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Some similarly protected electronics sealed in multiple 20mm ammo boxes are also metallic taped, insulated, and stored inside US Military aluminum medical chests for additional shielding.
If you think of anything I’m missing either in EMP protection or stores, please let me know. Then you're gonna love my free PDF, 20 common survival items, 20 uncommon survival uses for each. Your protection for your electronics seems to be quite sufficient if not overkill, but the only detail I see that wasn’t noted is that somewhere near your storage area, there should be a copper ground rod at least 24 inches into the ground and preferably moist gound for optimal ground protection with a piece of sheetmetal on the floor, grounded to your copper ground rod. The doubling of enclosures isn’t really needed if you connect your Faraday cages (in your case ammo boxes) to a copper ground rod driven into the ground near your supplies. To Panhandler rancher-great idea re the JD .We have a draft horse and we are currently seeking some horse drawn equipment- tough to come by. EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in products that offer EMP Protection from solar storms, electromagnetic disturbances and wireless identity theft.
Any item placed within this Bag receives outstanding Electronic Counter-Surveillance and EMP protection.
Padded, water resistant and sized to protect all Tablet Computers and many Mini-Laptop Computers.
Velcro attachment defeats pick-pocket razor theft and the Velcro audibly alerts any attempt to rip the bag from your PURSE.
Elastic slots are sown into the outside of the bag to secure Flashlight, Car Keys, Pens, Markers, Tablet Stylus' and Sterile Zip Drives.
This Bag effectively blocks wireless electronic snooping from hostile nations, business competitors and criminal organizations. This Bag provides an excellent electronic counter-surveillance shield for Corporate and Government international travelers and tourists.
This Bag provides outstanding protection for sensitive electronics from all types of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), lightning and random static charges.
This Bag provides an excellent storage location for cell phones, smart phones, and tablets brought into an electronically secure Federal or Military Facility. Meets the IEEE 299 Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielding Enclosures.
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Went to Checker Auto and bought a replacement e-ignition and decide, for $27.99 I would get a second! I would recommend removing the rubber seal inside of the ammo can lid, and removing the paint along the top edge of the can and the inside edge of the lid.

With everything being made in China these days, do you know if that ignition module you bought is good and if it will stand a "burn in test" and keep working after intial installation for any length of time? Any thoughts on replacing your current module (known good) and storing that and running on the new one instead?
Your SUV is too new, you need an older vehicle without electronics, unless you want to order surplus parts for a cucv and switch everything out.
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I noted that you stated they were on wooden pallets, if they do indeed need to be grounded it would be simple to attach a ground wire to them with a magnet mount. Once you have a copper ground rod in the earth (preferably moist ground), run a single copper wire to your storage area. Essential electronic equipment, especially that used by defence forces, needs to be protected against this threat. Vous avez recu votre nom d'utilisateur et votre mot de passe lors de votre enregistrement.Adresse E-mail Mot de passe S'enregistrerPas encore membre du Backstage Club?Saisir mon code d'activation de mon coffret Backstage recu en cadeau ! A John Deere diesel (no computer) M-Gator and spares will be stored in one of the CONEX containers and the other will be filled with force multiplying electronics including unused solar panels and GRUNDFOS water pumps. An easy and effective method is to lay down a piece of sheet steel, painted to prevent rust, with a sheetmetal screw in a corner to secure your ground wire, and place your ammo cans on top of the sheet. You could get away with picking up a cheap pair of automotive jumper cables, peel the 2 cables apart into 2 individual cables and hook one end to a handle on the garbage can, and connect the other to a water pipe that goes into the ground.
I did it with my wifes car when she had an ignition failure and remembered in the nick of time. I’m thinking of throwing in several Apple laptop computers and a printer or two with supplies as well. If you need the extra length, you can connect the cables end for end to double the reach from the storage can to the ground source or pipe. Optical interfaces can be used when higher transfer rates are required.A range of optionsFitelnet’s cabinets are designed for flexibility, with several options for rack and sub-rack configurations. A fuel filter, some extra vacuum line, and maybe some radiator plug (powder type if you can find it now). Elsewhere I have a half dozen best office quality manual typewriters, spare ribbons, and reams of paper.
When an EMP or CME hits, it acts just like a lightning strike in that it will travel the surface of aything and everything electrically conductive and seek the closest ground. If your supplies are in your basement, look for a green shielded copper wire you will find clamped to a water line and connected to the electrical conduits, furnace, or water heater.

Integration with commercial telecommunications equipment and products – such as TETRA base stations, transmission systems, links, or GSM – is fully supported.In fact, Fitelnet has created a one-rack TETRA base station (TBS) solution, with a one-carrier TBS integrated into the system cabinet.
I suppose I should throw in a couple of coils and ignition wiring for my 1974 Jeep we call TEOTEAWKI.
By placing your ammo cans on a grounded metal surface, your electronics will be more than sufficiently protected. As long as you have your storage can physically connected to a good physical ground, the items inside should be adequately protected.
A smaller cabinet is also available for TETRA use only.EMP-protected system cabinets have already been supplied to the Finnish Defence Forces as part of their Deployable COTS Network (DCN) project. All to be wrapped in aluminum foil, then plastic freezer bags and the place in a large, foam lined aluminum military medical storage container (right next to my tin foil hat). Also you can protect your vehicles by purchasing some cheap jumper cables, split them apart and grab any grounded part of the vehicle (metal bumper or chassis component) and connect to an underground water pipe or spigot. If you have any trouble understanding anything I’ve indicated here, an electrician, phone repairman, plumber, cable guy, or HVAC technician can assist you in clarifying what needs to be done.
The DCN concept harnesses commercially available technology to provide fast, reliable, and highly flexible mobile data transfer networks. I cut down a JD wheat drill and disc into 5′ long units so they could be pulled behind a horse, the Jeep, or the M Gator.
You only need 1 jumper cable per vehicle and once a vehicle is grounded, any electronics or batteries inside should be sufficiently protected. Efficient contractingIn addition to its EMP-protected systems, Fitelnet provides a wide range of telecom contracting services.These are offered on a turnkey basis for operators, importers, and manufacturers, and primarily cover the construction of base stations for GSM, TETRA, UMTS, and other networks. In the event of a major catastrophic EMP or a massive X-class CME, the best vehicle to have would be one that has NO ELECTRONICS that the vehicle depends on to run. The truck uses a Mulitifuel diesel engine that operates on a mechanical injection pump and will run on almost anything from low octane gasoline to waste motor oil or vegetable oil.
In the event of an EMP or massive CME, all I need to fuel my truck is a 3 foot piece of rebar sharpened at one end, a decent size hammer and a drain pan. Any abandoned vehicle is a potential fuel source as I can poke and drain the oil pan, transmission pan, and fuel tank, mix them together and strain them into my fuel tank. If transportation is of any importance after a SHTF situation, a truck like this is an invaluable asset.

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