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EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in products that offer EMP Protection from solar storms, electromagnetic disturbances and wireless identity theft.
The Laptop Computer Faraday Bag provides outstanding Electronic Counter-Surveillance and EMP protection. Your Cell phone or E-Tablet will fit in this bag along with your laptop computer, providing additional protection for your electronic accessories. Effectively blocks wireless electronic snooping from hostile nations, business competitors, criminal organizations or creepy neighbors.
Provides an excellent electronic counter-surveillance shield for Corporate and Government international travelers. Provides outstanding protection for sensitive electronics from all types of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), lightning and random static charges.
Provides an excellent storage location for cell phones, smart phones, and tablets brought into an electronically secure Federal or Military Facility.
Meets the IEEE 299 Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielding Enclosures. Isn’t it interesting that NORAD is moving back in and calling it home?  Do they know something we don’t know?
No one truly knows the risk of an EMP attack (either man-made or natural) actually occurring.  However, based on the actions and statements of our government, it should definitely warrant your attention.  In addition, regardless of the probability, can you imagine how an EMP might upset your Bug-In or Bug-Out plans? Are you planning to drive long distances?  Imagine bugging out without a motor vehicle.  Do you have supplies at your location already or were you anticipating on loading up your vehicle? Do you have a means to heat your home since HVAC is electronic and cannot push air through your home? You should avoid any water bath canner or pressure cooker than has a rubber gasket as Faraday cages need to have a continual metal covering. This article presents some methods of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) protection for facilities. This article provides the least expensive EMP protection process for the massive residential USA population since retrofit protection of existing homes is expensive.
To be optimized along with cost and lifestyle are security, attainability and some ways and means.
Since EMP protected solar rooftops, plus batteries, is the heart of available electricity, the Solar rooftop folks have joined the EMP and EMC community to make an EMP-EMC solar joint venture (Figure 1).
Following an EMP incident (Figure 2) comes immediate local replenishment shortage (store shelves quickly raided and stripped).
Peripheral electronic security walls take on creative means and residents can enjoy their vegetable gardens. Because vehicles are mostly inoperative following an EMP event, bicycles with container carts and protected electric golf carts are the preferred modes of transport out to the country cottage-shed locations.
A cottage shed is defined as a small detached shed, configured into a liveable home with its own solar rooftop. A somewhat expanded version of Figure 3 to accommodate an automobile and a golf cart, plus more storage space is shown in Figure 4.
Shown in Figure 5 are samples of cottage sheds before solar rooftops and EMP protection are added.
The above construction of the later-to-be-added solar rooftop is in fact only partly added at the end of construction.
The foundation and rooftop become the challenge since they have several penetrations as shown in Figure 7. A second solar cell generation, thin film, Cadmium Telluride, CdTe, is gaining popularity for solar and now represents about 25% of the installations in the US. For EMP protection, it is logical that each panel have a 30 OPI shield screen built in for quality control and cost reduction. Finally, a top screen to cover solar panels, interconnecting wiring and micro-inverters, is used. The rated power output corresponds to the solar panel exactly pointing to (perpendicular to) the unobscured sun at high noon=a condition that rarely exists in parts of the US.
Knowing the power consumption of all the appliances and approximate use times allows the assignment of loads plus allowing some of the energy for battery charging. Once an EMP protected installation is declared to be finished, it is time to verify EMP protection compliance by on-site testing. The test configuration is first calibrated to form a reference with both transmitter and receiver configurations located on the outside (step 1).

The tests are repeated for the other remaining three sides of the building, recording the shielding effectiveness of each side for all seven test frequencies.
While the building EMP and Solar EMP compliance tests can be done simultaneously, in the early stages, it may be best to do each separately.
As EMP survivalists learn they can live better in larger EMP protected communities, they will form such communities. The above conceptual development is partly protected from outside intrusion by an electronic wall with proximity alarms surrounding the facility. Timely spoilable replenishments are a major problem following an EMP disaster, since the site may be several hundreds of miles to the nearest non-EMP sources.
The above concept invites other real estate entrepreneurs or some large corporations to establish their own development with completely EMP protected facilities. Don White, registered professional engineer, retd., holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Maryland. At Don White Consultants, he published a bimonthly trade journal called EMC Technology magazine circulated over four continents. A recent study reveals radiation from solar events is unlikely to affect earth & the dose of radiation emitted during the events isn’t enough to harm people.
An atmospheric nuclear explosion creates a very powerful energy pulse called an HAEMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse), capable of causing severe damage hundreds of miles away. Similar to HAEMP, a geomagnetic storm caused by coronal magnetic eruptions (CME) (associated with solar flares) can create a long-duration pulse that can burn out utility power transformers and cause widespread power outages.
The effects of HAEMP and SOLAR FLARES will readily penetrate an unprotected shelter and couple onto all electrical conductors, damaging or destroying appliances, personal computers, HDTVs, and medical electronics such as pacemakers. The president's commission on the effects of EMP has identified Geomagnetic Pulse and Electromagnetic Storms as primary threats. Mitigating the catastrophic effects of HAEMP and Geomagnetic storms (SOLAR FLARES) requires highly specific engineering know-how. Electromagnetic infiltration testing - all projects are thoroughly tested for EMP on a 360 degree perimeter.
In cases where equipment or room shield is not desired or practical, HS installs specialized equipment (including power generators) that has been specifically a€?hardeneda€? to withstand EMP.
The Emprimus SolidGround™ Neutral DC Blocking System automatically blocks DC currents from flowing in the neutral of large power transformers protecting against Geomagnetic Storm Induced Currents (GIC) and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) induced currents of any size. I do know that they do not have a full metal seal, and there are warnings to never stand close to a microwave as microwaves can and do escape.
The EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) community provides most of the products and know how for structure shielding, bonding and grounding, plus cabling and connector surge suppression along with filtering. This is partly because the government, at all levels, is perceived to have abdicated their fiduciary protection responsibility. This article outlines how the venture is accomplished as a county mission objective for most of the 3,141 counties in the US. In many cases, these real-estate developments are housed on farmers’ properties that already enjoy the right settings. This sequence results from the choice of materials, how shield portions are bonded; special treatment of roofs, vents, siding windows and doors and foundations. The reason is that the solar panels and micro-inverters are encased in their own screening mechanism and require that a bottom shield be added before the solar rooftop is installed. This procedure may be abandoned by 2016 when built-in solar panel shielding becomes commercially available.
Tests are made at the seven test frequencies (1MHz–1 GHz) as shown in Table 3 (obtained from the Fourier Transform of the EMP pulse waveform threat), and the RF attenuator settings recorded. Then, for each of the seven frequencies, the corresponding four side shielding effectiveness are compared and the smallest value (least shielding) is selected.
The right side of the Figure 10 contains an owners’ common area for entertainment and some vitals storage and replenishment.
Thus, for larger developments, or for one per average-size county, a relatively inexpensive 4,000 ft (1,200 meter) mat-lined, dirt runway is installed.
HAEMP is similar to an invisible lightning strike, but contains higher frequencies that may render standard lightning protection measures ineffective.
Although the amount of HAEMP that will penetrate the outer shield is greatly attenuated, a small amount of residual energy may still be sufficient to harm delicate electronics.
They also provide the service for on-site compliance testing of an EMP protected installation.

EMP survivalists and preppers have independently moved forward to cover some of the protection gap. They must have a survival location out in the country since it is perceived that fellow man will steal and kill for water and food. They all contain ponds so that most part-time residents can enjoy waterfront, if one is available. For example, generate a group of five: from the county Economic Development office or County administrator, Chamber of Commerce, an engineer or architect, a member from the pragmatic EMP survivalist group, plus a secretary.
Generators have limited value as they require fuel which is likely not to be available for long periods of time following an EMP incident. Note the A-frame designed to maximize solar rooftop power output in more northern latitudes so that roofslope more nearly equals site latitude. For example, the popular to be, 30 OPI (openings per inch) shielded metal screen is laid down and overlapped under the concrete footing rebars. Waveguide beyond cutoffs are used for vent pipes and water and sewage handling as shown in Figure 7.
Their DC output is converted to AC via an inverter located near the main power distribution panel. Meanwhile, EMP protection is made available by first laying down a screen over the asphalt shingles and then applying the panel racking.
The flat roof structure will accommodate 18, 3ft x 5ft panels in a 3 x 6 array, The rating of the solar panel manufacturer is 225 watts per panel. It contains an RF scanning oscillator or sweeper which feeds a power amplifier that drives radiating test antennas pointing at the building to the right. Then, maintaining the same distance between transmitter and receiver, both are moved as shown in step 2 with the receiver configuration moved to the middle of the building and attenuator settings again recorded to get the same received levels.
This is a fraction of the cost to EMP protect (retrofit) an existing home with solar panels along.
This is the first line of defense and provides excellent, although not perfect, protection. However, there results a post-EMP era of bare bones survival lifestyle is sacrificed after an EMP event.
County community, cottage-shed developments also provides an excellent weekly escape for many. They create, generate and use educational and training materials and programs, establish plans and timelines and help make things happen.
With proper bonding to the structure siding, the foundation is thus shielded with no discontinuity among seams.
Sometimes, micro-inverters are used, one at each panel output and the AC outputs are combined in parallel. The difference between the attenuator settings in step 1 and step 2 constitutes the building RF shielding effectiveness in dB for the test frequency.
As the EMP threat becomes clearer, homeowner associations members may develop a community of cottage-sheds within, perhaps 50 miles or closer to their main residence. This increases at an accelerated rate as more of the remaining 80% of the American families move toward their week-end country, EMP protected retreat. This article shows how a post-EMP era can economically protect and retain most of ones’ lost lifestyle. Real estate developers help make it happen and counties make pragmatic administration and financing possible. This is enough for heaver loads like outside wall-mounted air conditioners, washer and dryers and hot-water heater.
The power-line and telephone bottom entrances and water line and sewage lines are specially treated. They also swap their findings, plans and actions with neighboring counties and their state on a timely basis. They are made from manufactured homes, shipping container homes, Amish homes and other sources.

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