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Heinrich Vollmer, an arms designer from Germany, designed his first submachine gun in 1925. In 1930, Vollmer introduced an improved design, with side-feed using boxmagazines and patented telescoped return spring guide, later used in famous MP-38 and MP-40 submachine guns. Erma produced Vollmer design in a variety of models under one common name EMP (ErmaMaschinen Pistole - Erma machine pistol).
Erma EMP submachine gun is blowback operated, selective-fired weapon which fires from open bolt. This file was taken from the video game Fallout: New Vegas or from websites created and owned by Bethesda Softworks or Obsidian Entertainment, the copyright of which is held by Bethesda Softworks or Obsidian Entertainment. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Contrary to popular belief, the Springfield Armory EMP will not generate a burst of Electro-Magnetic Pulse radiation, thereby knocking out any still-operational Chevy Volts on the eastern seaboard. Nor is it named after the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, originally conceived to recognize the mind-blowing music of Jimi Hendrix.
Some think that the EMP was named in reference to the Earth Microbiome Project, whose mission is to identify and catalog all microbial life on planet earth.
And no, the original Springfield Armory EMP design was not sketched out on a cocktail napkin at New York’s swanky Eleven Madison Park Restaurant. While closer to home, it’s not an homage to the Erma EMP-35 submachine gun manufactured by Germany from 1930 to 1938.
Like the Springfield Armory 1911 TRP we recently reviewed, the Springfield Armory EMP 9mm is loaded with custom features and extras.
Like the Springfield Armory TRP, the Springfield Armory EMP, or Enhanced Micro Pistol, features fully ambidextrous safety levers. The sights are steel and mounted front and back via dovetail cuts, so they are easily adjustable for windage. The magazine release button is checkered, and due to the reduced grip size, we found it easy to activate without changing our firing grip. The trigger is aluminum and features three hole cutouts for a bit of weight reduction, but mainly to add to its sexy appearance.
The Springfield Armory EMP includes 3 magazines, holster, dual magazine carrier, a lockable hard case, and more. One of the things that drew us to the Springfield EMP 9mm for a full evaluation is it’s appearance. The frame is constructed from forged aluminum alloy with a black-anodized hard-coat finish. The aluminum trigger finish matches that of the slide, so it makes for a nice visual complement. Note: The Springfield Armory EMP is also available with the same frame and slide finish, but with grey-toned G10 grips for extra durability. The EMP’s three included magazines are manufactured in Italy by Mec-Gar especially of the Springfield Armory EMP.
If you’re not already familiar, the Dot Torture drill is a series of 50 shots at small targets placed 3-5 yards downrange. The 9mm chambering helps a lot, but what really makes the EMP a pussycat to shoot is the ability to get a full and comfortable grip.
With a couple of minor exceptions, field stripping a Springfield is like field stripping any other 1911 design pistol. First, after making double-secret sure that the gun is fully unloaded (chamber too!), pull the slide back to expose some of the guide rod. The takedown assist bushing is designed to hold the spring in the right position for takedown, while being small enough in diameter to pull back through the slide opening.
Since you used the takedown assist bushing piece in step one, it will be easy to pull the spring assembly out.
If we could wave a magic feature enhancement wand, there are only two things we would change on the Springfield Armory EMP 9mm. The form factor is a great tradeoff between size and self-defense capacity. Overall size is smaller than a compact Glock 19, but it still provides 9+1 rounds of 9mm. If you want to learn about the world of guns, shooting and the American way, check out some of my books.
Sehr detailgenau gearbeitete Tattoo Gun von Alchemy England, fur Freunde des Korperkults, Wertschatzer oder User. Die Kette war ein Geschenk fur eine gute Freundin, die in der Ausbildung zur Tatowiererin ist. Die Kette ist sehr schon aber ich habe innerhalb von 2 Tagen einen knall roten Hals bekommen!
Since the Vollmer himself has not enough financial capabilities to produce this gun on commercial basis, in 1931 he sold the manufacturing rights to German Erfurter Maschinen fabrik company,usually known under its trade mark Erma.

These weapons differed in length of the barrel, type of sights, safety arrangements and availability of accessories,but general layout and features were the same.
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It is the Maroszek's Semi-Automatic Rifle, designed in 1939 by Jozef Maroszek in 1938 and chambered for 7.92x57 Mauser round. With a wide variety of 9mm ammo we tested (outlined in more detail below) we did not experience any function problems from the first round on. No adjustment was necessary on our test gun – with all ammo tested, windage was dead on comparing point of aim and point of impact. The cocobolo grip panels really complement the matte black frame and satin stainless steel frame.
The G10 model is also a fantastic looking gun – just a tad more tactical in appearance.
Inserting a magazine full with 9 rounds into the EMP with a loaded chamber requires a vigorous spank. The velocity testing was done after two previous range trips where we had put about 200 rounds through the Springfield Armory EMP.
While we did a lot of general target shooting and good old-fashioned plinking, what was most enlightening was running through some simple practice drills. The sequence of shooting requires the shooter to fire two-handed, strong hand only, weak hand only, perform target transitions with single and double-tap shots, and perform reloads between targets. It’s a compact pistol, but none of our shooters had any trouble getting all fingers placed firmly on the grip. The sharp cuts of the rear notch and front sight make for a crisp and fast to acquire sight picture. We found that one can shoot the EMP with the strong hand thumb either riding on top of the frame safety lever or below. While the Springfield Armory 1911 TRP we recently reviewed was clearly designed for tactical use with sharp checkering and heavily textured G10 grip panels, the Springfield Armory EMP achieves more of a balance between comfort and grip. The Springfield Armory EMP uses a dual spring, captive mechanism which adds a bit of a trick to fully field stripping the pistol.
As the Springfield Armory EMP has no barrel bushing, you don’t need to worry about that. When you’ve got the slide back on and slide stop lever replaced, snap the takedown assist piece off and store it in a safe place for next time. It’s thin, well-rounded where it needs to be, and therefore exceptionally easy to carry. I'm the creator and primary author of the Insanely Practical Guides series of how-to books.
I believe that life is a bowl of fruit loops and that things don't have to be so complicated, although I suppose excessive techno-jargon keeps lots of well-intentioned lawyers in business. He gradually improved his weapon up until 1928 or 1929, when he made first commercial sales of the new submachine gun, which was offered in a variety of calibers, including 7,65x22 Luger, 7,63x25 Mauser, 9x19 Luger and 9x25 Mauser Export. The standard safety consisted of a hook-shaped notch in the receiver, which was used to engage and lock the bolt in cocked position.Additionally, on some EMP weapons, a manual safety was installed on the left side of receiver, behind the magazine housing. Alors que le revolver vient embellir une de vos oreilles, vous aurez une munition a portee de main sur l'autre oreille.
It is interesting as it was the third semi-auto rifle that had to be introduced as a basic infantry weapon (after American M1 Garand and Soviet SVT-38). Like the TRP, the sights are manufactured by Springfield Armory, but are supplied with Trijicon tritium inserts. The EMP came from the factory with no detectable over-travel, but if you like a little, feel free to adjust. The EMP features and extended beavertail and the grip safety offers a memory bump that makes safety disengagement positive. These are embossed with a large EMP logo to help you keep them straight from any other 1911 magazines you may have lying around. The smaller diameter and shorter overall length of the 9mm cartridge allows for a grip that is both shorter front to back and narrower side to side.
This is a good habit with any gun as many undesirable malfunctions are caused by improperly seated magazines. One minor frustration with the EMP magazines is the lack of witnessing holes to see how many rounds are loaded in the magazine. We shot the Dot Torture drill a number of times to get a more subjective indication of how the Springfield Armory EMP feels. The result is a pistol that is very gentle to shoot and this made a noticeable difference with the Dot Torture double tap shot strings.
The tritium filled tubes are outlined in either white or metal (hard to tell) and stand out fine in daylight.

If you choose to place your thumb below, you won’t risk advertently bumping the safety upwards. Pull the slide backward until the round takedown notch is directly above the slide lock tab. It’s not hard when you use the included takedown assist bushing, but chances are that thing is going to get lost at some point. The combination of smooth grip panel checkering, backstrap checkering, and a smooth front strap provides for a firm grip, but without sacrifice of concealed carry comfort with inside the waistband holsters. The grip, trigger, and sights achieve a balance that it makes it easy to hit your intended target.
Die Halsketten der Pendants sind ebenfalls aus Hartzinn und nickelfrei und haben eine Rhodium-Beschichtung zur besseren Hautvertraglichkeit. The fire mode selector was located on the right side of the stock, above the trigger guard. Production however was scheduled for September 1939 so, as you may guess, it never started save for the first, introductory batch. In our testing, we did not find the right hand lever to get in the way of holsters, nor did it hang up on clothing when carrying concealed. The ramped rear sight has two tritium dots while the front sight features a single tritium dot. During our testing, we had no issues getting reliable and consistent grip safety disengagement, regardless of grip style. As everyone know, Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood derived from the heart of the dalbergia retusa tree. The second bennie is that you can fit more bullets into the same amount of space, all other things being equal. If your smack a full magazine into an EMP, it will seat with a satisfying and positive click, so no worries there. Even one hole towards the bottom that allowed a quick visual confirmation of full magazine status would be nice to have.
Shoot a Dot Torture drill and you’ll spend a bit of time on a number of different shooting fundamentals. It was easy to place multiple rounds virtually on top of each other at high-speed and with relative ease.
The Cocobolo wood grips have mildly aggressive checkering, so you can carry the EMP using an inside the waistband holster without rubbing any nearby love handles raw.
You can remove the slide with or without the takedown assist piece, but it will be hard on the fingers to remove the spring assembly and barrel from the slide without it.
For all of its beautiful handling attributes, the real value of the Springfield Armory EMP is the confidence it inspires.
From what I know, only three or four specimens survived to this day (this one is presented in Museum of Polish Armed Forces in Warsaw, the remaining two or three are in posession of American collectors, one may be displayed in Museum of War in Beijing, China). And of course a cleaning brush, instructions, a coupon sheet for lot’s of discounted accessories like extra factory magazines, a couple of keys for the integral lock, and allen wrenches for sight adjustment and grip removal. In fact, if you hold the grips up to your ear, you can hear the ocean and smell pina coladas. Even with the toned-down textures, we had no problem keeping a firm and stable grip through fast strings of fire.
More importantly, Cocobolo is not only beautiful and sexy, it’s hard, durable and loaded with oils. The front and rear sights are a black matte finish, so visibility in bright conditions is great. A second benefit is that the satin finish hides things that might detract from the EMP’s marvelous appearance. So it’s not a high maintenance gun that will have to be cleaned after every range outing. While we wouldn’t classify the EMP as a heavy pistol, it does a great job of soaking up recoil from full powered 9mm self-defense loads. The grips are checkered, except for smooth diamond-shaped areas around the mounting screws. Fingerprints don’t show, holster wear will be nearly invisible, and micro-abuses will be subdued in appearance.
Second, we would love to have one or more holes in the magazines to easily check round count.
Clearly the dual spring design has a lot to do with that, as does the near perfect contour of the frame. The magazines are well made and solid as a rock, but you can’t easily verify that they are filled to maximum capacity.

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