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Take a good look at the scheme above, It's the blueprint of the lightsaber, you can pretty much get all the info just by reading, as the description is very straightforward.
When the voltage on R4`s wiper reaches about 8.6 V, Q1 begins to turn on, drawing current through R7 and the base-emitter junction of Q2.
Personalize your Lightsaber hereIf you are here, then it means you are a great lightsaber fan.
It may seem scary at first because of all the components, but remember - the hilt is just to hold the 4 main components of a Lightsaber, which are:- Energy Cell- Emitter- Lens- CrystalsBeneath, I'll teach you how to choose the proper parts, I will not focus on the hilt because its just a stock component you can customize the way you want and its available throughout the galaxy - it will not influence your bond with the lightsaber or its performance. But in the moment it affects you, how you get percieved and can influence the outcome of battle. Q2 turns on and supplies a positive voltage to the gate of silicon-controlled rectifier Q3.The positive gate voltage causes Q3 to conduct, thereby discharging C1 through the primary winding of step-up transformer T2, which results in a high-voltage arc at output terminal X. However and because of that unsteady beam, attacks are harder to parry.Choose this Emitter if you are a quick style fighter, able to dodge better than you parry.
Id advise you not to stick with one color, as there are few individuals that are a standard of any of these values.

Lightsabers always remind me of when my son accidentally hit me in the eye with a toy lightsaber, years ago when the first Star Wars movies were popular.
The voltage developed at T2`s output is determined by the value of C1, the voltage across C1, and the turns ratio of transformer T2.
A survey shows the lightsaber is the most popular weapon in film history.But this lense isn't about lightsabers in general - it's how to build them. Your lightsaber will be less focused, but it will unleash a strong jolt upon contact, electrocuting your opponents and sometimes killing them instantly.
The frequency or pulse rate of the high voltage is determined by the resistance of T1 `s primary and secondary windings, the value of R1, and the value of Cl.
So, my young padawan, I'll teach you how to build a lightsaber, how to make sure you got the right parts and the right method for it being personalized just for you. Red Lightsabers inspire fear in the opponents heart - because its the symbol of the fallen jedi, and fallen jedis always have lots of death in their hearts. The Cell adds an Ion pulse to the lightsaber, making unleash EMP energy on impact - which badly disrupts any electronic circuits, disabling security systems and droids alike.The blade has a bigger dissipating rate but that also allows for a more efficient blaster fire defense and reflection.Energy Cells - They are all good and have different properties, which one do you find better?

Its built especially to deflect incoming blaster shots and its the emitter you should take if you are going to war. Anger, Hatred, Power, Brutality - These are the values the color represents.Green CrystalThe Green Crystal is usually used by Jedi Consulars. It Makes an Enemy fearfull of your Force Powers and mind altering abilities, so many of them think twice if they have a weak Force Control. The bearers needed to go on long and hard journeys to retrieve it so it symbolizes determination, persistence, motivation.

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