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With a sad heart I thought I would share some quotes, some posts and just a smattering of the rich legacy Zaha left behind…. Finn Juhl (30 January 1912 – 17 May 1989) was a Danish architect, interior and industrial designer.
Unlike many of his contemporaries in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, Juhl was as interested in form as in function.  “A chair is not just a product of decorative art in a space,” he said. Juhl gave a soft edge to the lines of wooden modernist chairs, favoring organic shapes which often took the wood to the limits of what was possible. He was influenced by the abstract sculptor Jean Arp, an influence which is seen already in his early Pelican chair but it remained a motif throughout his career.
Inflatable concert hall by Anish Kapoor and Arata Isozaki in Matsushima, Japan 52-Weeks-52-CIties-by-Iwan-Baan_Ark-Nova-Isozaki_dezeen_22  Baan is known for eschewing the traditional approach of shooting buildings in isolation.
As the first museum ever to be entirely dedicated to the human species, Domus shines as a source of pride for Galicia.
I feel compelled to share this other aspect to his architectural aesthetic that came up often in my research and should be considered when you look at his body of work.
He started practicing traditional functionalistic architecture, but over the years his professional interests changed to focus mainly on lighting which is what he is most famous for. Poul Henningsen did not grew up with the electric light but in the soft glow of the petroleum lamp. The Magnificent Grand Paino by Poul Henningsen looks like it came from the distant future, yet it was designed in 1931, a true timeless design undeniably ahead of its time. He designed this Piano in steel, aluminum, red leather and plexiglass, thus creating a unique design that stands out on its right as a piece of art. Creative genius Poul Henningsen introduced his mind-altering design in 1931 – and it still belongs to the future.
Our goal is to accurately give credit for all images and information, in the event we fail to do that, please notify us and we will correct the error. His selection of materials such as corrugated metal lends some of Gehry’s designs an unfinished or even crude aesthetic.
His style has been called Deconstructivist —a post-structuralist aesthetic that challenges accepted design paradigms of architecture while breaking with the modernist ideal of form following function.Frank Gehry looks for an architecture more and more free, with virtuous lines and complex forms, in which the light and its reflection is a principal matter. At the base of the Space Needle, Gehry framed the EMP Museum to look as if its steel-and-aluminum skin is flapping in the wake of Seattle’s famous monorail. Gehry had success in the 1970s with his line of Easy Edges chairs made from bent laminated cardboard.
We always aim to give credit for all images and information, in the event we fail to do that please notify us and we will correct the error.
Find your way around a one-of-a-kind building containing a wealth of exhibitions and interactive installations.

From a variety of original and compelling exhibitions to POP Kitchen + Bar and Sky Church, EMP's museum map will help you find your way. Adults get in for $20, while seniors and students pay $17, and military and youth (5-17 years old) cost $14.
Rainer, Seattle’s stunning waterfront curves past skyscrapers, historic neighborhoods, important museums, and the lush, rolling parks that give the city its green nickname. Just as the room is divided into two sections, the ceiling is divided into two rectangular fields of color.
Juhl was most notably known for his furniture design and for introducing Danish Modern to America in the 1940’s. The restoration of the Finn Juhl–designed United Nations Trusteeship Council Chamber, New York. Inspired by the modern “free art” of the time, its organic shape and fluid lines are so inviting. He generally used teak and other dark woods, unlike many of the other proponents of the Danish Modern movement who often used oak in their designs. He says his aim with every shoot is to capture the life both within and surrounding the built environment. MOCA’s pyramid-shaped skylights do indeed reflect Egyptian pyramids, for instance, but they are also simple geometric forms. Japanese architect Arata Isozaki designed the Domus complex, which contains a museum, restaurant and IMAX theater, to look like a ship sail. If we have made any errors or omissions please contact us and we will correct our information. On the background of the emancipated radical cultural environment of the 1920s he displayed great inventiveness in many fields. He designed the PH-lamp in 1925, which, like his later designs, used carefully analyzed reflecting and baffling of the light rays from the bulb to achieve glare-free and uniform illumination.
His constant inspiration and aim was to cultivate the electric light to achieve a similar softness but yet utilize this new powerful light source.
The new limited edition of PH 3?-2? comes with a opal glass or untreated copper shade that oxidates over time.
And what you see is what you hear – the sound is brilliant and crystal clear like the concept of the design itself. This consistent approach has made Gehry one of the most distinctive and easily recognizable designers of the recent past. Furthermore, he is unique in the election of materials, each one more and more unusual giving his works an artistic quality unequaled.
It’s like jazz—you improvise, you work together, you play off each other, you make something, they make something.

Gehry designed building is constructed of over 21,000 aluminum and stainless steel shingles and 280 steel ribs.
Gehry has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Pritzker Architecture Prize (1989), the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Award (1994), the National Medal of Arts (1998), a Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects (1999), and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Americans for the Arts (2000). The building’s remarkable architectural form and sophisticated use of colors and textures can be traced to a melted Stratocaster guitar that served as inspiration to the architect Frank O. EMP Museum is a crazy building, designed to look like a smashed guitar. To achieve that feat, the architect used 3,000 panels, made up of 21,000 individually cut, shaped and painted steel and aluminum shingles. Just like any other museum, you can’t touch anything in those exhibits, but EMP Museum does allow you to be hands-on in other areas. Famous for its hip coffee culture and music scene, this sparkling Pacific Northwest jewel is yours for the taking when you book a cruise from Seattle, Washington. This attitude is in keeping with native Japanese practices that stress collaboration and cooperation, rather than competition, among professionals.
Influenced first by his teacher, the prominent Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, by Le Corbusier and, later, by Otto Wagner, the architect builds on rather than discards his traditional training.
Critics of Gehry’s work have charged, however, that his designs are not thoughtful of contextual concerns and frequently do not make the best use of valuable urban space. If its 400 tons of structural steel were stretched into the lightest banjo string it would extend one-fourth of the way to Venus.
EMP Museum (EMP stands for Experience Music Project) allows you to get up-close and personal with music history, jam out on instruments (even if you have no previous experience) and see one-of-a-kind memorabilia from movies and television.
You can play different instruments inside the Sound Lab (click here to watch Tove jam on the keyboard) and you can also rock out with your family and friends On Stage. You can actually save anywhere from $2 to $5 on admission by purchasing your EMP Museum tickets online. By presenting himself as being sartorially distinct from the crowd, Isozaki provided a contemporary parallel to the flamboyant Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect (and admirer of Japanese culture) who continued to affect Victorian dress long after it passed out of style. If you plan on seeing other top Seattle attractions, we highly recommend the Seattle CityPASS. It is the first time you see a grand piano in a new light – and it changes everything. You can save 43% on six major Seattle attractions, including EMP Museum and the Space Needle.

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