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Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. Now I know that there are some differences in the type of pulse that is given off by CMP (coronal magnetic pulse) and EMP.  I believe that the damage caused by EMP would be worse than CMP. I have other faraday cages, but some of them are hard to get into and I use some of these items often, so this can works well.  In the future, I may consider wrapping some of the contents in plastic and then aluminum foil for extra protection.
Aluminum tape wrapped around the lid gap adds extra protection at the most vulnerable area.
Can you recycle cans (keep the lid once removed)to store electronics and seal with aluminum tape? Recent CommentsSgt Mom on 12 Tips for Hiding Cooking Odors From Othersjohn shoemaker on 14 Things to Consider When Sheltering in Place or Bugging InEd Harris on Surveillance Cameras, the Government and You, Nothing is Privatelaura m.
The purpose of this website is to help teach, encourage and coordinate Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)  training for persons living in the boundaries of the LDS Orem Utah Hillcrest Neighborhood (Stake).
Be prepared, and prepare for yourself, you, and all your company that are assembled unto you, and be a guard for them. A study of disaster outcomes was done by Harvard University in which it was determined that people who were NOT part of a group were MORE LIKELY to perish during disasters .
Think about and plan with your neighbors — how you will respond to emergencies (together).

The only way to avoid being in the 90% of people group (who will die) following a loss of the electrical grid is to be capable (through emergency preparation and planning) of living without modern infrastructure — as people lived centuries ago. Earthquakes and other natural disasters are occurring more frequently during the last 30 years. America is increasingly susceptible to major economic and social upheavals, due to the divisiveness caused by economic, religious, ethnic and political differences that could disrupt modern life more effectively than war. Visionaries and prophets have foretold of devastating wars, natural disasters and neighbor-against-neighbor mob conflict that will occur in the last days. Please join us in sensibly getting ready for the future here in the Orem Hillcrest Utah Neighborhood.
Families — contains ideas and checklists of emergency preparation recommendations for families or individuals. CERT — this section regards the opportunity of Community Emergency Response Teams training, or in otherwise helping ordinary people to learn skills that will enable them to save a maximum number of lives during disasters. Scenarios — this section includes instructions of what to do for each type of potential emergency. Resources — contains links to website articles, videos and books related to surviving and thriving after an emergency or calamity. Together - this section brings together notification boards for those living in Orem Hillcrest Area Neighborhoods and Blocks.

This website is NOT owned by or affiliated with, or approved by the LDS Church or by the City of Orem. Once you do that, you will receive periodic newsletters regarding drills, activities and information related to Emergency Preparedness. An EMP or solar flare would take down America's electrical grid and by doing so would destroy American lives more effectively than nuclear war.
As with an EMP, all persons who cannot live without an intact society and infrastructure and the protections afforded by the rule of law (which is an estimated 90% of Americans) could find their lives in peril if normal civility and a functional society fail. They have declared that we are NOW living in those last days, with an unknown, but possibly very  limited time to prepare physically and spiritually. The purpose of such organization is to maximize our ability to save lives in a time of disaster or emergency.
Your use of this website is subject to the website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The perception of a weak America has significantly increased the potential for a third world war.

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