to be prepared and resilient.
A House Resolution that encourages communities to have a civil defense plan and to prepare for a worst case scenario is critical to those of us at the grass roots level who are trying to accomplish this. We need a civil defense Congressional Resolution to get the attention of our local governments and local emergency managers that a national scale catastrophe is a realistic scenario and it is the local communities that will be holding the bag if the grid goes down long term. But if somehow it does happen, we need our communities to be prepared if America is to survive.
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TAGS: Andrea Boland, Andy Harris, Aton Edwards, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Attack, Electromagnetic Pulse, EMP Caucus, Grid Security, Judge Jeanine, R. EMP attack threats from North Korea should also be taken very seriously, according to former CIA Director James Woolsey. North Korea would not need to have a missile powerful enough to leave its own shores and hit America. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer appears to concur with Woolsey and recently issued an urgent warning to the investment community. The letter to clients also encouraged them to call on leaders to protect the antiquated and overly-taxed power grid and essential electronic devices. Last year Woolsey stated that Russian officials informed the United States in 2004 that the design specs for a a€?Super-EMPa€? nuclear warhead has a€?leakeda€? from their country to North Korea. While it may sound like experts in the fiscal and homeland security realm are starting to take the possibility of an EMP attack very seriously, so did the Congressional EMP Commission for many years with little to no results. Jack Pressman has over 35 years of experience in developing advanced high-availability IT platforms including the design, build, commission and operation of mission critical global IT facilities. Mr.
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Food, water, fuel, sanitation, medical services, the economy and everything else that enables the United States to support its population of 314 million people.
Congressman Fred Upton from Michigan is the chair of the House Energy Committee where these kind of laws are funneled. Draw whatever inference you will, but the end result is that Congress has been unsuccessful for years in enacting legislation to protect the electric grid – and the American people. One bill would simply include the threat of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) events in national planning scenarios (CIPA).
The president’s ink on the bottom of the bill turning it into law does not immediately harden the grid. While we badly need this legislation in the interest of national security, it will not be an instant fix.
Since the federal and state governments do not even drill for such a scenario (the purpose of the CIPA Act), we are unprepared as a nation to deal with a catastrophe of this magnitude. The problem is, in a national scale emergency where a large part of the country is in trouble at the same time, where are the resources going to come from? FEMA does not have a plan, or the capability, to helicopter in MREs, fuel, medicine and water to over 30,000 towns and cities (or even a fraction of that number). We need legislation to protect the grid, but we also need our communities to be prepared, self-reliant and resilient. I would venture to guess that very few – if any – communities in the United States are prepared for a long term loss of our critical infrastructures. Presently, Emergency Managers across the country believe that outside resources will always be available to help “the disaster area.” Since we have never had a national-scale catastrophe, such as a long-term loss of the electric grid, nobody is planning for it. We discuss the vulnerability of the electric grid, civil defense and community preparedness. Such pulses will not only cause the light to go out, but completely destroy electrical devises and the computer systems in modern vehicles.
The long-time foe of the United States will reportedly soon be capable of launching an electromagnetic pulse attack against America, if the former intelligence expert is correct. Simple ballistic missiles, like SCUDs, could reportedly be launched from off-shore freighters, from low-yield nuclear weapons, and from low-earth-orbit satellites. Representative Scott Perry also addressed the possibility of an EMP attack during a House Committee on Homeland Security meeting in May. Singer said that a power grid blackout sparked by an electromagnetic surge is the a€?most significant dangera€? facing the world.
Singer, as many others who have long realized the doomsday scenario created by an EMP attack and down power grid, also said the government and other groups should be stockpiling spare parts and create an emergency response plan. His SHIELD Act, a piece of legislation designed to upgrade and harden the power grid, has been stalled in committee for at least a year. Their collective experience and entrepreneurial spirit anchor the organization’s commitment to solving clients’ evolving challenges while empowering internal team’s success. Fernandez brings 40 years of experience in the information technology and Data Center services industry.
When document processes within risk management functions are broken, the problem is compounded. L’installation destinee a une consommation propre fournit une puissance crete de 1,6 MW capable d‘alimenter en energie solaire un complexe hotelier complet.
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Without the grid, supporting this population would be impossible.  Any large scale power outage for any significant length of time (several weeks or more) would put millions of Americans at risk. It could take years for regulations to be written, implemented and concrete results to take place. Moreover, as communities start to think about how they can prepare for a long-term catastrophe, there is sure to be an outcry to Congress and the federal government to protect the grid so this never happens to begin with.
Forstchen has pointed out to both government officials and in his bestselling books, thousands of planes are in the sky above the United States at any given moment. Woosley is calling for the Obama administration and Congress to upgrade the nationa€™s missile defense systems to prevent a power grid failure.
Perry said the consequences of an EMP attack would be a€?catastrophica€? and aptly noted that all information and power systems would cease to function. He’s built, designed and managed over 1,000,000 SF of enterprise data center facilities and is the primary design and construction manager for the EMP GRID data center and cloud computing center. Document-driven risk mitigation processes would be a good place to start for many organizations looking to overhaul their document-driven processes.
Le projet represente un investissement global de l’hotel de 2,5 millions d’euros precisement. En raison de la disponibilite mondiale de l’energie solaire, le photovoltaique est une solution interessante pour la production d’electricite, aussi bien raccordee au reseau que hors reseau.
Les prix devraient continuer de baisser au cours des prochaines annees grace a des economies d’echelle supplementaires.
Remember, the utilities do not want to be regulated and will work vehemently to delay and soften any regulations that may come in the future from a new law. If the power grid fails due to an EMP attack, millions of lives will be lost and the economy will take likely take a nose dive that is could take decades to recover from a€“ if ever.
An EMP attack would likely ruin onboard computers and send planes spiraling to the ground a€“ killing both those aboard and countless others at the crash site and those impacted by the roaring fires which would also surely result from such an incident.
Peter Vincent Pry, the executive director of the Congressional advisory board on both the National and Homeland Security Task Forces and the US Nuclear Strategy Forum, also once again offered insight into the significant threat to society which would occur if an EMP attack of solar flare took down the power grid, during the meeting. The very strength of our present emergency management system is also a critical weakness: It only works when there are outside resources to call in. The presence of the most recently spotted vessel caused alarm among national security experts. Pressman has become an industry leader in the master technology planning, financial modeling, design, build and turn-key implementation of EMP, HEMP, IEMI and Geomagnetic Storm protected critical enterprise infrastructure. Mr. Sur les 30 prochaines annees d’exploitation, l’installation devrait generer une economie de cout energetique de 16 millions d’euros. Pry cited Franksa€™ SHIELD Act as an example of the governmenta€™s unwillingness to act upon the concerns voiced by experts and security officials.
Pressman is currently managing the global deployment of 20 ultra-resilient shielded facilities that each can operate a minimum of 30 days without external refueling. We can rest assured that the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), as the mouth piece of the electric industry, will work tirelessly to oppose, delay and soften regulations. This will represent the most advanced max-resilient infrastructure portfolio in the commercial mission critical enterprise data center and private cloud computing marketspace. Mr.
Pressman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University, and is a global speaker on threat resilient infrastructure.

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