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Featuring mesmerizing exhibits, interactive installations, oral histories, and a wealth of learning opportunities. Since making her debut 40 years ago, Hello Kitty® has graced countless products, morphed through hundreds of thousands of design iterations, and befriended millions. At the height of his fame, Jimi Hendrix performed more than 500 times in 15 countries and recorded 130 songs in 16 studios.
From his arrival in London to his untimely death on September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix was rarely in one place for more than a month.
Learn how a new breed of gamers are leaving their mark on gaming history at EMP’s Indie Game Revolution. Pet a dragon designed by Seattle Opera, view an original manuscript page from Game of Thrones, and revel in hands-on installations that include world building and mapmaking.
Three iconic horror directors—Roger Corman, John Landis, and Eli Roth—have curated a selection of their favorite films, providing a solid foundation on which audiences can safely explore the spectrum of cinematic horror, from its inception at the turn of the 20th century to the present day. EMP seeks to inspire all of our audiences by providing unique and engaging resources and experiences. Celebrate the statement-making style emerging from our area at Reveal: Northwest Innovation in Fashion, an inaugural runway show benefitting EMP Museum's commitment to fostering creative innovation in our community.
EMP’s Community Access program enables individuals experiencing financial, physical, or social barriers to visit the museum. Teen Artist Workshops and Creativity Camps for Kids provide hands-on, expert-led instruction with summer camps including songwriting, sound design for video games, creative writing, science of sound, and more. Youth Advisory Board members actively contribute to EMP events and exhibit openings, and influence teen programming at EMP by collaborating with local musicians, artists, and community groups and promoting teen programs such as Sound Off! Check out the EMP calendar for lectures, music performances, opening exhibit events and more!
This 30-hour professional development week will focus on deepening best practices for the integration of arts into STEM education. The museum is easily accessible by car, numerous bus routes, and the historic Seattle Center Monorail, built in 1962 for the Seattle World's Fair.
Visit with your friends, family, colleagues, school field trip, or any other group of ten or more and receive discounted admission.
A spectacular venue suitable for a wide variety of events from weddings and parties to concerts and corporate meetings.
Experience unique package deals and discounts at EMP partner hotels located within walking distance to the museum. Buy tickets, or better yet, become a member to one of the most unique museums in the world.
EMP members enjoy free year-round admission to the museum, in addition to access to exhibition previews and events, special offers and discounts, and lectures and oral histories with luminaries from the world of pop culture. New Benefit: EMP members receive free admission to Living Computer Museum and Flying Heritage Collection!
Visit EMP as a group and experience a self-guided tour, special group entry with a designated motor coach drop-off point, and discounted rates on admission and On Stage posters and DVDs. EMP celebrates the creative process, engages the imagination, and inspires personal expression in current and future generations. EMP is a leading-edge nonprofit museum, dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture.
A classical music fan, Gehry wanted to understand rock 'n' roll, so he traded in his Bach for Hendrix and took a trip to the neighborhood guitar store. The museum's one-of-a-kind architecture offers numerous unique sites, from lofty and spacious to cozy and secluded. Whether your event is a corporate meeting, a concert, an intimate gathering, a film premiere, a seated dinner or an elaborate reception, EMP offers an awe-inspiring setting for your next special occasion. Members of the media can access EMP's press releases, media kit downloads, and high-res images.
Issues of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe and America occupy a persistent place in politics and conversations. This psychological thriller of small-town Satanic suspicion in the 1990s begins when a young woman (Emma Watson) accuses her father of an unspeakable crime, leading a grizzled detective (Ethan Hawke) and a regression therapy psychologist (David Thewlis) to unmask a horrifying nationwide mystery.
Connect with your community and ignite your mind, body and spirit with the unique experience of yoga in Chihuly Garden and Glass’ inspirational Glasshouse. If the current debate over the name of a certain NFL team in our nation’s capital is any indication, many have not yet gotten the message regarding the harmful effects of ethnic stereotyping. Why is willful ignorance about American Indian realities so deeply entrenched and passionately defended?
Join us at the Main Stage where there will be non-stop cultural performances from dragon and lion dances, traditional Japanese taiko drumming, Bollywood dancing and the 7th annual Children’s Parade and Costume Contest.
Kids of all ages will enjoy the Arts and Cultural Pavilion, with arts and crafts projects for all! Staff from both organizations will be on hand to help facilitate gameplay for the shy to the extroverted, from the expert strategist to the board game neophyte. To defeat Loki, Marvel’s biggest Super Heroes must band together, including The Avengers – Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor along with Spider-Man and Wolverine, must trek across the globe to retrieve the Cosmic Cube fragments and unite them. The Seattle Asian American Film Festival (SAAFF) showcases feature-length and short format films by and about Asian Americans across North America, with an emphasis on filmmakers from the Pacific Northwest. SAAFF is the only film festival in Seattle to provide a space for Asian American voices, perspectives and histories by screening independent films that reflect the diversity and richness of the city’s Asian American community. Part film, part music video, this glittering journey to fame is highlighted by a catalogue of Prince’s hits, including “I Would Die 4 U,” “When Doves Cry,” and “Let’s Go Crazy,”—a score which deservedly won both an Academy Award and a Grammy. Tickets include admission to Guitar Gallery: The Quest for Volume, where you can explore the evolution of the guitar through the lives and accomplishments of other musical innovators such as Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain. An increasingly common topic in our cultural conversation, issues of race are largely ignored as a consideration in the policies that shape urban schools and school systems.
Join EMP Museum for the third annual Through the Eyes of Art, the city’s premier Black History Month celebration.
Seattle Writes is a project to support local authors and connect them with our large and avid community of readers. Seattle Writes invites writers to submit a work of flash fiction to the Door to a Pink Universe competition in honor of science fiction writer and Seattle resident Octavia Butler, who heralded libraries for their contribution to her development as a writer. Adapted for the screen by William Goldman from his equally hysterical and brilliant novel, director by Rob Reiner brought to the screen a modern day classic filled with memorable performances, sharp wit, derring-do, and heaping helpings of romance. If you sense a disturbance in the Force, it’s probably because there’s a battle of Death Star-proportions brewing. Jedi robes and light sabers are encouraged (though you’ll have to leave your droids outside), and you’ll have the chance to meet Garrison Titan’s stormtroopers. From the webpage: There has been a significant increase in the number of television shows and movies that showcase female action heroes, challenging and transforming the historical representations of women.
In this lecture, Anita Sarkeesian deconstructs the “Strong Female Character,” and argues for a better approach to how women are portrayed in media, one that breaks out of oppressive interpretations of gender and supports feminist values to promote a more just society. Recent attacks on Planned Parenthood locations, national talk of defunding the organization, and allegations of the sale of fetal tissue here in Washington, have thrust the group into the spotlight. Experience Ridley Scott’s dystopic vision of the future, Blade Runner (The Director’s Cut) (1982), as part of EMP’s Campout Cinema.
In this timeless sci-fi classic, humans have developed the technology to create replicants, robotic human clones used to serve the colonies outside Earth. This Director’s Cut version of the film, made with direction from Scott, was officially re-released in theaters in 1992.
Tickets include admission to Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, where you can see several artifacts from the film, including costumes from Pris and Zhora, Deckard’s pistol, and more.
With the holiday season coming up on us, here are some awesome geeky events to invite your friends and family to! From the webpage: SIFF’s annual extravaganza celebrating the 1971 musical family classic returns! Join us in celebrating Doctor Who and the holiday season with a holiday-themed TARDIS photo op, costume contests*, Geeks Who Drink trivia, drink specials, activities by Anglicon, Christmas crowns and crackers, clips from Doctor Who Christmas specials, and more wibbly wobbly timey wimey surprises. Tickets include admission into EMP’s Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, which features the original Dalek and Cyberman used in the filming of classic Doctor Who episodes from the 1980s. From the event: For two nights this December GossamarWing Productions is offering tickets to a burlesque experience on a different world, Discworld to be exact*.
Come and join us for an immersive experience with some of your favorite** characters of the series as they experience Hogswatch Night. We will have a snack bar, merch and photo booth, so bring cash and be prepared to jump into the DiscWorld with us, as we honor Sir Terry Prachett with our love! From the event: Help us celebrate the release of Joy to the Worlds: Mysterious Speculative Fiction for the Holidays!

Hilarious destruction ensues in the small town of Kingston Falls after a new pet owner violates two of three simple gremlin rules: no water (violated), no food after midnight (violated), and no bright light.
From the webpage: Take a breather from holiday shopping and join us for an EMP holiday tradition with screenings of one of the worst films ever made, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. This madcap sci-fi movie adventure sends Martian kidnappers to Earth to capture Santa Claus for their joyless planet, and had a resurgence of popularity in the ’90s when it was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. From the webpage: Started in 1900, the CBC is the longest running citizen science survey in North America. Before the film we’ll celebrate the music of the film with a Moulin-inspired music video countdown. From the website: In light of controversial practices in Yakima and other parts of the state, the Washington Voting Rights Act aims to abolish unfair election systems–50 years after America’s landmark Voting Rights Act was passed for the same purpose.
In honor of BioWare’s annual N7 Day, AFK Elixirs and Eatery and Fanpup are partnering to bring you N7 Weekend!
On Friday (Nov 6) come try out AFK’s custom Mass Effect-themed menu (with entries like Renegade Meatballs, Paragon Pasta, and Tequila Se’lai) host some Mass Effect multiplayer, and break out the board games. Dress up as your favorite character or rock your swag for a chance to win the Spirit Contest! From the website: Explore and experience the cultural roots and contemporary influences of the people from the hilltops of China, Laos and Thailand through live performances, visual arts, hands-on activities, foods, games, and a lively marketplace. The Lunar New Year is a time for the Hmong people to reflect on the past year and seek out new beginnings.
From the website: Always a favorite on Town Hall’s calendar, this festival celebrates Hawaii’s famed Slack-key guitar tradition, referring to the style as well as the ways an instrument is tuned. Welcome Hello Kitty to her new home at EMP Museum by saying “Hello!” and joining the festivities! From the website: Kabuki–Japan’s traditional art of singing and dancing–is a skilled, colorful representation of the nation’s heritage. From the event: Join GeekGirlCon and Mox Boarding House in Bellevue and help us continue to expand our community of diverse and inclusive gamers to the East Side! From the website: Join us in November for a super-sonic Homeschool Day focused around the Science of Sound. The day will feature a two-hour hands-on workshop, a gallery activity in our exciting Sound Lab space, and free time to explore the EMP galleries. From the website: Four women, four representations of Maori culture–and one stunning a Capella collaboration. There are many famous pairs in pop culture: Betty and Veronica, Wayne and Garth, and Leela and Fry, just to name a few. Over the past three years, another twosome has formed that brings together geek and chic: The EMP Museum and GeekGirlCon!
To top it all off, the original Wicked Witch of the West’s hat from The Wizard of Oz will be on display at GeekGirlCon ’13!
Hop on Seattle’s iconic Monorail for an efficient and fun trip—walk just a couple of blocks from GeekGirlCon to Westlake Center, where the monorail drops you off at the Seattle Center. GeekGirlCon and the EMP are surely a match made in rock and roll heaven, and this weekend will no doubt go down in history. Find your way around a one-of-a-kind building containing a wealth of exhibitions and interactive installations.
From a variety of original and compelling exhibitions to POP Kitchen + Bar and Sky Church, EMP's museum map will help you find your way.
A fusion of textures and myriad colors, EMP’s exterior conveys all the energy and fluidity of music. She is a superstar and a global icon, yet has always maintained her essence to inspire happiness, friendship, and fun around the world. He was a musical nomad, his life an endless series of venues, recording sessions, flights, and hotels.
Within, it contains a treasure trove of objects, images, and information from hundreds, possibly thousands of other worlds from the farthest reaches of the universe. Featuring the stories of more than forty independent video game developers, designers, coders, composers, and critics, EMP presents a dynamic, immersive space inviting you to witness the present and future of gaming as it unfolds. Enterprise for the world premiere of Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds with an evening commemorating 50 years of Star Trek with activities to delight fans of every generation. The show will feature the cutting-edge looks of designers from the Seattle area including Suk Chai (S C H A I), Francisco Hernandez (Built for Man), Tom Ordonio, Aykut Ozen (Ozen Company), and Deborah Roberts (S I L V A E).
The museum serves regional residents by opening its doors to all who might benefit from EMP’s rich educational and cultural resources. EMP offers a variety of resources for educators including lesson plans, gallery guides, workshops at the museum and in schools, and Professional Development Day.
The Monorail departs every 10 minutes from the station at Seattle Center, and from Westlake Center Mall, at 5th and Pine Street.
Celebrate cinema, make your own music, discover science fiction, and take pleasure in knowing that your membership bolsters EMP's efforts to educate, inspire, and spark creativity and imagination in young and old alike.
With its roots in rock 'n' roll, EMP serves as a gateway museum, reaching multigenerational audiences through our collections, exhibitions, and educational programs, using interactive technologies to engage and empower our visitors.
He bought several electric guitars, took them back to his office, and cut them into pieces. From the Charlie Hebdo murders in France to the backlash against Syrian refugees and the perennial conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, there is no shortage of global discussion on religious freedom and Jewish-Muslim relations.
Mehnaz Afridi, assistant professor of religious studies and director of the Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College, discusses how the state of religious freedom in Europe is affecting the lives of Jews and Muslims today, and argues that the ideal — and perhaps only — venue for a Jewish-Muslim dialogue is here in the United States. Accessible and designed for all skill levels, local instructors from Core Power Yoga Studio will take participants through a special 60 minute session, drawing inspiration from the creative environment.
Key answers are embedded in early 20th century federal court cases and legislation, including the 1924 Indian Citizenship Act. Join GeekGirlCon staffers, make some new friends, play some games, and enjoy some delicious organic, fair trade, and shade-grown coffee.
Their pastries are delivered daily from local vendors including donuts from Mighty-O Donuts, croissants from Le Fournil Patisserie, bagels from Blazing Bagels, and the rest of their tasty treats provided by Little Rae’s All Natural Bakery. As the Super Heroes track the Cube, they will encounter some of their biggest adversaries including Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Red Skull, Madame Hydra, Aldrich Killian, Electro and more, in the quest for the very same fragments. Patrinell “Pat” Wright, Gregg Alex (Matt Talbot Center), and wife Dora Krasucki-Alex; and an art show from some of Seattle’s top painters and photographers.
Sign our giant contract on the way in the door, then enjoy fragrant and tasty treats from our legendary Wonkariffic goodie bags.
Join us Saturday, January 9th for a Star Wars themed evening featuring lots of fast-paced derby action. And don’t forget your canned goods – as always, we’ll be accepting non-perishable food donations on behalf of Food Lifeline. But are these truly examples of “Strong Female Characters,” or do they simply replicate traditional masculine archetypes in a sexualized, female body? This celebratory event will recognize a woman’s reproductive choice and the 43rd anniversary of Roe v.
In Los Angeles, 2019, Deckard is a Blade Runner, a cop who specializes in terminating replicants. A horde of mischievous monsters are unleashed on a small town in this Campout Cinema screening of Gremlins (1984). Start some trouble in the Holly Jolly Mayhem photo op, and enjoy trivia, giveaways, and other surprises! And the evening ends just in time to head over to the Space Needle to catch some fireworks while shouting “Rooooooxannnne” at the sky! According to The Nation’s Ari Berman this is a prime example for why the fight for full voting equality isn’t over. Grab your Emergency Induction Port and save the Galaxy from the threat of the Reapers… or just the threat of sobriety. Then on Saturday, show up for the full-out N7 Day Celebration with raffle prizes, a cosplay contest, and a friendly Renegade vs Paragon competition!
Gain insights into the customary courtship ritual of ball tossing and participate in flower cloth sessions. The Hmong New Year Celebration helps preserve the unique culture of this Southeast Asian highland culture that originates in the mountains of China. This vibrant, finger-picked music showcases Hawaiian stories of feelings, aloha, nature, and more.
Their YouTube videos boast over 2 million views and have been featured on Gawker, BoingBoing, io9 and more. Her original songs and covers, accompanied by her masterful ukulele playing, have earned her over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty, a celebration of fun, friendship, and happiness.
For Tacoma-based Kabuki Academy, bringing this traditional culture to modern audiences is essential for creating the next generation of culturally-aware individuals. We want to fill that beautiful Tournament Room with folks enjoying our favorite games in a safe and accepting atmosphere.
Based on the desire to share their country’s traditions and values, Whiri Tu Aka was formed in 2012 by producer Mina Ripia. They are the “cool” to our “nerd-quirk”—and working together, we’re bringing panels, performances, and one of film history’s most iconic props to GeekGirlCon ‘13 for everyone to enjoy. The panel members will also discuss the various roles and archetypes that women have played in fantasy literature, film, and pop culture over the last century. Worn by actress Margaret Hamilton in the 1939 sensation, it’s become a worldwide symbol of campy evil and villainous delight. Opening with first-class comedian Bri Pruett, the show also features phenomenal cellist Unwoman. Sneak a peek at the back inside cover of our Program Guide this weekend for more information!
Whether you’re a rocker, geek, or combination of them both, be part of the glory by picking up your passes before they sell out!
Gehry began designing EMP, he was inspired to create a structure that evoked the rock ‘n’ roll experience. Three-thousand panels, made up of 21 thousand individually cut and shaped stainless steel and painted aluminum shingles, encase the outside of the building. Gehry is the first architect to use CATIA in the creation of his highly shaped metal buildings. EMP’s designers and architects worked with representatives from the Seattle disabled community to ensure that music fans and EMP employees with disabilities could count on easy access to the entire museum. Now this fully-automated ship—a traveler, documenter, and collector of artifacts—has come to Earth and invited us to come aboard.
Navigate your way through Starfleet Academy with an interactive game, take the Captain’s seat at the command chair photo op, and enjoy a special guest appearance by Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), trivia with Geeks Who Drink, a costume parade, an epic interstellar dance party, and more!
At EMP, artists, audiences and ideas converge, bringing understanding, interpretation, and scholarship to the popular culture of our time. You might find King of Tokyo, Voluspa, Alien Frontiers, Locke & Key, Coup, Tokaido, The Resistance, Skull and Roses, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Toc Toc Woodman, FLUXX and many more!
The story is framed around the battle over the Cosmic Cube, the source of ultimate power and one of the most feared and coveted treasures in the Marvel Universe, that has been shattered into pieces by the Mighty Thor in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
These foes have no problem teaming up if it gets them closer to their ultimate goal of world domination. Payne, professor, school of social service administration, the University of Chicago, explores how taking race more fully into account may allow us to shape more powerful educational practices and adequately address social inequity.
Bring your nose, your taste buds, and your sense of adventure as you tour the most eccentric and wonderful candy factory of all, made even more outrageous by Gene Wilder’s wonderfully eccentric performance, utterly singable songs, and those lovable hardworking Oompa Loompas. This panel discussion (featuring performances by local artists) will explore the gentrification of Seattle hip-hop and its effects.
Originally in retirement, he’s forced to re-enter the force when four replicants escape from an off-world colony back to Earth.
The Midnight Sun (Nov, 1961) follows a young artist sweltering in her apartment as the earth slowly spirals into the sun.
For over 50 years, BBC’s iconic series about a time-traveling hero, Doctor Who, has been a phenomenon with extraordinary cultural impact. Approximately 200 volunteers survey the count circle (15 miles in diameter) centered in downtown Seattle, to identify and count anything with feathers and a pulse.
Until it all comes crashing down in a tragic, doomed love affair guaranteed to make you grab your hankies.
Voting is an important part of the democratic process and for many Americans, one that’s hard to obtain–even President Obama says the system needs work.
And don’t forget to wear your Renegade Red or Paragon Blue, there may be something special for the winning team! This year’s performers include Grammy Award-winning Cyril Pahinui, George Kuo, Hiikua, Ikaika Marzo, Jeff Peterson, Nathan Aweau, Steven Espaniola, Patrick Landeza, Jeff Au Hoy, Peter Moon, Sean Olanui Robbins, and other masters of the style. With the group’s other four members–Gaynor Rikihana, Kirsten Te Rito, Betty-Anne Monga, and Lisa Tomlins–Ripia has expertly drawn together their individual stories for a musical reflection of their true Wairua (spirits). One half of each of these duos is known for being nerdy, while the other is portrayed as more “hip”. The American Film Institute listed the Wicked Witch of the West at number four on their list of the 50 Best Movie Villains of All Time, making her the highest-ranking female villain. He purchased several electric guitars, sliced them into pieces, and used them as building blocks for an early model design. Their individual finishes respond to different light conditions and appear to change when viewed from different angles, reminding audiences that music and culture is constantly evolving. CATIA allows a sculptural form to be digitized into a 3-D electronic model that can be used for the engineering of building systems and the fabrication of building elements. Influenced by the colors in the early model, Gehry's final design brightly displays the red and blue hues of electric guitars.
With the pieces scattered across the globe, Thor’s villainous brother Loki devises a scheme to clone its powers, inciting a threat that could not only decimate Earth but also obliterate the Universe.
They’ll also discuss the local Black Lives Matter movement and ways to preserve the integrity of the music and its social effects. The evening will bring together storytellers from across the state to commemorate this landmark decision, highlight the impact of Shout Your Abortion, and help destigmatize abortion and those who choose it. There are 14 areas within the Seattle count circle, each being covered by one or multiple teams of volunteer surveyors. Explore and experience the cultural roots of Mexico through live performances, spectacular community altar and cemetery, special hands-on activities, foods, face painting and exquisite rituals. In conversation with Washington State Supreme Court Justice Steven Gonzalez, Berman will explore the history of voting rights and the landmark court decisions that have altered their course.
The academy’s Mary Ohno (who studied classical Japanese dance for more than 60 years) will instruct children in this classical dancing, the complimentary shamisen music, and other Kabuki arts.
Inspired by love, motherhood, and the power of the female voice, Whiri Tu Aka’s Maori performance will cross language barriers and speak to the soul with its heartfelt harmonies. This dynamic keeps duos both playing off of and balancing out the other as they learn from their differences. She’s permanently embedded in the public psyche, thanks to memorable lines like “I’ll get you, my pretty—and your little dog too,” and “I’m melting! Buy your tickets today, or hurry to nab one of 50 free general admission tickets at GeekGirlCon Info Booth on Saturday. With its sight-filled zip and low price, the Monorail is easily the smoothest way to reach all the myth, mirth, and music that awaits you at the museum. Starting November 15, remarkable faces—famous and unknown alike—will fill walls in the Martin Schoeller: Close Up photography showcase. Invented by Dessault Corporation for the design of Mirage fighter jets, CATIA is now the primary computer design tool for Boeing and Chrysler. Tsianina Lomawaima, professor, school of social transformation, Arizona State University, illuminates the challenges and opportunities that surviving, thriving Native peoples pose for U.S. Featured panelists include moderator Wyking Garrett and Black Stax member Jace Ecaj, among others. Learn about this constitutionally-protected (and controversial) right and show support for reproductive freedom.
Create sugar skulls and paper skeletons, explore community altars and march in a musical procession to remember the dead. He’ll explain the back and forth that voting rights have undergone throughout the past 50 years, and offer a glimpse at the future–one where, with support from Congress and the Supreme Court, representational voting rights can be achieved. Following that bout it’s an intergalactic clash as our Washington State Conference team takes on Overbeaters Anonymous.
Bus passengers are stranded by a storm at a roadside diner while rumors of UFOs fly on the radio and it seems there are more passengers than there should be.
These data are incorporated into very important research, like the State Of The Birds report and the National Audubon Society’s Birds and Climate Change Report.
Fly over on Saturday, October 19 and feast your eyes on this delightfully devilish memorabilia.

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