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The resultant high-energy wave could damage the nation's electrical grid, telecommunications systems, food and water production plants, government satellites, as well as nearly every computer, cell phone, and television for hundreds of miles in every direction. The amazing technology employed in creating Stealth body armor is evident in the final product weight. There are many configurations of Stealth armor to choose from, allowing the intended wearer to customize his or her vest based on the balance of available budget versus desired level of protection. Upon viewing multiple online video demonstrations of the Ballistic Threat Level II vest absorbing 9mm handgun rounds, it became quite obvious it works as intended. The Stealth vest is designed to be worn concealed, and as such, is designed to cover and protect only vital organs high in the torso, leaving the lower portion exposed. Stealth body armor is available in either a Black or White outer carrier, and comes in 7 sizes, allowing for a correct fit for virtually any frame size. Stealth body armor is shipped in a black, heavy-weight, nylon zippered carry bag which includes convenient handles. RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. What seems to be missing from Rawles’ gripping tale was an ending as well as character dimensionality. This is a fantastic wealth of information with a disturbing first twenty pages that are eerily reminiscent of today’s news. James Wesley, Rawles is the author of Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse and a nonfiction survival guide, How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It.
James Wesley Rawles’ Survivors is available from The Amazon Marketplace in hardcover, Kindle, and audio book formats. MOTH (Mother Of The House) is the Co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Radical Survivalism Webzine. If a source of water is used that may contain significant bacteriological or viral contamination, the manufacturer recommends that two drops of plain chlorinated bleach or iodine be added before filtering.
The Sport Berkey provides from 160 up to 640 refills, depending on the level of contaminants in the water source.
I find that Rob is very wordy when he instructs, and there’s not a single adjective that frightens him, so be prepared to listen as well as watch. I enjoyed watching and learning from the DVD, and give the Shooting In Realistic Environments DVD 5 out of a possible 5 stars. The Goal Zero Nomad 7M is a portable solar panel system to be used to charge your 12 volt DC auto accessories, rechargeable batteries, and most handheld electronic gadgets. Shelf Reliance Says: For the minimalist on the go the Nomad 7M delivers an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your handheld devices directly from its USB and 12 Volt DC charging ports. The Earthtect Products Goal Zero 7M sells for under $90.00 and is now available from Shelf Reliance as well as from the Amazon Online Marketplace. If you shoot firearms for recreation, sport, or by profession, you NEED to use hearing protection.
From the Manufacturer: “The Combat Arms are the ultimate shooters earplugs providing two way protection. If you have firearms, keep them with you, as many desperate people will potentially get violent. In times of need you either stick to your morals and die, or survive, so be ready to do anything to protect yourself and family. Remember that an EMP doesn’t always come from a detonating warhead, coronal mass ejections can cause this too.
Don’t try to ride a horse without proper training, it can result in serious injury or even death.
BREAKING NEWS-Entire USA Shaking from Ecuador Quake; all Seismographs STILL Quivering Hours Later! Blackout Wars is about the historically unprecedented threat to our electronic civilization from its dependence on the electric power grid.
April 11, 2016 by egore Saw yesterday where North Korea says it has developed a long range ICBM that is supposed to be able to reach the United States.
The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter concisely covers relevant major science and technology breakthroughs (daily or weekly) via e-mail.
Emergency Preparedness And First Responder Equipment And ServicesSPI provides a diverse array of homeland security and national preparedness policy, planning, and program development support that includes research and analysis, process and exercise design, and performance tracking services. Boots and clothing to begin with certainly be provided with the three elements is an emergency preparedness important element of the equation. Arthur Bradley, a NASA engineer and the author of Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms, an EMP is a broadband electromagnetic wave of energy resulting from a nuclear detonation in the atmosphere. The government's EMP Commission estimates that a nuclear-generated EMP over the eastern seaboard would cause a trillion dollars in damage. The widespread consensus is that our government has already taken steps to harden many critical military systems, details of which are understandably classified.
Stealth is the sleek design in their line of body armor products specifically intended to be worn concealed, under a shirt or jacket.

It is a much lighter when compared to any of the vintage military-style flak jackets, yet boasts truly amazing specifications with regard to stopping live rounds from penetrating the panels. After what I’ve seen, there’s no mistaking its ability to protect the wearer from traumatic gunshot wounds.
This is a trade-off to a vertically taller design which would shift upward and bulge awkwardly when the wearer tries sitting or squatting.
Even though it is manufactured in such a wide range of sizes and is highly adjustable via the wide Velcro bands, the fit is not ideal for women with a high bust-to-waist ratio. Each threat is carefully studied with analyses of its likelihood and potential impacts on our nation’s critical infrastructures. Stopping just short of being a great story, Survivors is technology heavy in presentation, so much so that the average reader may have difficulty comprehending the scope of firearms management. The difference being the Generic Sport is shipped with no text printed on the bottle, though custom text printing is available. A number of questions I’ve personally wrestled with regarding the use of my handgun in real life scenarios were answered in a very direct way when I watched the DVD. He walks the students featured in this video through helpful indoor shooting drills, as well as 360 degree defensive handgun training.
I highly recommend it to anyone who owns a handgun and is not professionally trained in defensive handgun tactics. It also features a single, adjustable temperature control knob for simplicity, and a solid disc heating element for easy clean up. Frequent exposure to the high-decibel sounds produced by small arms fire will inevitably damage your hearing. The olive end is designed to provide constant passive noise reduction best used in an indoor shooting range.
The yellow end offers noise-activated (momentary) protection up to NRR 22dB for outdoor range use, while the olive end provides conventional (constant) NRR 22dB for indoor use. Between target practice, and mowing the 3.8 acres of countryside we call our yard (which takes me a whopping 4 hours), I spend a lot of time wearing these especially in the summer months, and I can say they are reasonably comfortable and they do work very well. Due to the fact that non-shielded computers will stop working, and that nowadays life is led by computers, you must understand that the water and food supply will stop, and that hospitals will stop working.
Transportation means will be one of your major concerns in case of an EMP, you won’t want to be left stranded and forced to walk on foot. Make as little movement as possible, close the curtains after sunset, and avoid making noise.
Most Americans have experienced temporary blackouts, and regard them as merely an inconvenience.
If so they would be a genuine threat to the United States as a high altitude Nuclear Explosion would be easier to deliver than a more localized weapon. The Genesee County Health Department wants you to have a plan to protect your employees, lessen the impact of the emergency on your business and remain open or re-open quickly. Certainly in a conventional or nuclear war, the United States would soundly defeat such an enemy.
An attack of that magnitude would cripple the United States financially and introduce widespread hardship for tens of millions of people. The electrical grid and telecommunication systems, however, remain extremely susceptible to an EMP. Practical preparations are outlined, including steps to meet the fourteen basic needs in the absence of modern utilities, and the use of Faraday cages and uninterruptible power supplies to protect personal electronics. The main players of the story happen to be aware enough of the world around them to be at least in some type of preparedness mode. Lars Laine, disabled veteran, resides in Four Corners with his wife and future sister-in-law.   Ian Doyle, Air Force Pilot and his wife Blanca lose their daughter in a distant relative’s neighborhood riot. There is no indication of segue to a continuation of the story at a later date, nor is there a sense of finality. Unfortunately, this three hundred and seventy page novel complete with glossary of terms and ham radio shorthand often reads like a technical manual seasoned with a thin veneer of fiction for flavor.
The disinfectant added will then be filtered from the water, thus removing its odor, color and taste. Everything presented is set-up to resemble what one would likely experience in defending against attackers inside the home, or in common urban settings.
The Goal Zero utilizes the latest in flexible solar panel technology, monocrystalline solar panel technology, which provides the most power per square inch. It does not matter how tough you think you are, if you press your luck too many times, you will pay a penalty in terms of hearing damage.
The earplugs are made with a patented triple-flange design and comprised of soft non-irritating polymer for all-day comfort. Asthma, diabetes, heart disease… Whatever medications you require, you must stockpile as best you can. Planes in the air will fall, since they are controlled by computers and electronic circuits.

Don’t buy a 5-liter bottle, instead, buy several half-liter small bottles, they are easier to arrange, end you can have some with drinkable water and others with water to purify later. Some Americans have experienced more protracted local and regional blackouts, as in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and may be better able to imagine the consequences of a nationwide blackout lasting months or years, that plunges the entire United States into the dark.
Accurate communications with stakeholders, especially the media, contributes to a successful resolution of the emergency and may lead to a positive evaluation by the community. There is, however, a well-known vulnerability that could be exploited as a part of an asymmetric attackthe electromagnetic pulse (EMP).
Ignacio Garcia, leader of the ruthless gang of thugs “La Fuerza” plan to use the opportunity of ‘without rule of law’ to take thuggery to a new level.  Sheila Randall stores seeds at the behest of her mother for the purpose of using bartering as a means of income. This leaves the reader with the sense of something undone and unfinished, as well as painfully wanting more. What is interesting about this concept is that for the reader that is seeking to have a greater understanding of options in a situation where paper money is useless, this is extremely valuable information. The Nomad 7 Watt flexible solar panel can charge up all of your 12v devices quickly with the included 12v cigarette adapter. They are reusable, there are no valves to wear out, and they ship with a small black storage container for safe keeping. Unfortunately, those with diabetes will have a more difficult consequence as the shelf life is rather short. This guide has been completed to assist professionals to learn more about preparedness and where to learn more about being prepared. Not only that, you can download the lot as a zipped file if you contact them and ask for it! The shielding effectiveness of homemade Faraday cages is measured and compared, including metal garbage cans, foil-wrapped boxes, fire safes, static bags, ammo cans, and microwave ovens.
Bradley conducts seminars around the world, teaching families how to establish effective disaster preparedness plans.
The most disturbing part of the storyline comes with Andrew Laine, brother of Lars Laine, who has to make his way home to the United States from his deployment in Afghanistan. What the characters lack is any real sense of grief, fear, loneliness or loss of equilibrium due to world gone topsy turvy.
One is able to gain a greater concept of what becomes valuable in a world ruled a bartering type of operating system. The Nomad even has a built in USB charging port, to quickly charge up all of your USB devices (Iphones,Ipods, Smartphones.) It even has a bult in pocket for your devices and chargers. Now, the hearing protection choice of law enforcement, the military, and shooters all over the world can be your choice too. Hospitals and emergency services would struggle to meet demand as they operated on backup generators.
This makes it difficult to transport oneself into the story, and see the ruination of America through the character’s eyes. This concept is hammered home in the reference to “…ammo is practically worth its weight in silver.”While you can gain a great many how-tos from the story, set any preconceived ideas aside about gaining an emotional or personal view of a post apocalyptic world. It features super strong and flexible nylon hooks on all corners to ensure you can firmly secure it, where ever you need to. Millions of automobiles would also be damaged, leaving roadways clogged with abandoned vehicles. This foldable solar panel even folds up and fits into the included foldable fabric carrying case to insure it doesn’t take up valuable space in your backpack.
Communications, transportation, industry, business and finance—all of the critical infrastructures that support modern civilization and the lives of the American people would be paralyzed by collapse of the electric power grid.
On your outdoor journeys, feel safe in the knowledge that you have portable power, where ever the trail leads you. Threats to the electric power grid are posed by cyber attack, sabotage, a geomagnetic super-storm, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from the high-altitude detonation of a nuclear weapon. Blackout Wars warns that terrorists and rogue states are developing a revolutionary new military strategy that could exploit all of these threats in combination, including exploiting the opportunity of severe weather or a geo-storm, to collapse the national electric grid and all the critical infrastructures. I take my hat off to the kind folks who put all this together and made it available for free. For the first time in history, the most dysfunctional societies, like North Korea that cannot even feed its own people, or even non-state actors like terrorists, could destroy the most successful societies on Earth—by means of a Blackout War.
Attacking the electric grid enables an adversary to strike at the technological and societal Achilles Heel of U.S.
Blackout Wars likens this new Revolution in Military Affairs to Nazi Germany’s Blitzkrieg strategy, secretly developed and tested in low-profile experiments during the 1930s, sprung upon the Allies in 1939-1941 in a series of surprise attacks that nearly enabled the Third Reich to win World War II.

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