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Chinese researchersA in 2005 conducted a study to assess the influence of EMP on heart cells, or cardiomyocytes.
The study shows that the heart will be unable to function as well as it should, and complications would include death or serious damage of the heart, and by extension, death to those exposed to an EMP. This close proximity to the blast places the people of Taiwan in jeopardy based on the above referenced study.
The bottom line is that the United States if China decided to [use] force to recover Taiwan, the U.S.
And when is the last time you bought something made in China and thought ~ wow, that’s really well made! Not to mention, All US Military Installations, Aircraft, and Naval Vessels are hardened against EMP Attacks. A demonstration generated electromagnetic pulse can be made by discharging a ultralow high volt capacitor into a low inductance antenna. Shock wave generators are capable of producing focused acoustic or electromagnetic energy that can break up objects such as kidney stones and other similar materials. Hand held pulse gun generates EMP electromagnetic pulses capable of de-programming and disrupting micro processor circuitry.
Low powered hand held pulse gun generates EMP electromagnetic pulses capable of de-programming and disrupting micro processor circuitry. Directional device has adjustable pulse rate control and a built in emitter for close proximity applications. Output terminals may be adapted for a wave guide for more precise applications or connection to an external antenna where you can experiment with maximizing "E" or "M" field for certain applications. We now have assembly schematics, instruction booklet, 20 colored photos of construction, and other data for those wanting to build a medium- to high-power pulse source.
The Marx output of 90kV to 160kV pulse is fed to a peaking capacitor of 30pf to 180pf for shaping the pulse. The EMP pulser with a special Antenna is capable of shutting down a computer at a distance of 15 meters.
The "EMP Blaster Gun" is suitable for many small experiments requiring radiating EMP waves.
This device is for detecting strong E fields, like those from plasma globes, tesla coils, ion generators, etc. The apparatus is electrically balanced and designed in the shape of a wand with a 2 inch brass sphere at its detecting end. This handy unit is easy to use and can check the validity of output energy of various healing machines and other radiating products. Intended for use in Research devices requiring very high peak currents such as MARX impulse generators, EMP, Shock pulsers, wire exploding for nano particle generation and other devices requiring fast rise time high peak current power pulses. All new ultra-low inductance high voltage specialized capacitors for EMP, Marx generators, voltage multipliers and other high voltage ultrafast discharge applications.
These low inductance capacitors are excellent for EMP shock pulse generators, Lithoscopy, exploding wires, Marx impulse generators, Slapper detonators, plasma focused neutron enriching, gas discharge lasers, thermonuclear research, high magnetic fields, etc.
These low inductance capacitors are excellent for EMP shock pulse generators, exploding wires, Marx impulse generators, Slapper detonators, plasma focused neutron enriching, gas discharge lasers, thermonuclear research, high magnetic fields, etc.
Used and in excellent working condition, these capacitors have been randomly sampled and found that they test to 95% or greater of rated specs.

Due to the size and weight of these capacitors, shipping by freight is required and may be different from what is shown in the shopping cart. High coulomb energy transfer switches intended for rail guns and other electro-kinetic devices. Please contact us for current pricing,other available rail gap switches,or with any other questions. Create your own bright, white, hot noisy real lightning bolts for a winning science project or low cost laboratory source of 100kv. Please note unit can give an annoying to painful shock if improperly handled but is not dangerous. Here is your answer to a low cost high voltage source that will withstand open circuit, short circuit discharging with bright hot open air sparks 3 to 6 in length!
Perform a Demonstration of Lightning, Ozone Generation, High Flux Ion Generator, High Speed Ion Motor Propulsion, Plasma Blast Drilling, Hi Pot and Dielectric Testing, Self- Electrification, Capacitor Charging, Particle Acceleration and Many Other High Potential Low Current Electrical Experiments. Even though the missile detonated at a height of 680 miles above sea level, 898A miles away in Hawaii, 300 streetlights were disabled, setting off numerous burglar alarms and damaging a telephone company microwave link.
By using a self-excited iron core copper magnet, a magnetic field of 5 to 6 Tesla is generated.
If China decided to use the EMP against Taiwan, the detonation point would only be approximately 18 miles in altitude. For our military has been neutered by the a€?feel gooda€? politics and the Keynesian economic model has left us broke and penniless.
It can be produced by a nuclear detonation, a lightning discharge or any type of a discharge that can take on a form of a pulse with a fast rise time. It is in the form of a double exponential pulse where the risetime is very fast and the decay time is much slower. EMP generators can produce pulses of electromagnetic energy that can destroy the sensitive electronics in computers and microprocessors. Gun is built in a pistol configuration where the 8 "AA" batteries are housed in the butt section along with the push button trigger switch.
Specialized circuitry use our ultra low inductance high energy density capacitors with self triggering gap switch.
Pulse rate up to 20 per minute - Requires emitter antenna and waveguide parallel terminated transmission line (not included).
Plans show using the latest fast-discharge 100kV high energy density capacitors capable of 1500 joules energy storage. It generates a steep 2 nanosecond rise time >2 Giga-watt pulse into a parallel plate transmission line type of Antenna. The system utilizes a high voltage discharge of 100Kv to 160Kv at a pulse repetitive rate of 1pps. These large units are the dream components of many high voltage, high energy experimenters. Contact us by phone or email to get an accurate shipping quote, or to set up your own shipping carrier.
Any any higher, and they run the risk of damaging civilian and military equipment on the Chinese mainland.
And in response, we obliterate your nation and leave you with 100 million screaming china-men.

Obviously a nuclear air burst produces EMP by releasing intense gamma ray radiation into the Earth's magnetic field where now a myriad of radio frequencies is generated due to the fast rise time and other Fourier properties. Destabilized LCR circuits can produce multi megawatt pulses by using an explosive wire disruptive switch. Charging circuit uses our loss-less inductive charging and eliminates the losses associated with simple resistive methods. This energy is switched using the latest triggered spark switching technology providing very steep rise times at multi-gigawatt peak powers. A red neon indicator lamp (a standard bulb that should last for years, but can easily be replaced if needed) flashes upon detection and increases as you get closer to the source, or if the source gets stronger. Two of these units made in opposite polarities can create a very active lightning show generating loud noisy lightning bolts up to 12" in length! But it wouldA leadA to some long term disability in those most susceptible, such as the elderly, the young, and the unborn. These high power pulses can be coupled "with difficulty" into antennas, conic sections, horns etc for very directional effects.
Included data shows Current controlled programmable charger, Trigger circuitry, Discharge circuit and all other necessary data. This capacitor (coaxial oil filled capacitor) discharges into the load through the peaking gap.
Research is currently being undertaken to disable vehicles thus avoiding dangerous high speed chases. Charging voltage is over 5kv with a peak current of nearly 1000 amps now equal to a 5 megawatt pulse of power. Pulse electromagnetic field can induce cardiomyocytes electroporation, and can do great damage to cells conformation, structure and function. When the EMP pulse contacts the printed circuitry of the system, a standing wave of voltage is produced and damages the circuitry components causing destruction. The discharge voltage being in the hundreds of thousands creates an energy pulse in the megajoules. The trick is to generate a high enough power pulse to fry the electronic control processor modules without creating collateral damage to unintended targets. Electroporation is one of the most critical mechanisms to explain the athermal effects of electromagnetic radiation. This could be a lot simpler if the vehicle was covered in plastic or fiber glass rather than metal. The shielding of the metal body offers a challenge to the researcher to develop a practical system.
A system could be built that could do this but would be costly, large and produce collateral damage to friendly targets.

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