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Featuring iconic artifacts from sci-fi literature, film, television, and art, including an Imperial Dalek from Doctor Who, the command chair from the classic television series Star Trek, and Neo’s coat from The Matrix Reloaded.
Sample diverse forms of science fiction, learn about the pervasiveness of the genre in popular culture, and connect science fiction’s big ideas to the artists, writers, and filmmakers who spawned them with six unique sectors that highlight the work of EMP’s Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductees. The most surreal moment, for me, was viewing the horror exhibit and coming across the “Mr.
I had a great time checking out everything the museum has to offer, and give it my highest recommendation to check out if you make it to the Seattle area. Below are related images from my visit to the EMP Museum this past weekend.  Click any image for higher resolution. If all of the music exhibits weren't cool enough, the pop culture displays at the EMP Museum in Seattle really won us over.
Downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta is changing, and it's especially evident along 2nd Street in buildings like the Beveridge Block. Around the Hat is a history based photography series about the natural and cultural landmarks located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Roadside California is a road trip based photography series that highlights landmarks throughout California.
Aloha Hawaii is a travel based photography series focused on landmarks around the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Motor City is a travel photography series showcasing landmarks and attractions around Detroit, Michigan. Pacific Northwest is a travel photography series that highlights natural wonders and cultural landmarks throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Around Alberta is a travel based photography series that highlights the culture, history, and natural wonders of this Canadian province. Shambhala Music Festival takes place every summer at the Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada.
History of Alberta is a facebook page dedicated to archival images, photo essays, and stories surrounding this Canadian province. Featuring mesmerizing exhibits, interactive installations, oral histories, and a wealth of learning opportunities. Since making her debut 40 years ago, Hello Kitty® has graced countless products, morphed through hundreds of thousands of design iterations, and befriended millions. At the height of his fame, Jimi Hendrix performed more than 500 times in 15 countries and recorded 130 songs in 16 studios.
From his arrival in London to his untimely death on September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix was rarely in one place for more than a month. Learn how a new breed of gamers are leaving their mark on gaming history at EMP’s Indie Game Revolution.
Pet a dragon designed by Seattle Opera, view an original manuscript page from Game of Thrones, and revel in hands-on installations that include world building and mapmaking. Three iconic horror directors—Roger Corman, John Landis, and Eli Roth—have curated a selection of their favorite films, providing a solid foundation on which audiences can safely explore the spectrum of cinematic horror, from its inception at the turn of the 20th century to the present day.
EMP seeks to inspire all of our audiences by providing unique and engaging resources and experiences. Celebrate the statement-making style emerging from our area at Reveal: Northwest Innovation in Fashion, an inaugural runway show benefitting EMP Museum's commitment to fostering creative innovation in our community. EMP’s Community Access program enables individuals experiencing financial, physical, or social barriers to visit the museum. Teen Artist Workshops and Creativity Camps for Kids provide hands-on, expert-led instruction with summer camps including songwriting, sound design for video games, creative writing, science of sound, and more. Youth Advisory Board members actively contribute to EMP events and exhibit openings, and influence teen programming at EMP by collaborating with local musicians, artists, and community groups and promoting teen programs such as Sound Off! Check out the EMP calendar for lectures, music performances, opening exhibit events and more! This 30-hour professional development week will focus on deepening best practices for the integration of arts into STEM education. The museum is easily accessible by car, numerous bus routes, and the historic Seattle Center Monorail, built in 1962 for the Seattle World's Fair. Visit with your friends, family, colleagues, school field trip, or any other group of ten or more and receive discounted admission. A spectacular venue suitable for a wide variety of events from weddings and parties to concerts and corporate meetings. Experience unique package deals and discounts at EMP partner hotels located within walking distance to the museum. Buy tickets, or better yet, become a member to one of the most unique museums in the world.

EMP members enjoy free year-round admission to the museum, in addition to access to exhibition previews and events, special offers and discounts, and lectures and oral histories with luminaries from the world of pop culture.
New Benefit: EMP members receive free admission to Living Computer Museum and Flying Heritage Collection! Visit EMP as a group and experience a self-guided tour, special group entry with a designated motor coach drop-off point, and discounted rates on admission and On Stage posters and DVDs. EMP celebrates the creative process, engages the imagination, and inspires personal expression in current and future generations.
EMP is a leading-edge nonprofit museum, dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture.
A classical music fan, Gehry wanted to understand rock 'n' roll, so he traded in his Bach for Hendrix and took a trip to the neighborhood guitar store. The museum's one-of-a-kind architecture offers numerous unique sites, from lofty and spacious to cozy and secluded. Whether your event is a corporate meeting, a concert, an intimate gathering, a film premiere, a seated dinner or an elaborate reception, EMP offers an awe-inspiring setting for your next special occasion.
Members of the media can access EMP's press releases, media kit downloads, and high-res images. TweetEMP Museum will stage a new science fiction exhibition set on board an interactive spacecraft. Opening in March 2015: Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction takes visitors on an intergalactic journey and showcases rare artifacts from iconic sci-fi productions. EMP Museum announced today the opening of a new science fiction exhibition that will take visitors on a fully immersive journey to the farthest reaches of the universe. In addition to featuring authentic objects from some of sci-fi’s most groundbreaking creations, the 3500 square ft. Over 150 rare artifacts spanning more than a century of science fiction will be featured illustrating the wide breadth of the genre, the creative range in storytelling, and the unlimited imagination that spawns fictional worlds. The exhibit will also contain original short films featuring new and archived oral history interviews with some of sci-fi’s greatest luminaries. In addition to objects on display, the exhibition presents a number of hands-on, interactive experiences. EMP is currently the home of Game of Thrones: Ascend the Wall exhibit and a new Star Wars Costume exhibit will premiere at EMP next year.
EMP is a leading-edge, nonprofit museum, dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture. Featuring lyrics, personal instruments, outrageous outfits, rare concert footage, and more, Hear My Train a Comin': Hendrix Hits London demonstrates how Hendrix achieved prominence across the pond.
From July 26-November 4, 2013, EMP will accept applications for Sound Off!, the Northwest's premier 21 and under battle of the bands. EMP Museum in partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), announce the launch of the ninth annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival. The world’s most extensive exhibition of memorabilia celebrating the music and history of Seattle grunge luminaries, Nirvana. The exhibit features 100 new and archived oral histories from key figures in the independent music scene of the late 1980s and early 90s. Harley-Davidson Museum® in partnership with EMP Museum present a dynamic exhibit that traces the path of the leather motorcycle jacket from functional garment to universally recognized symbol of cool rebellion.
Dozens of garments and related artifacts such as iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be on display, from early military jackets, famous Hollywood costumes, and leather jackets worn by stars like Elvis Presley, to haute couture by Jean Paul Gaultier and Gianni Versace.
Marshall’s insider status-combined with his keen eye and impeccable timing-has made for some of the most mesmerizing images in the history of rock photography. In conjunction with The Rolling Stones 1972, Photographs by Jim Marshall, San Francisco-based publisher Chronicle Books will release a book of exhibit photographs that includes a forward by Keith Richards.
For me, the Nirvana exhibit was the best thing on exhibit with my visit this past weekend, and it was awesome to see all of those artifacts going back as far as Kurt Cobain’s childhood, and it is awesome that all of this material has been collected and preserved.
Drawing on questions that propel the plots in science fiction media such as, “What if we fought a war with Aliens?” “What if we could explore the stars?” or “What if we were enslaved by our machines?” Icons of Science Fiction allows visitors to traverse the creative spirit of sci-fi innovators, while simultaneously reveling in the physical artifacts inspired by their distinct visions. Featuring original photo essays, archival images, postcards and artifacts, this series paints a vivid portrait of this Canadian prairie community.
From the coast to the desert, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, this series strives to paint a vibrant portrait of this incredible state. From Waikiki in Honolulu to Pearl Harbor to beaches on the North Shore, this series captures highlights from the most populated island in the state. From Motown to the North American International Auto Show, this series highlights some of the incredible stories and history in the area. From Portland to Seattle to Vancouver Island (and a bit of everything in between) this series is a snapshot of the region.

From Banff and Jasper in the Rocky Mountains to the Canadian Badlands and attractions in Calgary and Edmonton, this series features the dynamic scenery and culture found throughout Alberta. In August 2015 I attended this massive electronic music festival to go behind the scenes, capture the culture, and showcase the experience. The page was created to support my original photography and content on historic landmarks throughout Alberta. She is a superstar and a global icon, yet has always maintained her essence to inspire happiness, friendship, and fun around the world. He was a musical nomad, his life an endless series of venues, recording sessions, flights, and hotels. Within, it contains a treasure trove of objects, images, and information from hundreds, possibly thousands of other worlds from the farthest reaches of the universe. Featuring the stories of more than forty independent video game developers, designers, coders, composers, and critics, EMP presents a dynamic, immersive space inviting you to witness the present and future of gaming as it unfolds. Enterprise for the world premiere of Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds with an evening commemorating 50 years of Star Trek with activities to delight fans of every generation. The show will feature the cutting-edge looks of designers from the Seattle area including Suk Chai (S C H A I), Francisco Hernandez (Built for Man), Tom Ordonio, Aykut Ozen (Ozen Company), and Deborah Roberts (S I L V A E).
The museum serves regional residents by opening its doors to all who might benefit from EMP’s rich educational and cultural resources.
EMP offers a variety of resources for educators including lesson plans, gallery guides, workshops at the museum and in schools, and Professional Development Day.
The Monorail departs every 10 minutes from the station at Seattle Center, and from Westlake Center Mall, at 5th and Pine Street. Celebrate cinema, make your own music, discover science fiction, and take pleasure in knowing that your membership bolsters EMP's efforts to educate, inspire, and spark creativity and imagination in young and old alike. With its roots in rock 'n' roll, EMP serves as a gateway museum, reaching multigenerational audiences through our collections, exhibitions, and educational programs, using interactive technologies to engage and empower our visitors. He bought several electric guitars, took them back to his office, and cut them into pieces.
Organized by EMP, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction will feature more than 150 artifacts from iconic films and television shows including Back to the Future, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Blade Runner, Dune, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator, Mars Attacks, and many others. The films provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and include interviews with artists, directors, authors and actors including George Lucas, Anne McCaffrey, James Cameron, Ronald Moore, and Jane Espenson.
They can name their discoveries and take a commemorative photo of themselves in the scout ship orbiting the new-found planet. Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic invites audiences on a fantastical journey to unearth the inspiration behind this genre’s most magnificent creations. Open to bands or solo musicians ages 21 and under living in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or British Columbia.
The exhibit features rare and unseen artifacts and photography from the band, their crews, and families. Check out examples of in-depth interviews with key members in the grunge scene with Nirvana drummer, Chad Channing, and recording engineer, Jack Endino. The Rolling Stones 1972, Photographs by Jim Marshall features 37 framed prints of The Stones’ legendary 1972 tour and the original album cover art by Robert Frank for Exile on Main St. See video game art, pull on a second persona with antennas, ray gun, and cape from the compositing special effects installation, and see the flying saucers and light sabers that have come to form the basis of our collective consciousness. Now this fully-automated ship—a traveler, documenter, and collector of artifacts—has come to Earth and invited us to come aboard. Navigate your way through Starfleet Academy with an interactive game, take the Captain’s seat at the command chair photo op, and enjoy a special guest appearance by Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), trivia with Geeks Who Drink, a costume parade, an epic interstellar dance party, and more! At EMP, artists, audiences and ideas converge, bringing understanding, interpretation, and scholarship to the popular culture of our time. EMP presents Can't Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film, an in-depth look at horror, and how it’s expressed through cinema, biology, history, and contemporary culture.
Interactive highlights include a Scream Booth, Horror Soundscapes, Monster Timeline, and Philip Worthington’s interactive shadow monster installation. Influenced by the colors in the early model, Gehry's final design brightly displays the red and blue hues of electric guitars.

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